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  2. Another fallen brother *pours one out*
  3. Fuck me he was right. 11k views on this fucking retard's picnic of a thread and I've not shilled my label yet Buy these tapes u cunts this album (by watmm's @Salem1976) is fucking quality @Ivan Ooze check this out, you'll like this
  4. Nice, new track! Last Download album was excellent, on my top 2019 list! I used to liked early synth/goth Skinny Puppy before they started to emulate Ministry's use of metal guitar (samples) moving the whole thing towards a more industrial-mainstream(ish) sound.
  5. My take is he's out there enjoying life.
  6. Where the fuck is blank
  7. Ambient Excursions, Vol. 1 https://www.mixcloud.com/enofa/ambient-excursions-vol-1/ First in a series of mixes I'm working on based around relatively obscure '90s ambient, ambient techno and dub. There are a couple of more well-known ones thrown in there, but this is generally stuff a long way below the FSOL / Global Communication level of exposure. The tracks in brackets are ones I've used as short linking sections between two other tracks. More to come! Union Jack - Water Drums Transcendental Anarchists - Sixth Sense Spice Barons - Future Perfect State Xylon - Rainforest Human Mesh Dance - Wet Moon (James Bernard - Complete Nonsense) The Orb - Hamlet of Kings Mantaray - Zentric Wheel Earth to Infinity - Morphic Fields (Optic Eye - Sunburst (Extended Mix) Syzygy - Life Field Scuba - I Want the Air Ab Ovo - The Sky Horses Adham Shaikh - Zero G Air - On Her Way In B-Zet - African Mirror B-Zet - Woeful Cries Legion of Green Men - The Philosopher's Stone (Part 11) Space Cat - Karraveth Suspended Memories - Distant Look (The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences) Double Muffled Dolphin - Musik For Babyer: Den Første Indre Rejse (Glide - Venus in Flares) Astral Engineering - Bios Sequential - Duane Sky Ambient Temple of Imagination - Air (God's Breath and Seed) Aural Float - Sound of the Clouds (Part 2)
  8. ha definitely. hounded to fuck that cunt was.
  9. Not really, just encourages a pack mentality where the ‘likeable’ / agreeable ones dictate what’s acceptable or not. Be open minded. Let everyone have a say.
  10. If someone is being a twat and/or annoying, lots of people will call them a twat and/or annoying. That's not 'ganging up'.
  11. Old Bean and the Shadow Cabal EP when?
  12. Mr. Burglar, how are things going? I've been enjoying Summer Diary One. Anything new coming out soon?
  13. yeah but y’all need to stop ganging up on peeps that do your head in a bit. kind of fans the flames and leads to their demise. live and let live a bit.
  14. flol holy shit, he was totally describing you
  15. Limpy would've been ok if he had known when to let shit go, all those endless repetitions of the same point in page after page...
  16. yeah he was a character. i miss john ehrlichman too, my imaginary conspiratard soulbuddy. schitz is still here. where you at schitz?
  17. for what it's worth, as a truly bleeding edge trying to be hip person myself, i would not let spi hang out in my cool club irl, because he still listens to lobster theremin
  18. Today
  19. Checking this out finally, and really enjoying it. Good Sunday morning music.
  20. what happened to Npoess
  21. @peace 7 just left tho
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