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  2. nvrmnd, was testing ctrl + enter cause i didn't know what it did...
  3. yes i can search for my own content and also another user's content within a specific forum or subforum, but the option to search for my own content or another member's content within a specific thread doesn't exist...  quoting these so that it doesn't get forgotten... also, could u implement this @Joyrex, i wanna collapse (toggle) all that jazz... it was possible in the old forum...
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  5. Hi, Not a Suction Records release, but from my other production company/label Waveshaper Media.... Here's an LP which I compiled in support of our Bob Moog documentary Indiegogo campaign. It's available to pre-order there now. We're down to just over 100 copies of the white-vinyl edition (limited to 300)... http://igg.me/at/electronicvoyager Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969 (Waveshaper Media - WSM-03 vinyl LP) A1. Robert Arthur Moog - The Abominatron (1964) A2. Herbert Deutsch - Jazz Images, A Worksong And Blues (1967) A3. Joel Chadabe - Blues Mix (1966) B1. Lothar and the Hand People - Milkweed Love (1968) B2. Intersystems - Changing Colours (1968) B3. Ruth White - The Clock (1969) B4. Max Brand - Triptych (1969) B5. Paul Earls - Monday Music (1968) In support of their forthcoming Bob Moog documentary Electronic Voyager, Waveshaper Media have produced a compilation LP of Moog recordings from the 1960s. The first compilation of its kind, Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969 contains tracks by Robert Arthur Moog, Herbert Deutsch, Joel Chadabe, Lothar and the Hand People, Intersystems, Ruth White, Max Brand, and Paul Earls. All of these tracks, released here on vinyl in an edition of 1000 copies, have been scarcely heard and difficult to track down, with all but three of them previously unreleased on vinyl. Bypassing the Moog synthesizer’s backseat appearance on key pop recordings by the likes of the Beatles, the Doors, and the Beach Boys, Electronic Voyages aims to highlight the diverse approach of 1960s musicians and composers who adopted the Moog as their primary instrument; these recordings all feature the Moog synthesizer front a nd centre. Beginning with an “audio letter” (The Abominatron) from Bob Moog to his musician-muse Herbert Deutsch, demonstrating some of the first Moog synthesizer prototype’s capabilities, Electronic Voyages veers from avant-garde and electronic soundscapes, to psychedelic madness and summer-of-love pop. In the 1960s, the Moog synthesizer was a new, groundbreaking instrument, and its use was completely uncharted territory. The pioneering use of the Moog on all of these recordings sounds fresh today - you can sense the wide-eyed exploratory delight unfolding, and the disparate results range from endearingly naive (Lothar and the Hand People, Paul Earls) to downright eerie (Ruth White, Intersystems). The musicians and composers behind these Electronic Voyages may have been among the first to adopt Moog synthesizers, but the fact that they so readily found within them expressivity, heart, and a means to translate their wondrous sense of discovery, speaks far more to Bob Moog’s visionary invention and enduring legacy. Electronic Voyages: Early Moog recordings 1964-1969 is being offered for pre-order via Indiegogo. Now in the final stages of post-production, Electronic Voyager is raising finishing funds in a campaign set to launch on April 29, and will include the limited-to-300-copies white vinyl edition, sure to sell out in pre-order: http://igg.me/at/electronicvoyager
  6. yeah this - I guess the css file is still linked with https so its not used on an unsecure connection. had this issue in the past serveral times while building a website
  7. The cert expired today for me, too. Also this thread is completely unstyled for me, not sure why. Reloaded the page a few times with no luck. Probably related to the cert.
  8. Thanks man. Respect!
  9. I mean all he’s said is what any person thinking critically on the issue has been saying since the mueller report was made public.
  10. Think of all those intergalactic cummies!
  11. Thought the wavs for this EP were lost until the other day I came across them! Now on Bandcamp: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/the-entropy-ep
  12. Getting into collecting some Limited Run, and other small physical runs of Switch games, for the occasional gem.
  13. Just got a https certificate warning
  14. Search is still borked (compared to the old version); if I search for the first Youtube vid id that moebius linked (Sezy - Go Ina It, [ABJSESmsy54]) in this thread, it turns up zero results: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/73587-watmm-lets-have-your-jungle/page/21/#comments Useful for knowing if you're going to post a dupe vid in a thread.
  15. ^ Barely touched him btw, that angle makes it look worse. https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/1129778141587738625
  16. Too many well polished and bland songs, not enough oddness. We should chuck in a grime artist next year, we’d finish last no matter what so may as well go for something fresh.
  17. dunno if already posted, but Bogdan gives some solid prodoction-tops : https://www.bogdanraczynski.com/5-tips-for-making-music/ # # #
  18. yup..security certificate expired today. had to put in an exception for watmm..
  19. Indeed. We played Eurovision bingo and ate a lot of food to make it bearable, but it was easily the most boring edition I have ever witnessed. So boring, in fact, that that godawful Dutch stadium ballad almost seems like a worthy winner. Almost. (Should have been Italy, of course, for it’s awesome Gomorra vibes. Or Iceland)
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