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sweet download of the day




Droopy is a mini Web server whose sole purpose is to let others upload files to your computer.


Say you’re chatting with a friend on MSN Messenger (perhaps with the excellent pidgin ?). She wants to send you amazing photos she took last week-end, so she uses Messenger file transfer. Unfortunately, the zip file is over 50 MB and it’s painfully slow. Now relax, droopy comes to rescue.


Does it work on my computer ?

You can use it on Unix (Linux, BSD, MacOSX) and Windows. Droopy is a python script so you’ll need to have Python installed.


How to use it ?

Droopy is a command-line program. I’ll suppose you’ve downloaded and saved the file in ~/bin/. Go to the directory where you want the uploaded files to be stored, for example:


mkdir ~/uploads

cd ~/uploads

Then, run droopy. You can give a message and a picture to display:


python ~/bin/droopy -m "Hi, it's me Bob. You can send me a file." -p ~/avatar.png

And it’s up and running on port 8000 of you computer. Check it out at http://localhost:8000, and give your computer’s address to your friends.


get python at http://python.org and droopy at http://stackp.online.fr/?p=28


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While droopy might offer some additional features you can also just do:


cd [folder you want to share]

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000


No dependencies besides python.

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