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    fuck. ep7 is 20 yrs old today.
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    Cabling situation has gotten a bit out of hand.
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    Sorry! I miss Gescom too but maybe they were just of another era. It's hard to imagine reconciling the project that yielded the world's first and most perfect Minidisc-oriented release with the Max/MSP epoch. There were some rumors/confirmations about others' involvement - Bola for sure (I think he did most or all of EP1), Rob Hall / Ad Vanz (Viral is probably my favorite Gescom btw), Russell Haswell (someone suggested he did a sizeable chunk of Minidisc) and there were a few guesses at who did A1-D1 - I want to say Mr. Oizo and Kouhei but neither of them quite fit the MO. As far as the rest, there...
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    Pope: give us 5 beers, boy! Waiter: yo mean 2?! pope: no, stupido, 5! It’s roman! Jeeez
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    The two celestial bodies will merge and become Maroon, the dopest fuckin planet with all the cocaine and whooooeeeerrres
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    always loved this video. this one too: have a tasty 6 / 9 😋
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    That Xbox E3 conference was cool... I'm most hyped for the incoming From Software x George RR Martin game (yes)
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    It's totally going to be pushed back at least twice, but it's cool that they think it's almost ready to come out.
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    https://billconverse.bandcamp.com/ Almost 80 minutes of raw, unfiltered hardware jams from a fellow Texan. Solid.
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    i think there will be a longish period of people going bananas over all the fake stuff and getting whipped into frenzies and manipulated etc then people will just look at it all as entertainment and ignore it all including the real news. perhaps there will remain one or two actual trustworthy news sources for the masses but the rest will be a swirling mess. i think the militaries and intelligence agencies of the world will spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to believe and go the route of finding out for themselves firsthand what's real and what isn't by using drones and actual spies to...
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    Yeah, it specifically reminds me of the Freemix version from the Nothing Changes comp: I like that kind of acid thing they did in Los. It's nice to hear that sound being used creatively again.
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    Same. Probably my favorite of the year so far.
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    https://dasdreieck.bandcamp.com/album/die-das Psychedelic studio trickery from one of my most favorite relatively unknown artists. For fans of wAgAwAga, and other dubbed out IDM. Really great stuff.
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    So are my hard drive's, it seems. 4 TB internal drive tanking after just over 5 years. I have a complete backup but geez. No internal HDD I've held on to in the last 10 years has made it past the 5-6 year mark. I'm now reading this is normal, but then why are drives I gave away to other people merrily cruising along at twice that age.
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    I listened to it, and i enjoyed it.
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    Had a rock in my shoe all day but I was too busy to take it out... Finally got home and took my shoes off.... Ah yes....
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    Never thought I'd try kayaking until today. Indeed I might do it again.
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    soon backwards is noos... as in noose... as in we'll die waiting at this rate. Okay not really. But it feels like it.
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    SDEM = Tom Knapp, aka Skeksi, half of Mortal & Chemist, ran ICASEA record label. You should be able to find other stuff he's involved with on Discogs
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    Happened to my uncle years back as well. Nobody knows what to say, including family. Checking in on your co-worker from time to time and just being there and listening is probably the most genuinely helpful thing you can do. The haunting weeks later are tougher than the initial shock.
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    traces of awteker among the Aka Pigmy
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    ^ theyre mint, from 2016, working beeeautifully! When ever i think about selling them for a replacement I can’t find nothing better, especially now after ive bought the OT, they just work perfectly together... combined with samplitude it’s heaven! I started (aaaaagain) to learn and use maxmsp as of lately (now or never!!!) but even if I become ae_level_prolific in max i cant imagine selling them cause they’re such fun to use, and especially combined with max sequencing. This combination of elektrons (+daw for just some extra mixing) is so powerful that I could use it exclusively for the next 20 yrs without needing anything else
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