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    it's a good mix, i'm not angry since I thought BoC were herding goats on a mountainside, pausing every so often to blow into a horn made of an elk antler to summon representatives for all creatures of the forest so that the elves don't impose their un-diplomatic and otherworldly views on the townfolk and cause a rift in the council of wood whispering elders.
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    seefeel mix done and dusted, wonderful wonderful you gotta check it out fellow watmmaker!
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    http://penrynspaceagency.com/artists.php?artist=Jodey+Kendrick http://penrynspaceagency.com/artists.php?artist=Rob+Kidley http://penrynspaceagency.com/artists.php?artist=Lord+of+the+D http://penrynspaceagency.com/artists.php?artist=JK
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    I started a new Soundcloud hoping to upload regularly.
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    Friendly bump to remind you all of the excellence of this album. Just relistened today for the first time in a year and it is as fresh (and odd) as ever. Would love to hear more in this vein from him.
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    it's 19.24pm on a sunday evening and my alarm will not be ringing tomorrow at 04.30am as I have the week off so to celebrate this I've just poured myself a gallon glass of Gordons Gin, Schweppes Indian Tonic Water, Ice and fresh lime (old school no trendy shenanigans, though I quite like all those new fancy gins) and sat in the garden listening to NTS so I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat cheers fellow music boffin 🥂
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    yep 5 minutes into the Seefeel mix, and I love it pretty sure this was the first thing I tuned into which set the ball rolling for the whole weekend
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    thank you the NTS website is a treasure trove (I didn't realise it was an old mix)
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    Traktion is really astonishing. And yeah, I get that same mix of classic analogue sounds & hyper-breaks IDM as Collapse on that track in particular. I think Brian and Rich are mates so I wouldn't be surprised if some of this ends up in future Aphex sets.
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    & http://penrynspaceagency.com/artists.php?artist=Arvo+Prat
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    Last track... Adrafinil = earworm of the summer for me.
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    Damn. I thought I was a Jodey fan...
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    I’ve read High Rise and Concrete Island - both excellent. I like this kind of “mundane” speculative fiction: making the commonplace or humdrum surreal/alienating.
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    I been listening to those two for a while now and they're some of your strongest work i m o
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    High Rise is one of a 'thematic trilogy'. The other two are Concrete Island and Crash. Read them.
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    Thanks BaggerMcGuirk! This is my first song created on an Electron Octatrack. I still have lots to learn but I'm enjoying this machine a lot.
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    Thanks! The first one was with a Canon FD 85mm 1.8 and the other two were shot with a Sony 24-105mm f4
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    i will not be surprised if user364304579 is aphex, assuming kr ms800 bit is user364304579. kr ms800 bit is like my favorite song of the last 10 years. would be better if it's not him, though. so there are multiple people making tracks that good 🙂
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    I read this while eating a lamb/beef shawarma pita and I think it made it taste even better, so thank you.
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    Seven Hours Sleep The Sea Org A Thirsty Fish Kill the King Mastery of Money An Utterance of the Supreme Ventriloquist Whistling about Chickens A Small Child Dreams of Voiding the Plague ^there's ur primer :^)
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    there's a lot of pretty cool stuff that happens in this jungle track. i feel like the main farty buffery-sounding grungy synth and the stringy synths that come in around 1:40 could both have a bigger thicker sound if they had some (a little) nice bass boost EQ. it sounds like they've got some high passing or just lots of bass cut to separate them from the low bass, and that's a pretty common thing to do, but imo there's plenty of room for that synth to have some (more) bass of its own and still not really interfere with the lower bass. i think it could give the whole...
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    did adam friedland popularize jumbo yum yum? from a cursory internet search it would appear so.
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    I remember testing on my 9yo macbook pro a while back. Running some sample Reaktor Blocks things I think I got an error even loading some of it. VCV ran fine, but then I did not make anything insane either.
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    Will happily submit something. Now with all the talented chaps around, be ready to release a 4xLP.
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    someone on discogs decoded the cipher in the artwork and got the artist names. i wanted to check their work so i made a decoder with html and javascript: https://bobspizza.github.io/
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    the filter sweep hurts so good
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    Growing Flow sounds like Thundercat IDM. Really liked it. 🙂
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    Surreal synchronicity, watched this last night after trying to sort out my old man's dvd collection, easy enough when half of it is/was steam engine docs. It def stands the test of time, remember seeing it as a teenager & it seeming very much akin to clunky early Dr Who styles, but it's grown on me over the years. Using the London Underground as a descent into sketchiness, avoiding certain Hammer-ish gore techniques so it can be funny how age affects perspective like that.
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    C and G I wasn't into, and E is not the kind of thing i will put on, typically. A2, B2, D, F, i, ii, iii, K, and L constitute an epic and formidable collection of music. if jodey completes the alphabet, which he seems ready to do, this will be quite special. it already is. agreeing with others that L is great.
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    interesting and unique sounds I like the sounds that start at 2.05
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    Thanks Mozex, BCM and bitchroast! 👍 For the braindance tracks, I’m making them on a RS7000 work-station where the smart card reader is broken, so I can’t save tracks. Rather than leave the machine on for days wasting power, I try to finish the track in one session of about 2-3 hours. So sometimes the structure of the track is a bit under-developed but I see it as a challenge to finish something in one session. I take inspiration from the Aphex quote where he said he had thousands of tracks because he often made several in a day. There’s a fluidity of production you can develop by working that...
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    nice one. on one hand, feels like it could be longer (or go somewhere else). on other hand, in context of other tracks this seems like a perfect length to get in, play around with the idea and move on to the next thing. think the pacing on this one is good 🙂
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    like the beatwork on the latest track, nice groove
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    Like the sound of Dhxvmw!
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    More braindance jams.
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    A short Braindance jam, thoughts welcome.
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    WHAAAAAAT? Are you kidding? Meds Fade is one of the best openers to a Plaid album, nee any album in recent memory IMO! I am immensely enjoying Polymer, much more than the previous album (which was good in it's own right, but there are so many *great* tracks on this release).
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    Couple more modular noodles.
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    Eurorack modular noodle recorded with iPhone voice memo by placing headphone against the phone while a clothes dryer played in the background.
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    Yep sounds good!
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    lovely stuff. happy to see you posting.
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