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I bought a pair of jeans the other day

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Now to you regular everyday semi-sentient types, who's purchases of clothing generally go with the flow, this may not seem such an unusual thing. Something like the following may come into your mind, "Big whoop dleetr, i've got several in my closet, several on my floor and have just donated an whole mess of my old pairs to the salvation army".


But to me this is a watershed, i never wear jeans. How this state of affairs came about i can't recall. Perhaps it's because i didn't like the style, or maybe it was some rebellious slant against the common. I can't even remember any more what brought me to the condition of dislike and so avoiding buying and wearing, what is one of the most universally owned western clothing items.


Well until the other day, a day at the sales. My mind rushing with transaction endorphins the pair presented to me on a rack surrounded by the more staid trousers that i would normally be satisfied outfitting my legs in, and before any more thinking was allowed to occur, i'm in my car driving home thinking, "holy fuck i now own a pair of jeans! All these years of silent protest against those blue monstrosities now all for nought. Please brain explain, put a positive spin on what just happened to me because of you"


Well my brain must have listened, whirred away it's complicated calculations for the remainder of the drive. Because once i arrived home and unloaded the bags unto the bed to check out the days treasure collection, I put the pair on and they stayed on. Out to the burger joint to make food purchases, they came with me. Lounging around on the couch, there they were as well. Not offensive, not uncomfortable just a pair of trousers only blue.




So now i've joined the workaday masses and have a pair of jeans, hrm sorry blue trousers. (and I don't think i'll ever get over it)

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Wow !! i used the term big whoop. I guess i was just pandering to the lowest common denominator, so it's not just the jeans, this race to the bottom has now spread to my language!!




(christ, now there's exclamation marks as well. Whatever happened to the understated turn of phrase that doesn't require dressing up in non-alphabetic dramatics.)



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i'm a jeans-only man. but they have to be the right jeans. right fit, but more importantly, right feel. cheap jeans feel gritty and rough against my skin, and as i suffer from eczema, that's a no-go. of course uber-expensive designer iain c jeans are a total waste of money, so it's all about striking a comfortable balance.


next up: i bought a t-shirt, and i bought some yoghurt ;)

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next up: i bought a t-shirt, and i bought some yoghurt ;)


it'll be my best post yet !!

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Guest Iain C


uber-expensive designer iain c jeans are a total waste of money


no they're not. drop £100 or so on a pair of APC raw denim and they'll last you for years of everyday wear, and look better every day.

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