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New Aphex Twin Remix



Fresh from the My Bolg inbox, this hot new remix of Avril 14th, sent to us this morning by The Aphex Twins themselves comes complete with a stunning video by Chris Cunningham. A Truly amazing reworking of the much loved 2001 piano track, exclusively presented here, complete with Cunningham's trademark groundbreaking synaesthetic brainmangling visuals.

My Bolg is proud to present Avril 14th Shit Mix 2010




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Great work, you can really feel the effects of the visuals starting @ 11 seconds, and the my god @ 45 seconds in...The sounds are just pure classic Aphex in every way, pure sex, pure lush, PURE.

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Guest bigs


this is kind of charming in some bizarre way that only a well traveled internet crusader could know


edit: also the cover is actually pretty awesome.

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Guest ms-dos


been loving this for months. when i'm trying to get a friend into aphex i play them this video

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Cunningham really is at the top of his game now, and the music just leaves you to ponder longingly over what other gems were lost when Dicky and his mate left their iriver on that National Express coach.

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