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DJ Warp plays Luke Vibert on Abstract Science (WLUW 88.7 FM)

About This File

Thanks to Velazquez for providing us with this exclusive (and afaik, only) recording of DJ Warp playing only tracks and remixes by Luke Vibert - most notably is another Ventolin remix that hasn't seen the light of day before.




2 player - extreme possibilities (wagon christ rmx) - ninjatune

luke vibert - hey - dubplate

luke vibert - seabass - dubplate

ariel florida (vibert rmx) - dubplate

smooth helmet - smooth helmet (plug rmx) - free zone 3-crammed/ssr

luke vibert - mastermind - dubplate

wagon christ - flip flop - lo recordings

aphex twin - ventolin (luke vibert actual mix)

jammin unit - totally unintelligent (plug mix) - lost n'space dnb-lacerba

luke vibert & jean jaque perry - intro & schwing - lo recordings


The ones in italic are unreleased (therefore nicked 'dubplate'). A couple of them could very well be tracks that were maybe candidates for Luke's second Warp album (that never came out).


I asked DJ Warp if he had a better recording of this show, but unfortunately he doesn't have it anymore, but he did consider doing another one on Luke in the future :)


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