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    LOL (completely realising we're living in post-LOL WATMM with "likes", "thanks" and "haha" icons underneath posts)
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    lol fair enough. I like ridiculous shows like that though. I stopped did stop watching at season 3 . I need some way to boost my confidence.
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    I def feel way more comfortable being naked if rale is playing. Good choice
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    breakcore is coming back again bwois
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    Author of said article ticks at least two of these boxes. I think it might be self flagellation for association with a known CANCELLED artist
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    Lots of people have changed their names over the years. When Joyrex switched the software they all reset to the first name they registered with. I've always been Hello Spiral :^)
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    Hello watmm. I have been toiling away with making my own zine, based on electronic musical things. I was looking for zines that talked about techno / idm / noisy musical bollocks but didnt find any, so I decided to start one. I am fairly happy with how issue 1 has turned out and I have had some positive feedback thus far, but I want to get more copies out to my target audience.... probably you lot. So the first bunch of people to send me their address will get a copy, regardless of worldwide location yo! PM please and I promise not to share your address with anyone (yada...
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    https://recycledplastics.bandcamp.com/album/shallow-earth According to Brian: "Shallow Earth is Sun Cast's drunken party-animal sibling, eyes watery with too many bong hits, beaming smiles at every stranger he sees, "Pretty Vacant" and blissfully ignorant of a tomorrow morning that will never ever arrive. Slurred words, blurry edges, not keeping track of time, pushing that bass way too hard and riding the pitch wheel wobble. At the end of the night, he passes out in the grass after spray-painting the lyrics to Electric Six's "Synthesizer" on the side of your parents' house. Shallow Earth is deliberately topical, feel-good electronic music, a palate/palette cleanser, ready for Springtime and sunshine, or CRT displays, video games and...
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    Out now: https://archive.org/details/aformoffusion
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    Someone has uploaded scans of the CDr artwork to BOC's 1996 self-released LP, BOC Maxima:
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    Yess if I can make it I’ll be there. The Sun Cast listening party was an outstanding time.
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    Oh, come on - I'm not charging people to download the files (or any files) - I'm offsetting the costs of hosting the files so people can download them! You can't download the files without having an account on WATMM, all accounts since August 2013 are paid accounts, so why is this an issue? I seriously cannot understand how any of you complaining about having to pay to support the site are mostly the people that have never or hardly ever contributed! It has to the the principle of it, right? Surely 3.00 USD A YEAR isn't going to put anybody out... you've gotten so accustomed to getting something for...
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    BTW, I have reenabled Tapatalk for those who just can't bear to use the forum on a mobile browser 🙄
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    Okay, Tapatalk is back for those who like to use it!
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    Issue 6 up for pre-order now, will be shipping out in the next couple of weeks once I have them back from the printers and assembled... http://snarerush.limitedrun.com/products/642943-snare-rush-zine-issue-6
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    If you like this then you'll probably like Dagon from Nonlocality, Abnormality and Corridor from Digital Blasphemy EP and Altima from the Entropy EP (but that ones not available at the moment) ☺
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    Was anyone else blinded with rage when they found out Coil didnt sound anything like AE?
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    How about a lush update of trip-hop? You know you want it.
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    wow damn alco got freakin tagged!
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    Boop boom bap ticky-ticky boom bap ticky
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    i'm not worried about intelligence agencies unless they some how get put into action by HBO to stop torrents of GoT but i don't think we're there yet 😉 i don't care about being tracked here and there during normal browsing. ad blocker cuts out a lot of that shit. sooner or later, once i no longer need facebook for work and finally give up on all social media.. then perhaps i'll use VPN 100% of the time just to be a little more annoying or to get used to it as nation states crumble and we go full snowcrash but i'll be dead by then i'm sure... i'm going...
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    In thinking about this more, maybe the CDr above isn't faked - I recall that the cassette version was what came out first, and then afterwards the CDr version. And, in thinking back, the old Cosmic Crofter's EHX BOC fansite initially had the cassette version listed, then the CDr - and that was in 1998, well after MHTRTC came out. I might have to go dig up my CDr - I honestly don't recall clearly what the back had now!
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    interesting to compare with the tape (source: discogs page)
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    yeah, stupid other languages...
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    How do you know they aren't scans of photos that were printed out? But yeah... I can tell you the CDr I have does NOT say that on the back... that's all I'll say
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    That's great. Glad you're liking it! Thanks for the comparisons to the likes of Orbital and Plaid!! 😃 Hope you enjoy the rest that's on there ☺
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    More releases added to our bandcamp page, including our very first one under the name Circuitsmasher: https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/sentient-circuitsmasher
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    i tried oatmeal, it's like eating water, not cool... maybe i was supposed to season it with something? i dunno... i guess the porridge i tried was made with milk and this oatmeal with water... i'm such a noob...
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    But then traffic from your own server onwards isn't trustworthy either. The best advice is probably to get a VPN service or server that falls under the jurisdiction of a government of which it doesn't bother you that they're snooping on you. So if you're Russian or Chinese, get an American VPN. If you're American, get a Russian one. Personally I don't bother with a VPN, by the way. Either what I'm doing isn't interesting to anyone so I won't get snooped on, or what I'm doing is very interesting so people will find a way. 🤷‍♀️
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    Um, I guess it wouldn't hurt to have it for those who want it... let me see about restoring it (if it is even possible).
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    Nice! Meant to check in ages ago and say how much I enjoyed issue 5 but never got round to it. Pumped for the next installment!
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    Now on Bandcamp as well :) https://concealedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/a-form-of-fusion
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    Nice! Shoot, I was going to send you some material like a year ago too. One of these days...
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    i just feel like if you re going to do a vinyl only release in 2019 you should full analog and not even use the internet as a means of promotion. it just feels half assed and lazy. taking orders via bandcamp, a platform literally built on digital download distribution.. but to disable the option the buy digitals. so half assed. get off the internet ya hippies!
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