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[RVR00232] Modular Morons by To The Lovers, Farewell

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[RVR00232] Modular Morons by To The Lovers, Farewell


After researching the cash cow that is the newish modular reboot movement was pretty disheartened to find most of the albums being released using euroracks and all the other expensive shit was powered by renoise or some external third party device. I smell sponsorship haha. You can get a torrent of all the obscure 60's and 70's moog album releases. Some are synth based others are purely modular and just show how much of that sound you can actually produce in that way. This album doesn't diss the use of modular devices it just attempts to emulate that sound without the cost. Plenty of voice formants and think dreamy bass. Produced entirely on an iPad, ironic yes.





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