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    no - everything is locked together already timewise. i am working within the reaper project that IOS created that contains the MD/MM/MPC audio. i've just been writing midi in reaper to control the G2. once that is complete then i will just hit record and it will record all the G2 audio in one pass. i was trying to get that done this weekend but reaper was giving me a lot of problems. hopefully next week it will be done. once my part is done then i will pass it back to IOS and everything will need compression and mastering. that will take some time to get done & get...
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    PC Engine rom music player with music from Castlevania.. only it sounds super broken for some reason
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    I read this on a screen whilst neglecting my loved ones and i loved every second of it
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    I guess this wasn't posted here yet? https://biosphere.bandcamp.com/album/the-senja-recordings I like this quite a lot. The kind of arctic found sound and drone ambient I really dig.
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    Strong release from CPU https://soundcloud.com/cpurecords/biochip-synthase
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    mesh cinereaL is such an alien track. Damn, I love elseq !
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    "the fact that we would prob end up messing with the sound sets off my autism and makes me want to make other changes"
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    ^ Absolutely, will definitely re-upload over the next few days: separate audio files for each track; no post-processing digit & ios reconstruction, raw (no compressor/limiter) digit & ios reconstruction, with a not-so-gentle limiter Over the summer, I'll work into more tweaked versions of the MD, MM & MPC1K tracks. Yep, spot on re kick volumes - SB mentions it himself here:
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    They go into the whole fiasco more on their blog: http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace
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    I didn't know this was a thing, Vitual Novel games? But this Doki Doki Literature Club https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doki_Doki_Literature_Club! popped up on my steam rec list. It was described as horror, not suitable for minors etc, yet it had this totally candy coated cutesy Anime look. Was surprised at how much it drew me in. You are invited by a kooky female friend to join a literature club with 3 other girls, and get to know them from a series of flirtatious conversations. You can impress them by picking words that correspond to a specific girls' personality traits when choosing words to make your own poem. It gradually gets into dark psychological...
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    huh !! interesting. o.O now i'm all the more baffled again that this wasn't intended to be released (mostly in the context of the material that >was< included on the oknotok+cassette release). https://radiohead.bandcamp.com/album/minidiscs-hacked
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    Just bought it, glad they addressed it head on and didn't make a big deal about it.
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    Digital available in Bandcamp https://rainforestspiritualenslavement.bandcamp.com/
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    https://boomkat.com/products/panama-canal-left-hand-path-and-simulated-thunderstorm I doubt these will be availble for long. Nice three tape set
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    Being only 18 I can safely say that we spend a lot of time on our phones at school purely out of boredom and to keep us out of trouble (when they banned phones a while back more windows were broken, chairs thrown and other messing around occurred). Though this may only be the case with my group of friends, but we all have an unwritten blanket ban on phones at parties (unless you're taking pictures) and when we go out to the pub or whatever. I guess we just look up to the generations above us to communicate to others. I've asked my friends and about half say they...
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    Rian Treanor - ATAXIA (strong AOTY contender already) Gabor Lazar's Boiler Room (those new exclusive tunes are mind-blowing) Peder Mannerfelt - Life without Friction Ssaliva - Unshielded EP Le Dom - Schism EP Lorem -Adversarial Feelings
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    He's THAT good
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    go read back (carefully) what i said concerning that if you're interested, then get back to me regarding now. not interested in any arguments either.
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    Thanks for posting this! I lost the file for this album ages ago and haven't been able to find it til now.
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    rave mix 2 0:00:00 party crowd (sample) 0:00:09 hot mix 3 (x-plicit mix) - bootlegger 0:03:17 yeah buddy - royal house 0:06:20 bango (to the batmobile) - todd terry project 0:08:34 jack to the sound of the underground (acid mix) - hithouse 0:13:20 in the name of love (club mix) - swan lake 0:16:06 stakker humanoid (snowman mix) - humanoid 0:18:58 rock this place (uk club mix) - mr. lee 0:21:23 bounce your body to the box (mike ‘hitman’ wilson remix) - kevin saunderson 0:24:00 i can dance - fast eddie 0:27:14 can you party (club mix) - royal house 0:31:42 check this out - hard house 0:34:13 sound clash...
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    It seems as you win goDel and the badger looses
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    Cabling situation has gotten a bit out of hand.
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    I like to imagine usagi riding off into the sunset on his motorcycle. 20k posts is more than enough tho, can’t blame him for cutting for a while/indefinitely. my PT: why can’t people just enjoy things for what they are. Always gotta be more or redone or ‘this, but ___’ I mean I’m guilty too but I try not to be.
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    Some Scottish bloke on twitter mentioned he has a coffee with them most mornings, and that a new album is likely 'sooner' rather than 'later' Iron clad proof!
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