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  2. The mini live set was lush and the crowd loved it. Love to see it. I hope he (they) expand on that in future sets.
  3. If choosing the Manson clan murders is a vehicle for "entertainment", that's a shitty vehicle. Saying Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is solely (or even predominantly) entertainment is reductive. I also find Tarantino's insistence on an alternate narrative to this moment in history to be a weakness. To me, this film feels like conservative fantasy-fulfillment of what could have been in Hollywood, posing the Manson murders as a theft of Hollywood's collective innocence. It's a very narrow perspective and one I find no enjoyment or quarter.
  4. seen croww a decent few times, insanely brutal set at bloc for a night alongside his labelmates on the death of rave, just kinda proper dark industrial rhythmic noise, screamin on the mic and shit, so sick.his set was similar to black mechas set the same night, if you're familiar with him. dont miss croww
  5. Just finished listening again, and although it was kind of passive as I'm sitting at my computer doing nonsense, not much grabbed me and I'm not sure what compelled me to give it such a rating in 2016. It's just ok.
  6. Sort of. More than the joker, for sure. He at least didn't like pimps and junkies. He also saved Jodie Foster. In a weird way, he cared. That's more than you can say for the joker.
  7. Have you read the rules yet? If not, please read. It's for your own good.
  8. so that pretty track was live? thats p nice also unreleased squarepusher 🙂
  9. Just came across this, wtf. Yes, it's a chill out music compilation. Has some Wagon Christ also.
  10. haha the youtube video description tracklist has been updated with the r/aphextwin sticky thread
  11. Thank you for listening to it, I am happy to hear it sounds good to you! I will read the rules. Sorry!
  12. My plans to attend have fallen through - so I've got 3 tickets available, and can split if you only want 1, 2 £30 each (face value is £39.50) - Paypal They're mobile tickets thru Ticketmaster.co.uk - so to use the tickets you'll need the Ticketmaster phone app and a Ticketmaster login. All I'll need is the email tied to the login to transfer instantly. Drop me a PM!
  13. Welcome! I've only had a quick listen to Bells of Hope of Bells of Hope but sounds good man! Haven't got anything to offer atm. Also, read the rules.
  14. wtf is this its just some synths with tons of reverb on it, LoL, Killed me for sure :) It's what I thought when I got to hear it for a first time, I was like 12 yo. Discovered my all time favourites there RIP.
  15. It's cool! Mayde I will make a PS action that does this effect for you.
  16. ^ article is a good recap of everything we already know. I agree that impeachment is a waste of time. The only way is to vote him out in 2020. Sadly, I can envision a scenario that this doesn't happen...
  17. Cd preorder up on danny brown warp store. Shipping 22 Nov.... Why that late???
  18. I do really like Iradelphic and I love Clark and Death Peak. I even enjoy Kiri Variations enought to buy a cd for it. But Totems Flare was indeed his creative peak
  19. Sega made this tower of goodness for their Sega mini. It doesn't do anything but looks cool
  20. this is without a doubt the worst netflix original i've seen- mainly because the acting is unbelievably terrible, the script is stupid- the plot is basically a lost/lord of the flies ripoff- but it's oddly entertaining. only because you're in disbelief at how bad this is. it would be difficult to convince anyone that the cast and crew are were involved in the entertainment industry before they began on this project. also: anyone excited by the new rehash of NBC shows soon to come on peacock?
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