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    For those wanting to adjust the # of Recent Topics - it is now done via your Account Settings:
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    Nah, disagree. Up to season 5 events and characters actually had breathing room. The last two seasons have been filtered through some 14yr old's ADHD addled brain or something "and then this happens, and then this happens..."
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    This is a really standout album for me. A lot of what makes MBM great is peppered throughout. All sorts of dreary robotic and old recorded voices. The choppy fast paced tracks like Pin Drop, Call Sign, No Design and Critical Soul Vibrations. The gooey ambiance of Agelast and Bolinas. Jack also singing on Forced to Lie. Ear Lips is claustrophobic and sounds like its being sung to by some sort of science accident creature from The Fly.
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    To me, that means that this album's stock has increased on its tenth anniversary, which is causing him to squaredance.
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    Yo where the fuck is prolapse song
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    this, I have no problems with the plot endgame itself, but there's no denying just how piece-mealed, sloppy, and crammed this season was
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    Graph going up hollow square footprints indeed !
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    Happy 25th anniversary to one of the landmark ambient albums of the 90s. 🎂
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    Korg doing yoga on my new sofa (in her brain HER new giant catbed)
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    Get Renoise unless you see yourself spending a lot of time reading and programming. I also use it with a laptop(no numpad) and it owns.
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    It's just a genetic algorithm that encoded this track, according to the creator, within a neural network. Furthermore, it didn't even do it itself, but rather apparently the creator showed it how by "manually" selecting the most fit generations. On top of that, it only learned -this- track. As comments in the video said, the OP should have randomly generated tracks during training because this NN is completely overfit to this specific track and if you put the cars in another one they would fail completely So while stuff like this is in general cool, this video in particular is a pretty bad example. So this video is not very...
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    There's no sequencer in redux which lets you string together phrases into some kind of redux song, the idea is that you use redux inside your daw of choice and use the daws sequencer to arrange the phrases/patterns from redux. It is great fun creating a bunch of different phrases dividing them over the keyboard using the keyzones tab. So for example you can have a set of midi keys dedicated to basslines, another set to breaks, some for vocals etcetera, and live record these using your playing chops into some kind of arrangement. Or perhaps not live play, but through lego block tinkering in a painoroll/step sequencer of choice....
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    Finish the books you silly old goat
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    Hi Watmm people, Here's a Watmm track from me. 🙂 Btw, any of you here in Berlin...? Best, Yu
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    Yes, w/ caveats. IIRC, Redux is basically the "phrase" element of Renoise - i.e., you write patterns like you would in renoise (w/ effects, etc.) up to a certain length, and then those patterns are triggered by your midi keyboard/what have you and play through. Believe there is a demo version you can try . . . I've had mixed luck w/ Rewire and Renoise myself. . .personally, only thing I really wish Renoise did better was handling the recording/management of long samples (otherwise I would never really step outside the environment). Yep (tho tbh the lack of numpad usage may be b/c I never trained myself to use the...
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    Yup, my desktop keyboard is 10 keyless as well and it doesn't slow me at all.
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    notCHATMM is my warm and caring stepdad after my real dad went out for a pack of https updates and never returned
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    ^^ we got a pilotredsun successor here!! dumpin new stuff
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    Fresh jam!!! Enjoy.
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    Thanks guys I haven't been here for a long time .. There is something to show
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