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IMPORTANT - Upcoming Changes to Logins (NOW IN EFFECT)


With the recent forum upgrade, we will be changing the login method from using your Display Name (e.g., Joyrex) to your registered email address. I had turned this on during the upgrade assuming most would know what email address they registered with, but that's apparently not the case!

I have set it currently to allow email address or Display Name, and I would encourage everyone to do the following in the next month or so:

  1. Update your profile and make sure the email address you are using is one you have access to, and is valid.
  2. Update your password if you haven't in some time (you should be doing this everywhere, not just WATMM)
  3. Start using your email address to log in, and if it is convenient, have your browser remember your credentials and sync across your devices that you use to access WATMM (e.g., your mobile device, your computer, your tablet).

Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

UPDATE: This is now in effect - make sure you know what email address you registered on the site with as that is the only login method now.

UPDATE 22 November: just to clarify, your username that is displayed on the forum does NOT change to your email address. Your email address rather than your username is used to log into the forum, but nobody can see your email address except myself and the Moderators.

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