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Tycho & The Album Leaf Show @ Fitzgerald's, Houston TX 08 September 2012

Posted by Joyrex , in Live Shows 10 September 2012 · 3,448 views

Tycho The Album Leaf Live Show
I went to the show Saturday, and it was my son's first concert (he really likes Tycho's music), and since we arrived early, I emailed Scott and let him know we were at the show, and he invited us backstage to hang out before the show with him and his live band!

Scott's a super-nice guy and probably the most down-to-earth guy I've met - if you've never seen Tycho live, you really need to do yourself a favour and do so - the live versions of his tracks are just as amazing as the album versions, only enhanced more by the live drums and guitar/bass. His drummer on this tour, Rory (who also drums for Com Truise) was a machine - such talent and dedication to his craft, and really poured his heart and soul into every track, and was amazing to watch. Zach, the bassist/guitarist, was also equally amazing, delivering complex, meaty basslines, easily switching between bass and guitar as the tracks demanded. Big thanks to all of them for being so accommodating and nice - certainly not typical in the music industry.

Scott also played some unreleased stuff during the 'solo' part of his show, and the new stuff sounds great - hopefully more great Tycho music is forthcoming in the near future.

To top things off, we got to watch the show from the sidelines, and in such a small venue like Fitzgerald's, we were literally 10 feet away from them as they performed. I had hoped my son's first concert would be a memorable one, and I can really say it couldn't have gotten any better than this! My son really enjoyed the show, and I could tell he was pretty blown away by being able to meet the guy behind the tunes he enjoys so much.

Tycho's tour companion, The Album Leaf does music in a similar vein, and while we were backstage when he performed, what we could hear from backstage sounded really good, and Scott cites him as an early influence on his music. I had personally never heard of them (him) before, so he's on my list to check out his stuff - he (Jimmy) was really nice to meet as well.

You can check out upcoming dates of his Fall US tour at Tycho's Official Site.

that's awesome. glad to hear.

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