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Note to Self (a lullaby)

Posted by Salvatorin , 08 April 2014 · 3,590 views

post-vaporwave post-opn fm synthesis roland d50 like dis if you cry evertime salvatorin garon blodgett cheese weird

Note to Self (a lullaby)

Posted Image


Listen on Soundcloud.com



i hope you enjoy. This will be the opening track on a ep I'm working on.

bonus stage unlocked after the cartridge has sat there for 20 years

me likey


u singing?

Shea stop following me plz

not many Things makes me more melancholic than early nineties gamer Music. reminds me of zelda or some shit.

something about that melody.

sounds more like a closer though.


dont know if its just my subjective fuckedupness aka niacinamide intake makes for memories to unite themselves in my brain or soul or whatever, but its great stuff, non the less.


thank you.

pls make a mashup of ice water and the Music on cum, i mean to.be

Aug 22 2018 10:22 PM

This is lovely.

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