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Snake !! .......... hang on it's ok, not venomous ...

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So i was rolling into the drive-way of my new home. A home that is quite heavily forested i must say. Well you could almost put it that way, if you were given to hyperbole. Or if you were just taken aback by the well established many branched monsters, that lie jostling for space about the place.


Anyway, so just as i pull in to park in front of the garage, something drops onto the bonnet of my car. Then from the corner of my eye i catch the sight of a slender green and yellow tail slurping up into the undergrowth from the retaining wall adjacent to the car. Snake !! A fucking snake, wow I had forgotten when we chose to move here that with magnificent nature comes, the rest of nature. My brother has already met in a most unfortunate way, the eight legged side of nature, now it was my turn this time via a no-legged visitation.


So I remained in the car for a few seconds to make sure our snake friend hadn't doubled back. Not that it would do that, i mean i'm a fucking car to it at this point. But nevertheless surely it is better to stop and think through the possibilities before acting at these kinds of junctures in ones life, is it not ?


Then i catch sight of it's willowy almost cable thin girth pressing up the side of the trunk of the bottlebrush (tree) that stands above the embankment and who's branches rest above the drive.


"Ahhh," thinks I, "so that's where the snake came from to land on my car. I must have startled it whilst it was laying in ambush, besides one of the numerous blossoms resident on this tree. Awaiting a fly-in visit by a tasty sweet parrot, or perhaps a gristled and sour miner bird."

I can only but imagine the flavour of each bird, and was staking the value of my guesses on how appetizing they may be, on the natural character of each. The rainbow lorikeets being genuinely a good natured if boisterous lot. Whilst the 'noisy miner' (how's that, even the name sounds irritating), tend to hang in gangs, aggressively haranguing and even dive-bombing all and every bird that crosses their path, even the sweet innocent angels of the forest, the dove isn't left alone!!


Now feeling more comfortable about exiting my car, i alight the steps up the embankment for a closer look at this snake. Once high enough and comfortable enough with my presence, she also pops her head down for a closer look at me.


"So you're a yellow belly or green tree snake" I say as i gently shuffle from side to side, smiling as her reptilian head lazily follows my movement. She could just be a lizard from this angle. It is an odd view, seeing her head resting on the cusp of the broad leaf of some climbing plant, who's stems remarkably resemble the body of my snake friend. Now less agitated and more curious, the snake begins to taste the air, opening the corners of her mouth to let the atmosphere slide over her tongue. I wonder if she's smelling me, or whether it's the lorikeets that are now landing in droves onto the branches above us, that has caught her interest. It's probably the food. Let's be realistic.


With my little bubble of reverie now burst, and perhaps feeling a touched aggrieved by what was sure to come. I move up on to the landing and into the house, making sure the door is firmly closed behind me.

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