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    I really hope this is just another troll post. That meat looks like dogshit formed into discs and then left out in the sun. They actually already look like they are tough before you overcooked them. But of course you'd buy cheap and pre-made patties. Your cheese application is nothing short of horrid and it makes sense that you'd cook them on aluminum foil. Perfect. And that last shot? Make sure you hold them up over your expensive fanboy Autechre art. I wonder how many photos it took to get that just right because your gardenhose arms were shaking holding all of that weight. Way to keep it real though,...
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    So i listened to this on my drive yesterday - production is impeccable. I'm not going to lie and say that i know anything about darkwave, but i did enjoy this and will listen again. This coupled with the 0f.digital release is a strong start Favourite tracks: Reflected in Your Eyes, Tomorrow Hides in Yesterday's Shadow
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    what about replacing the PSN shit with your discogs username so those curious can look people up on discogs
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    the Lorenzo Senni link is 5 hours long! I missed the original broadcast (and I can't find it on NTS) I'm a little bit befuddled to be honest, can a wise oracle please explain! Thank you.
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    when i listen to melodies from mars i am transported from my miserable urban life to a kind of pillowed cushioned pastel softfocus realm where i am carried by beings to a clearing in a forest and lain on a cloud, where i am then cleaned, powdered and freshly diapered and tickled with feathers. aphex twin is there too in the feathery pastel diaper land. he wears an electronic diaper that emits ultrasonic hypnotizing pulses (eg ventolin ep) at all times in order to pacify the enraged, confused rebels who refuse to be embraced, tickled powdered and diaped by the Master himself. thanks for posting this important thread. looking forward...
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    I'm looking for some help with integrating Discogs via their API into the forum - not quite sure yet what we could do/is possible, but someone who knows PHP and has experience working with APIs would be best suited. I'm thinking having users' Discogs Collections displayed on their Members page, or items they have for sale or their wishlist - that kind of thing. It might also be handy when discussing a release to have a link to the release on Discogs and pull in artwork, info, etc. Discogs API is here if you want to have a look: https://www.discogs.com/developers/#page:home I'm also thinking for the benefit of whomever helps me...
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    - your command is my wish!
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    Yeah, click the timestamp (Just now/X minutes ago/...) to go to that exact post. Or the symbol before the title for first unread.
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    Eating the last 4 from the pack while mulling over Sucker Steve's impending destruction #Fuddruckers #ImpendingDoom #SleeplessNights #FailedCookingThread #UtterAnnihilation Tick tock
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    That's a good point - I'll see if we can set up the voting with a limited number of votes (say 5 or 10) and you assign them to all the entries you deem worthy of inclusion.
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    it was a reply to me calling your attitude itt obnoxious, there was literally no other stance or context. you just went off and assumed all sorts of shit lol anyway, next time i see someone order a burger ill make sure to shout HEY YOU NAZI MOTHERFUCKER CMERE I WANNA TELL YOU ABOUT VEGANISM! and if they walk away I'll just remember its their fault they didn't get the message, not mine
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    Discogs User URL is now added
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    I already did, for the press release for my label's new release. Josh always brings the goods.
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    Goddamn I randomly and coincidentally came across this last week - 70s and 80s pop music had a lot of songs penned by essentially unknown songwriters who worked behind the scenes as studio and session musicians, producers, engineers, etc. This is def one of the more obscure ones though. Hazard's version def showcases the inherent energy and punch of the song itself, Lauper totally took it to a different level that would have never been done justice by most other pop singers. The switch from male to female perspective radically alters the scope and context of the song. It's got a lot more emotional resonance than I could ever appreciate...
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    Thanks stick! Yes I'm particularly pleased with scoring this album to release. I believe Salem spent 4 years putting it together. I'm honoured he put it in our grubby paws There is now an option to purchase this from Lobster Theremin :^) https://lobsterrecords.co.uk/collections/all/products/the-face-i-deserve-kris-bernard
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    There are pretty dedicated and niche fans of really obscure and DIY artists and labels - cassette and CD-R and now bandcamp. Private press in the 60s and 70s, tape-traders in the 80s through 90s, then netlabels and p2p stuff in the 00s. I dabble off and on and recognized Dolphins Into The Future, but that was about it. What I find so lovely is the realization that the brothers not only have indicated they have a very likely massive collection of music likely stretching back to their own days of trading and sharing tapes in the late 80s and early 90s but they are still hunting down new obscure...
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    Three Identical Strangers - I liked it. It was way sadder than I thought it would be, but I liked it. The Life and Art of Szukalski (Netflix) - REALLY liked it. Amazing character. Free Solo - Jesus fucking Christ, my palms were so sweaty after watchin this.
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    Arby's uploaded a level:
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    jesus fucking christ what a disgusting fat sack of shit of a human bean.
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    I reckon: - > 120 min release - max run length per track of 6 mins - max two tracks submitted, one track accepted per artist - songs chosen by poll and number of tracks on release is based on when the run length is achieved - you must vote to have your track accepted - you can't vote for yourself - blind poll so you can't be affected by what others are voting for - no restrictions on style - run sequence for the release is randomised - track can't be from something that is already released
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    man, this is a perfect example of how wonderful this mix is - I'm poking around this artists discogs page and he's pretty much a self-releasing "new age" style cassette / CD-R artist who was playing around with vaporwave imagery before it was a thing. it's an amazing obscure find that I would have most likely never have found on my own. looks like a fan of Dreamers Cloth ripped and uploaded the artists discography in one go - kudos to them
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    Safety razor it up! Honestly man, I had my second full shave this weekend and it was so easy, super close shave... This is the one I got... https://www.amazon.ca/VIKINGS-Double-Swedish-Platinum-Manliness/dp/B011L8WJIA Ignore the sad "raw manliness" tag on it as that's... sad. But it's a great razor and the beginner blades that come with it are nice so far.
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    Had a quick flick thru earlier this morning and will listen to the full thing on my drive later this afternoon. First impressions are that it sounds quite rich and unique - classy effort ! Love the packaging and execution in general. MG set to be quite the label
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    time to get that tattoo!
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    Every time this thread gets posted in I'm in here hoping for more Juicy IDM Goss. On my IDM Gossometer im currently ranking this above the time venetian snares revealed himself to be a massive homophobe on an online forum, but below the time mu-ziqs old wife ran off with another Intelligent Dance Musician and he did a weird album about it
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    at last this is the only music i'll be listening to for the next 10 years: https://archive.org/details/WXAXRXP-NTS2/41.+LORENZO+SENNI+-+BUILD-UPS+ARCHIVE+FINAL+VERSION+%2B+AAT.mp3
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    WATMM radio host that introduces a story between tracks comes to mind. With a script written here which could work for interlude vibes too. That'd be sick as a cassette release. Could also make the theme of the songs more fluid. But, who knows how hard that is to do on a collective scale. I for one would like a more memorable unique collaborative effort instead of a compilation, but das just me.
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    It's great that people are interested and want to contribute, but to keep the conversation going - what ideas does anybody have to make the compilation interesting or unique? A theme? How many tracks should it be (or should that be determined by the fundraising efforts)? Formats (again, crowdfunding stretch goals)? Cassette? Vinyl? MD? Digital Vinyls? Analog MP3s? Wax Cylinders? (Aleski can't have all the fun) Digipak? Jewel Case? Micro Jewel Case? Gatefold Sleeves? What should the artwork feature?
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    No, but unlike the original, we will get someone to master it!
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    I didn't understand drukqs until after I was vaccinated
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    https://archive.org/details/WXAXRXP-NTS1/ https://archive.org/details/WXAXRXP-NTS2/ BOOM. There it is.
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    GTFO Stalker
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    Graeber's other joint Bullshit Jobs is also q good.
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    Maybe we can get BoC, ae and the twins to remix our songs as well.
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    Both (Graeber and The Master and Margarita) are excellent. Really enjoyed them ( for different reasons, obviously). The first half of the twentieth century has been very unkind to Russians, but damn did it make them produce a lot of good writing. I’m currently reading The Twelve Chairs by Ilya Ilf and Jevgeni Petrov, also from roughly the same period. It’s about the antics of a former nobleman who tries to hunt down twelve chairs (hence the title) that were confiscated from him after the Revolution. Very entertaining.
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    absolute guilty pleasure. she doin her thing. such visceral mental imagery. https://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhy5mH5o9VKUE74t3g
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    Tickets have arrived...
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