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[RVR0171] Portrait Of A Being by Jim Lemons

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[RVR0171] Portrait Of A Being by Jim Lemons Artists bio:
"Born in the space age I saw skyscrapers launched into the air, Apollo 14. Images shared, from b&w TVs to computers you carry in your pocket. Raised on cartoons and science fiction I have drawn and created stories and characters since I was a kid. Never afraid of using any tool to create with, I could figure out machines from time spent working on them and other things with my father.
Exploring the mind and the unseen world has always been a love of mine and I try to show in my art and other creative endeavors the connection to everything we all share and the many subtle aspects, ephemeral, that we over look in our day to day stuff, but as a friend said when I tried to explain a piece of my art to him, “just let me look, ok?” So hopefully you will enjoy the listen without the story behind!


With group names like tasteless faceless, 1912 electric and ?! we stormed the city of Laramie Wyoming in the early 80’s to be met with blank stares from most and cheers from the few, who could ask for more? Using everything from a 10 dollar drum set and radio shack electronic organ to Digital Audio Workstations is a long trail with:
Roland jx3p, D50, sh101,
Yamaha SK30, TX81z
Sequential Pro-one, Tom, Six tracks
Korg poly-800
…and assorted softsynths, DAW’s, vst’s and such littered on the way.
I never really try to make music to fit a certain style or anything as music to me is a bit like painting with sound and an extension of my creative work and yearning for different methods of expression. This tape is a combination of a selection from a couple of cd’s (unpublished) and new work done in the last couple of months. All of it remixed and some reworked to fit together as a whole stand alone experience. Aside from the usual electronic heroes, Eno, Numan, Foxx, YMO, OMD, Ultravox, New Musik, Cabaret Voltaire, Wire, Kraftwerk, et al(sorry if I missed anyone), I listened to lots of soundtrack music and such and I guess it shows. Without further dismissal…
Thanks, Jim Lemons





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