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    Okay - so far, it looks like there is some appetite for bringing CHATMM back in a new form, so let me do the numbers and make sure we have the budget to purchase the addon and we'll implement it! Any other comments/ideas are welcome.
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    Still delayed, along with the Shovel Knight Amiibo 3-pack. And a price hike is imminent, so grab it on sale now.
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    "derivative but not as derivative as brainwaltzera" this is still going on my tombstone
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    Older Classic Top-Down Pause-able Turn-Based Role-Playing Games: Baldur's Gate & Baldur's Gate II Shadows of Amn Planescape Torment Neverwinter Nights & Neverwinter Nights 2 Fallout & Fallout 2 Divine Divinity Icewind Dale & Icewind Dale II Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Newer Classic Top-Down Pause-able Turn-Based Role-Playing Games: Divinity Original Sin & Divinity Original Sin II Dragon Age Origins Pillars of Eternity & Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Shadowrun Dragonfall, Shadowrun Hong Kong & Shadowrun Returns Wasteland 2 Tyranny Pathfinder Kingmaker Expeditions Viking Torment Tides of Numenera South Park The Stick of Truth & South Park The Fractured but Whole Japanese Pause-able Turn-Based Role-Playing Games: Final Fantasy II, Final...
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    normies don't have synthol injected muscle avatars.
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    no don't 😞 i ❤️ you stevg
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    New single out today, FlyLo says it's a tribute to Quasimoto's Come On Feet. Most enjoyable FlyLo track I've heard in a while, sounds like he doesn't try too hard and it's refreshing !
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    oof. an ex of mine had night terrors. in our mid 20s we lived together for like 5 years. she would sometimes, fully asleep, act out her dreams and i was supposed to not wake her. she was studying to be a nurse. once she acted out some dream and peed in the top drawer of our dresser while reciting human anatomy in a child-like voice. something something "mandibular fossa". she pulled out the drawer, turned around and kind of propped her ass over it. it was her drawer so i didn't get upset but it was pretty weird. i guess waking someone in the middle of a night terror...
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    Bola - D.E.G. (Skam, 2018) Another great record from Mr. Fitton. Bola is a great new discovery for me: listened to 4 of his albums recently (Soup, Shapes, Krougnine and D.E.G. - but the missing 2 albums are already ordered too). All albums I know by him are absolutely perfect, full with amazing tracks. Something between Tri Reptae era Ae and Plaid, but still very unique and recognizable, and full of very original musical ideas. Fantastic!
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    Some of you may or may not know, but I have 15 cats. Most live outdoors. This is Mitsy, and yesterday before going for a jog I caught her napping on my recently-built garden boxes for Mrs. Joyrex's rose garden:
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    Hmm. On the old forum, the addon had a user-selectable number of topics to display... this one is only adjustable via the Admin Control Panel (the default is 5). Good catch about the sidebar topics - let me see if I can change that to something more useful. The difference though is the Recent Topics box at the top changes every 60 seconds, whereas the sidebar only changes upon page reload.
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    something i used to listen to regularly as a 16 year old, hasnt really held up ..still enjoy it
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    as if AE could write a track under 20 minutes long anymore, much less a 4 (or 5) track EP of that length.
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    He's been carrying the show quite a bit, this monologue could have only come from him and sounded believable. Quite pleased with Bran becoming King. *smug emoji*
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    Spi pushing nazi propaganda all over the web now
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    I'm so out of touch am even late to the - "thought this was just hipster shite with a stupid name, but just listened and its really good" club! Really loving this album can see me playing this a lot this summer.
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    I'm hoping for an international hype campaign unrivalled in the IDM / Braindance universe that will culminate in the announcement of a single four track 20 minute EP with bonus track
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    20 month old is having night terrors regularly so half the time I wake up it's to the sound of him screaming like he is being stabbed
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    Sam acts tough, but he's really a big softie.
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    How is the topic title still 'TBA' when the title has been known for months?
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    Yeah I'm in the same boat; his music is good but his outspoken sociopolitical beliefs and general online persona are problematic to say the least. I took him (Chris McKeown) to task on his FB page where he was asserting that marriage is a "holy institution between a man and a woman unequivocally" etc, I attempted to offer my perspective as a gay man whose immigration status and ability to live in the same country as my partner largely depended upon the possibility of gay marriage. I was not argumentative; just stating my comparatively intimate perspective on the matter. He erased my post and blocked me outright, refusing to engage...
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    Hipster soy boys stole the IDM look back in the early 2000's. The whiny, premature balding, cardigan sweater wearing, unkempt beard, black rimmed glasses, gaping mouth, computer-hunched, and pathetic demeanor upper middle class faux-bohemian look was stolen by social media parasites and is now OUT. The new IDM look that is IN is a keto-staved skeleton looking Nosferatu creature that screams for the sweet embrace of death.
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    weight loss is more about diet than exercise. exercise helps but it's all just counting calories. low carb, low sugar and you can drop weight pretty fast.. but it depends on how fat you are to start. fatter people lose weight faster at the start. so, if you're only trying to lose 10 pounds it's gonna be slow.. but if you need to lose 100 pounds then you'll probably lose the first 30 pounds really quickly. my friend lost 35 pounds in 6 weeks. he biked around a lot but mostly dieted. calorie counting apps help a lot because you see where your calories are coming from.
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    Totally. Have to manage expectations. I'm down 4lbs in the last 3 weeks though so I'm happy. Goal is 210 and 15% BF after the next 8 weeks of my program. It will be the most fit I've been in my life tbh. Given the last 3 weeks results it's also attainable as long as I stick to my program! Many people (not you I know!) think weight loss and fitness are a snap of the fingers. Fact is it takes years to put on weight and body fat, it will take just as long to take it off. 😃
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    This album is absolutely lovely, btw. Thanks Lada for the rec.
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    M62 is one of my favorite autechre tracks ever.
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    Andre the Giant was infinitely cooler than Hulk Hogan.
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    I'm currently studying Army of Shadows in French (got an exam on it this Friday) and I've watched it about 4 times now. Everything about it is amazing; the atmosphere, tension and acting all make you feel so much empathy for the characters throughout as many are forced to act against their conscience under pressures of life under occupation or threat of Vichy punishment.
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    Yeah, Abundance is a fantastic track! Still loving this EP.
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    breakdance video tutorials
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