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Member or Guest? You're Seeing Ads (and how to rid yourself of them)

This announcement is no longer active


If you are a Member or a guest on WATMM, you've likely noticed ads now appear in threads. I have implemented this as subscription revenue (purchasing an annual subscription for as little as 3.00 USD per year) has gone down and the bills for the software and server still need to be paid.

Consider supporting WATMM with a subscription, and like magic, the ads will disappear - simple as that and you're helping support the site you're obviously interested in, so why not?

If you are a previous subscriber and your subscription is lapsed, then you are in the Members group and this applies to you - consider renewing your subscription in support of the site.

Yes, if you use an ad blocker, you won't see the ads, and I've tried to make them unobtrusive as possible, so if you can't or don't want to support the site financially, then at least consider putting up with an add at the first post of every thread and whitelist WATMM in your ad blocker.

Also, Members are now limited to 50 posts/replies/threads (total) per day, again a gentle incentive to consider subscribing. None of the subscriptions have such limits and bring other benefits as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me, or post in the Forum Issues/Discussion thread. If you see an ad that's offensive, please let me know so I can adjust the ad settings (I've already adjusted them so we shouldn't be seeing anything overtly offensive anymore).

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