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A bit of poetry

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Hey sticks. This is my WATMM blog. I've never been good at committing to a blog before, so I don't know how often I'll update this.


I wrote a short poem yesterday. It's about a certain someone who saw Music With Changing Parts being performed for the first time.



David Bowie sitting

there at the 1970's

premier and thinking

wryly with a stare

'There's no way he

can top this piece

it FLUTTERS in the

evening air like

Yoko Ono's velvet

hair and and only

Philip Glass would

dare to raise the

bar on such a feast

How COULD a man

pull off a thing

He cannot dance

He cannot sing

The only way of

following would

need the magic,

twelve times over!




He really was at that premier (source) along with Brian Eno. I think the Heroes Symphony may have been a little more than good luck...

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