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[RVR0240] Culling Mundanes by Auerbach

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[RVR0240] Culling Mundanes by Auerbach


1. Southern Electro Sludge 03:22
2. Do Not Send Flowers To The Family, He Died Young 04:00
3. Babies First Culling 03:31
4. Rise My Stoke Mandeville Brethren 04:43
5. Respekt Da Kidz Redukzian 03:27
6. My Torrent Dls Infinite 04:04
7. Guitar As Violin Psychedelica 02:15
8. Jacuzzi Widow 03:27
9. Poise Strike Fail 04:34
10. SludgeyDollTryst 16:08


Auerbach return in true electronic sludge. What started in 2010 with the anthemic sludgestep masterpiece whimless now comes full circle with rock elements fused into sample rate reduced drum blasts and additional reduced vocal hip hop prose stitched into the mix of this new lengthy piece. Jazz, jandek, speak n spell, psychedelic notions, digital noise Muzak bad dj's and the fall have been the inspiration behind this heady trip applied to digital medium. Please be prepared for the final 16 minute track, it could be the soundtrack to your suicide.





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