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    perunamuussi's Warnings × 1 NSFW Content C'mon, that picture of that poor cat... plus, there is a no gore rule on here. Please don't post stuff like that again. Warned by Joyrex, July 18, 2016 1 Topic Bumping Pornography and Mature Content Warned by mcbpete, July 9, 2014 1 Spamming That was really shitty of you to piggyback onto Yikes Record Crate sale and undercut him by 5 cents - I know you were probably trying to be 'funny' or something, but still - poor taste. Warned by Joyrex, August 9, 2012 1 Warning Horse penis photos - NSFW Warned by Joyrex, April 2, 2012 1 Warning The comments you...
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    as mentioned on reddit the 'onesix' name is over on ASCAP
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    It Happens Here Too is my favorite album by Misgendering
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    what's really interesting about watmm is the negativity and in-fighting. it should be happy for diversity but instead it enforces a hive mind of posting style. i have no negative memories about troon and I remember seeing lots of his posts, but apparently people hate him?
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    I've had an incredible burger earlier today. No photos unfortunately. at the end of the day, watmm, chatmm are no different to me really - we all like similar music, so I personally care about the things that will bring people together
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    AHhh right. Ok, so that thing is referred to in that episode as the "Experiment Model" (the creature seen in E8 is called "The Experiment"). Yah, trying to cover my bases. I would agree it's totally on point. . . I guess what I'm saying is, if there is some similar theory about TP, I don't mind if someone figures it out, because it'll still be amazeballs to me. I've been trying to figure out Lost Highway for 20 fucking years (or however long it's been since it came out in the theater). It keeps me up at night. . . EDIT: GoDEL THANK YOU for those links. Shit it...
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    i have one point from delet. "for continued abuse to troon." lmao
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    Not really, just encourages a pack mentality where the ‘likeable’ / agreeable ones dictate what’s acceptable or not. Be open minded. Let everyone have a say.
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    a major issue is the fact that the new chat feature is only truly functional (marginally) all-in on browser and not functional or below-functional on mobile. Discord has a dedicated app on mobile that is well beyond the functionality of the very bad and annoying chatbox on mobile, which has no history viewing, bad scrolling, clunky and bluky usage of font/size/color/link inclusion, posting images, etc. I'm certain you've seen and/or used discord on mobile, on desktop app and also through a browser before you chose to nix it as a viable chat option. I feel like rather than celebrate discord for its strengths, you knock it for the learning curve...
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    Thanks for the feedback - probably would be better in the thread for Forum Issues, but nonetheless I am working on the mobile view of WATMM Classic and will be making improvements. Posting without being able to make threads... that's not a bad idea tbh, or limiting the number of posts per day (although I personally think that's worse than a paywall) Dank Memes WATMM is Dying Edition™ AFAIK you don't need a credit/debit card to pay - unless PayPal now requires you (or may require in your country of residence) to have one associated with your PayPal account. The new forum upgrade also offers other payment gateways like Stripe...
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    what's new for anthony & john?
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    this thread has been mis-died.
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    Why not Firefly you god damn bitches of men in suits god fucking damnit
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    ligma New Member Members 11 14 posts Gender: Male Location: pissville Country: Not Selected Joined Aug 2018
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    He has also made an explanation for Lost Highway, btw. In short:
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    itll be utilized to help us order toilet paper from amazon prime using bitcoin by just thinking about it, thus freeing up precious time to more efficiently bring about the (TM) next stage of humanity, while the planet continues to be destroyed, minimum wage workers toil in a warehouses and business people argue over how to market this revolutionary technology to the 'emerging markets in second world countries'
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    A release before Friday would be nice. Rob, Sean, pls.
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    nO WoNdeR wAtMm is dYiNg.. wHEre ArE yOuR pRiOrItiEs?
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    I missed about 6-7 pages that happened over the weekend. Decided to catch up on while on the can this AM. Conclusion: Best. Shit. Ever.
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    it sounds great and is super fun to use.. fast to use as well. great interface etc. there's some details about it in a kvr thread. michael hetrick (the lizard at kvr) spills a few beans on this page https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=525585&start=195
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    Love You MIXL2:) Be the Light that radiates unconditional Love, Forgive, Heal and have Fun:)
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    0 points babby I dunno dude, this sounds more like a dramatization IMO, from what who member he was a serial shitposter and defiantly on some spectrum or another. There was a period of several months (years?) where he'd start 10-15 new releases threads a day with no commentary, opinion or insight whatsoever - anything beyond a hyperlink was excess. Diluted the shit out of the subforum. And just when you assume its a cheap viral marketing bot he becomes a mod (again wtf) and the new releases scatology persists. After that there was the troon 1.5 that started deep/derp thoughts threads in genban, also insufferable. gotta agree with the...
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    What about messing with your head for the desired effects of recreational drugs?
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    this thread is so fucking retarded
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    it was suggested that we have burger tags , so that when you were posting a lol or a meaty reply your post would appear between two buns. It was an awesome time for this site... out of it emerged the sub- meme- "i'm not even gonna fix that burger" when Adjective posted an a messed up burger tag.
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    AAA 2019. Seth & Rod pls?
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    lol, Peace7 was around at that time, bring him back instead.
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    Wow that is a disturbing picture. I guess in 50years humans will have usb c ports sticking out of their heads too. Can't wait until people with less money become the products (like with Facebook) and instead of paying with money they pay with personal information from their brain, or they're forced to have ads steamed to their brain. And of course they'll all choose to do this because of the convenience/efficiency that the technology provides
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    It's a shame because I vastly prefer this medium. Other social media is all over the place, forums resemble real life in the sense that you take the time to absorb the content. Things don't go too fast.
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    they never upped the System bonus CD material anywhere as far as i know, i'm sure it's on soulseek etc tho yeah...likely will be the situation for this bonus CD material i'd think. the System bonus was better than the actual System album imo tho so hoping for another similar situation (two-ish hours of great Datach'i tunes either way!) got a notification that the CD shipped a day or two ago tho so v soon :)
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    Please Kickstart my IDM goods so I can list them on Etsy
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    I'm really frightened by transhumanism / augmented humanity and of course by Neuralink. The " rewiring psychological issues" especially : what makes a psychological issue? It's all a matter of perception, isn't it? Like in the seventies when homosexuality was still considered as a mental disorder : would you rewire it? I mean I'm not against medical progress, I'm curious to see how those devices will help us recover after a stroke for example but I'm afraid we will start losing our individualities and what makes us humans in the first place.
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    A (small) upfront cost, even $1, is a great gate keeping mechanism. Quality over quantity.
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    A Duck in a Tree 2013-01-12 | Hand Speed You to the Thermal Nations Jan 15th, 2013 by zovietfrance The 27th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm. First broadcast 12 January 2013. Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work. track list 01 Kathy Acker - Empire of the Senseless [extract] 02 Akatombo - Twisted 03 Ben Ponton - Afga 5 04 Aeronaut - Coronal Mass Two 05 Alexander Tucker - Energy for Dead Plants 06 David King - Pipistrelle Bat (recording of ultrasonic calls from a heterodyne detector) 07 Hrvatski - Madrid 08 Ekkehard Ehlers...
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    I don’t think watmm is dying - it’s just changed quite a bit. It’s much more about music than the humor that used to be the cornerstone of this place. There are still lots of good people around even though we lost a lot of the old guard. I do wish there was still only one place but it is what it is. I even miss the old trolls like sup and those types. But whatever... All good.
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    Nah you’re just a 2 faced fan boi provocateur playing to a chat room gallery. Besides, it’s an actual Diazepam day here, want some? NHS scripty n everything. Take that boulder out of your colon in no time.
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    An exhibition with my latest works I had last year at a local cultural center. 2018 > http://zantman.be/-video/landvast-01-2018.m4v 2015 > http://zantman.be/-video/landvast-2015.m4v ( ps. I deleted my Instagram, just my own site www.zantman.be )
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    ^ lol sweyt lol ^
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    Trying my hand at conditional breaks with randomized parameters on the Elektron Octatrack. Any feedback welcome.
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    I had to get rid of a mouse that happened to scurry into the bathroom on me as I got up to take a piss in the middle of the night. I should probably spare the details though if I wish to maintain my dignity.
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