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Rubin Farr


Hey folks, some of our members have said I've been bloggy for way too long, so let's prove them right! lol. i'm about to go on another long international sojourn, so i thought what the hey, save the gen banter thread some trolling, and just put it in here, where no one will read it ;) This blog will be dictated with a heavy dose of sarcasm, and levity. i really can't take myself too seriously, it's images on a screen, right? I have been blessed with a career that has afforded me the opportunity for international travel, as well as some perks i honestly have to attribute to two excellent and loving parents. One is a big shot in the Middle East, one is a big shot in Hollywood, who knew. shhhh keep that to yourselves, like you will, lol.
i have aspired to be a musician, and writer since high school, and with my current assignment coming up, hopefully I will have time to address both. i will talk gaming, as well as nerd culture, because honestly, it is a boring existence for my job description and location. I am behind one of the most secure and strict proxy farms on earth, so from time to time, content i might link to will be disabled, or show up as blank, i'm not sure.
I'm really a nice guy, so any trolling from younger members is whatever, i have more important things to worry about. I've been into electronic music since the late 80s, so any questions sent in earnest will be legitimately answered. i have some knowledge, and some skills. believe it or not.

end of line.

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