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Tentative tracklisting


0:00:00-0:00:58 Baudouin Oosterlynck - Refuge
0:00:47-0:02:26 Andy Stott - Posers
0:02:27-0:04:21 Sd Laika - Great God Plan
0:04:21-0:05:37 Eprom - Samurai
0:05:33-0:07:08 Heorge Garrison - Nag Champa Breaks
0:07:00-0:08:32 NRSB-11 - 685 471 2
0:08:12-0:09:08 Fis - DMT Usher
0:08:52-0:11:20 Jlin - Hatshepsut (unreleased, played at Jlin's live shows)
0:11:21-0:12:55 Qebrus - hmn fshn
0:12:51-0:14:03 Oxhy - Burning Tories
0:16:01-0:17:59 Der Zyklus - Krypton 84
0:17:23-0:19:18 Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - 00:26 - Ryan Davis Rethink
0:18:34-0:20:44 Jlin - Guantanamo
0:20:29-0:22:14 User18081971 - Tamclap2
0:22:15-0:23:48 Jlin - Infrared (Bagua)
0:23:49-0:25:45 Powell - Rider
0:25:32-0:27:08 Jlin - Erotic Heat
0:27:05-0:29:05 Concrete Fence - Industrial Disease
0:28:42-0:32:00 Aphex Twin - Hedphylum
0:33:19-0:35:40 DJ Nigga Fox - LUMI
0:35:32-0:37:34 Bloom - Quartz
0:37:15-0:39:20 Cannibal Cooking Club - Rumpelstylzchen
0:39:21-0:41:40 Edge Of Motion - Set Up 707
0:41:17-0:42:20 HVAD - ANGST
0:42:13-0:44:51 Current Value - Gear Up
0:44:49-0:48:28 Aphex Twin - Polynomial C "acid version"
0:47:48-0:50:32 Edge Of Motion - PG. 300
0:50:18-0:52:31 Tango & Ratty - Tales From the Darksid
0:52:29-0:55:08 Aphex Twin - no stillson 6 cirk mix_ (DfN white label)
0:55:24-0:58:49 µ-Ziq - Brace Yourself Jason
0:58:49-1:02:13 X-103 - Eruption
1:02:00-1:05:28 User18081971 - Nightmail 1
1:05:18-1:08:29 The Tuss - Rushup I Bank 12
1:08:16-1:10:24 Aphex Twin - 73-yips
1:10:24-1:12:06 Hellfish - The Anti-Citizen
1:12:03-1:15:26 Rolando Simmons - Yuo're Life You'r Tsois
1:17:02-1:21:22 unreleased afx track1? (same drums as T08+4)
1:21:25-1:23:55 unreleased afx track2? (similar melody as cutting/tuss era)
1:23:56-1:25:48 Qebrus - Vlcnmtr
1:25:46-1:27:50 The Boogie Down Kru - Boogie Down
1:27:38-1:31:20 Squarepusher - Untitled
1:31:20-1:35:32 Paradox - Dirty City
1:36:38-1:40:19 Sniper - Dubplate Pressure RMX ft. MC GQ
1:40:20-1:42:49 Dom & Roland - Deckard's theme

What's New in Version 2


  • Many thanks to Audio Telepathy / Telepathic Media for the original uncompressed audio. This V0 variable bit rate mp3 was compressed from original 44.1 KH audio - taken from video captured by an iphone7. FLAC could be made as well from this source but may want to determine a way to split it up to make size more friendly. A 10:45 lead up with Moebius/an Egyptian Lover/soundcheck/audience/etc was removed. Also used a 7 second fade in. This was done to get into the actual set and have similar time stamps originally created from lower quality source. If you are interested, that portion or the recording in entirety it can also be accessed on SoundCloud and was available as of 12-21-16
  • WAV format (1.3GB):
  • https://soundcloud.com/user-768622842/aphex-twin-hd-sound-live-in-texas-2016-full-concert-rec-by-audio-telepathy
  • MP3 format (282MB):
  • https://soundcloud.com/user-734957447-18767726/aphex-twin-mp3-version-live-in-texas-2016-full-concert-rec-by-audio-telepathy
  • Also thanks to the watmm and reddit communities for track identities. Copy/pasted collectively and subject to change/additional verification. For the time being am going to leave time stamps as is. They need an overhaul with this new source. If anyone wants to tackle that task feel free and will update the Description field when more accurate times are determined. Received note from recorder that they originally took 4 video segments, splitting the recording up in case it got corrupted - so they would not lose it all if that occurred. They were then combined. Suggested maybe a minute total from entire performance was not captured as a result.
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Who are these people that feel the need to talk constantly throughout the whole show? Discuss everything and impress your friends with your opinions after the fucking set. Drives me fucking crazy. The guy comes here once in 8 years and all I hear on the file is Yap Yap Yap Yap. Hopefully a clean version gets out at some point. 

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