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"Volunteers sew dresses for African girls" sez glowing report

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Inspired by a recent Nightly News report, viewers support the Little Dresses project—and in some cases start similar sewing charities of their own. ............


Instead of working from her home basement, Rachel now has a storage unit filled to the top with boxes of dresses. She'll soon move into warehouse space donated by a Nightly News viewer. She's received thousands in donations and thousands of emails from viewers asking how they can start their own sewing groups. Two women from another non-profit group in Indiana, Lavenir du Mali, saw Rachel's story and drove nearly 600 miles round-trip in a rented moving van to help ship the dresses abroad. link


Now I would think that if you tallied up these and other expenses involved in making a project like this work, it would probably be far more cost effective to employ local africans to sew the dresses using raw materials shipped over from india or china. On top of that the training and ongoing employment for local woman would have a much broader impact on the their communities than just receiving a few poorly stitched fashion disasters from the naive goodwill of bored middle american housewives.


I do so enjoy deflating an egobubble.


Further, they could get me to run this new organisation, i'm sure that i can help soak up any excess funding I can rustle up from the likes of oprah and the US aid budget, with the help of my private jet and offices in both manhatten and paris. But the long term goal of course would be to prepare the ground work for an alternative low cost manufacturing centre to the current east asian one. And this would be all at no risk to the private sector, cause the set-up costs of this project would be put forward through donations, and by the grace of tax payer funded foreign development schemes.




hooray for me !!

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