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20161126 Old Granada Studios Manchester


About This File

File originally posted by user commercial in 2016 bootlegs thred.
The original recording was untouched, and had waaaaaay too much bass.


things done for this upload:


- low-shelf EQ
- reduced problematic frequencies around 300-500Hz somewhere. The room was resonating hardcore around these freqs.
- multiband compression
- limiter


this file is in Apple Lossless (ALAC) format @ 48kHz/24bit; plays nicely with iPods etc. Can be easily converted to FLAC / wav / whatever if necessary.


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Really enjoying listening to this for the first time and getting some serious buzz from re-living it.... thing that amuses me the most is that when my pal was trying to navigate his way through the crowd back from the facilities using the glow from his mobile screen there were clowns getting all snooty about how he was ruining the vibe and yet on the quiet bits of the recording you can hear arse-candles talking about their favourite spring dried aubergine falafel quinoa jus with a filo pastry bonbon.....

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