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    footage of me traversing the sands of WATMM trying to make sense of this thread
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    it was suggested that we have burger tags , so that when you were posting a lol or a meaty reply your post would appear between two buns. It was an awesome time for this site... out of it emerged the sub- meme- "i'm not even gonna fix that burger" when Adjective posted an a messed up burger tag.
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    basically everyone chiming in on this thread
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    Fuck me he was right. 11k views on this fucking retard's picnic of a thread and I've not shilled my label yet Buy these tapes u cunts this album (by watmm's @Salem1976) is fucking quality @Ivan Ooze check this out, you'll like this
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    Back in the day when I was high as a fucking intergalactic kite, I'm sure I once posted that I was gonna kill This Is Michael Jackson with a Rambo Knife! How did I not get banned for that? Pretty sure I posted my home address to another person to come round and have a fucking fight, man to man on my front lawn! Claw to claw flol. As per usual once the intergalactic kite had fallen to Earth, I felt bad about this. Glad the mods could see the slight glimmer of goodness that twinkled from decent sober posts. I'd hate to get banned from here. Jesus Christ, you...
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    I like cwmbrancity. That man has passion
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    Old Bean and the Shadow Cabal EP when?
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSHSMZ0_nOk I agree with you. You're far more eligable for banhammering
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    I love how spiral has a cat avatar and cwmbrancity has a dog one. primordial clashing right here
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    Yeah, still working on it! I've got some other synth sound design to do (including some actual paid work!) which is taking priority a little, but I'm hoping to get it finished in the next few weeks.
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    If WATMM is dying, I see evidence to the contrary in this thread. There is indeed an active pulse. Best not to overthink it really. No one is going to be 100 percent on the same page together, there will never be full consensus, etc. Because we are humans, not hive-minded robot drones. So we meatheads are prone to occasional disagreements regardless, because that is our nature. But whenever a new Aphix/Ae/BoC/Warp featured artist LP/EP dropps, guaranteed we unite like the apes surround the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Also I'm slightly dronk
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    2019 06 28 01. Middle Of Everywhere 4:47 02. BAZU / バズ 4:34 03. 37 Years Later 4:22 04. Das Tier 5:22 05. Con Un Cuchillo 5:37 06. After 88 Years 4:37 07. Mieko Loop 2:03 08. Anarchy / Joy 4:14 09. Profit Over People 10:22 10. Mystic 6:21 11. I Want Her (You) To Call Me Baby 3:53 12. Le… 3:47 ► 59:59 https://raster-raster.bandcamp.com/album/s-der-m-larstrand
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    this thread is so fucking retarded
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    These braindance artists sure like to torture us
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    Nothing other than downloads to the new singles atm. "This summer" is the only date for the album release. https://surfing.100percentelectronica.com/
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    I come back after a week or so and threads are on fire!
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    Not really, just encourages a pack mentality where the ‘likeable’ / agreeable ones dictate what’s acceptable or not. Be open minded. Let everyone have a say.
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    for what it's worth, as a truly bleeding edge trying to be hip person myself, i would not let spi hang out in my cool club irl, because he still listens to lobster theremin
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    As much nostalgia as I have for old rickety chatmm. Don't knock new un-chatmm till you've tried it :^)
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    It's NOT a permaban. He just needed some time off.
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    not bad for a 12th post I can definitely see a future for you here in watmm, you will definitely be an important part in The Great Scheme Of Things welcome
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    If that was his intention then it worked.
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    https://x4records.bandcamp.com/album/ear-novelist Check out some ear raveling tales that just might sound familiar from a familiar face known as Anvil Stereo!
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    arca - mutant is the album for me that comes the closest to the absolute madness of autechre's most brutal tracks holy shiet i almost pissed my pants when i played that one again this week, a relentless beautifull fistfuck of the brain couldn't find the thread on watmm so had to post it here, AMAZING album yet i'm terrified of it
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    my wife would busta cap in your bitcha asses tooba bitches
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    I miss ragnar. I think he was onto something with his Prime Minister of Japan is a homosexual furry hologram theory
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    careful u might get spiral banned
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    fun channel. thanks for posting.
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    the cabal is real. the shadowmakers (as i refer to them) are orchestrating a hostile takeover of watmm. hello spiral has threatened to hire local freelance deathkillers to capture and sodomize cwmbrancity. he will be fucked and paraded around chat in a donkey cart for all to see. i'll be the only nigga in the room with a hard dick when this happens i am willing to bet. edit: damn oh shit i meant to pm!!!! sorry
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    Nobody: cwmbrancity:
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    Yesss. I've been binging this guys TP3 vids for the last week or so too. He's great.
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    watmm is solid gold. it's a new form of literature.
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    Naar De Klote (Gewoon) I don't think there's much more to it. It's a compilation, titled "Impressions", of stuff that's accumulated over several years, probably because it didn't fit on his club 12-inches. No real unifying theme or concept to it, if that's what you were looking for. And it being such a haphazardly compiled bunch of tracks might well be why I like it so much. If I wanted 10+ tracks of the same Dark Days era Legowelt style I would just listen to the original. But this thing makes TAFKAMP sound like a regular polymath of niche techno/house/jungle genres. I listen to it kind of rarely and there...
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    Friends, colleagues, whenever I see this tread active, I am seized by a moment of anxiety. Anxiety, according to the specialist, is the primary cause of dermatitis that does not give peace to most of my facial region. I find myself forced to ask you to be very careful and motivated before writing here. Especially in the winter months, when the phenomenon worsens. Your affectionate AE35unit
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    Richard and Thom have merged into a single being.
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    I ran this image of Taylor Swift in Cats into it and kept making it old until it stopped recognizing the face
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    "In order to come here and play Roel needs a US artist visa. One doesn't simply advertise and get paid for gigs in the US without one; as a genuine, forward thinking and cutting edge artist who is not playing Lowest Common Denominator approved bangers he isn't able get one on his own in advance, even though the gigs are there. Therein lies the rub." lmao i'm not sure what is more pretentious and convoluted, Funcken's sound design or this guy's campaign to fly Funcken here to kiss his ass in person
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    No disrespect perceived whatsoever man🙂I placed the word in quotation marks to make it more specific. I forgot to mention that indeed, as you say, we're recreating this by ear, by listening to the original and entering the various parameters into Reaper. This includes drawing the tempo increase; figuring out the pattern changes for MD, MM and MPC (and entering them into Reaper as MIDI Program Change events); imported to Reaper the MPC MIDI sequences (meant for the Nord); now digit draws the Nord live tweaks into Reaper. I'm really typing this so that we all think, if recreating it sounds like a lot of work, imagine how much work...
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    Is it even him asking for the money though. The whole thing seems shady as fuck.
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    Hipster soy boys stole the IDM look back in the early 2000's. The whiny, premature balding, cardigan sweater wearing, unkempt beard, black rimmed glasses, gaping mouth, computer-hunched, and pathetic demeanor upper middle class faux-bohemian look was stolen by social media parasites and is now OUT. The new IDM look that is IN is a keto-staved skeleton looking Nosferatu creature that screams for the sweet embrace of death.
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    Figured it was about time to hop on here and say: 1. We really appreciate all of the kind words. 2. Sadly, there is no official physical media planned for Moiré. We plan to self-author cassettes for selling at shows; we'll likely make them available for selling online if we can find a solid duplication service. 3. We are in talks for physical on the sophomore, which has been wrapped (in the programming department), and we've just been waiting for a couple bugs (concerning the Rytm MKII's control input modulation) to get squashed before recording. Hopefully this will be soon. 4. The sophomore will feature the A4 MKII, the AR...
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