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Squarepusher - Endless Flamethrower

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March has been a busy month for Squarepusher, having just released the 3 track Enstrobia EP on Warp Records, invited his fans to remix the track '4001' and next week playing the largest 'UFABAULUM LIVE' show to date at the Roundhouse in Camden, London.

As if that wasn't enough the welding mask wearing maestro has now unveiled a career spanning mix in 'Endless Flamethrower v1.0' which is set to be the second of a series of 'Horizontal Slices' through his career that he's planning to release.


"This mix, following on from Instantium Hardphace last year, is the second of a series of what I call 'horizontal slices.' The idea is that there are several long running 'themes' in my work -in other words, groups of pieces across time that partake of some kind of stylistic commonality.


So whilst any given group will draw from nearly twenty years of releases, it will have an aesthetic unity that individual albums have often shunned. Of course, it's up to the listener to make sense (or otherwise) of what that aesthetic may be!"



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