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[RVR00237] What A Waste by H.I.V Hunk

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[RVR00237] What A Waste by H.I.V Hunk


1.Decimated Funk 03:10
2.Flash Master Grand 03:06
3.Gentle Day Of Parolee Fisting 02:22
4.Inferior White Funk Flare 03:13
5.Lump 04:11
6.Nervous Math 02:59
7.Sheen Of Humane Kindness 03:42
8.Burning The Chrome Wheel 03:42
9.Bruiser 02:59
10.Wrot Pizzed 03:03


A true implementation of stereo placement warping, initially taking on board the Braindance genre and splicing it down with theoretical mathcore. Dillinger escape plan crossed with Mike paradinias multiple works, minus all vocals and bring the electronic guitars to a fine sheen. This work forever moves and manoeuvres itself between the scales until it reaches its gorgeous finale.



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