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    Although not much info yet, but little heads up for upcoming 2LP called Serenity by RX-101. Sometimes around October or so. Straight from the horses mouth: "Acetate of RX-101's next 2LP, "Serenity"... For those who were lucky enough to have heard Erik's old Soundcloud dump (long since removed) some of these tracks have been among the most eagerly anticipated for release, while other tracks on this record never made it to Soundcloud and will be heard for the first time here on "Serenity"... " Cool sound snippet of Acetate (008 - B#001 from the tapes) on the FB:
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    i've been sleuthing around the gear the ae brothers were using during the mid 90s and i came across some sample discs that were used with the ensoniq samplers they used (eps 16(+), asr10). note that the 3rd disc on the second collection on this page has a sound called "Bowed Vibell." i'm getting strong "Bad Vilbel" from this... https://syntaur.com/asr_slt.html don't worry, i actually found the and purchased this floppy and will check it out when it arrives. stay tuned : )
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    Don't know why I waited this long to check out the Kelela hour, but went into it yesterday not knowing what to expect and it was amazing.
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    Store is now two years old and only thing that’s been added since then is collapse ep (and two or three old tracks)
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    Don't want to derail the thread too much, but a few select tracks for you beerboss:
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    Never heard the full set before, I didn't even think it existed! Full rave mode
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    Okay - let me do some more reading up on setting them up and I should be able to do something next week...
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    1. Reckoning 2. Aria 3. Voidal 4. H2fsbf6 5. EP hemeris Label: Analogical Force Cat No. AF024 https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/112673-af024-daed-coordinate-ep
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    Quite possibly the most wholesome post on all of watmm
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    Got too drunk the other day and have had a two day hangover. It's real silly, because I only got that drunk because I wanted to tell my girlfriend how much I care about her but was afraid she would get uncomfortable by it. Turns out she feels the same way, but I still have this goddamn hangover.
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    What steph said, great music maker, gotta check out his other stuff 2 [emoji106]
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    Styling in Chartreuse ‘Roman Biro’ – complete with joke – found at London building site https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jul/27/joke-on-roman-souvenir-bloomberg-building-site-city-of-london Some random stuff (probably discussed before): Chartreuse color is considered to have "mandela effect", which means that a lot of people remember it wrong (being pink/red), like number of US states or Berenstein Bears (or me thinking that Syro release date was 21 and not 19 of september). Mandela effect can be called one of the conspiracy theories about parallel universes and stuff like that. That it's not your memory's fault, but in reality at that time things were not what they are today, cause way too much people remember it being different. I...
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    I was just trying to impress that giant crybaby hello spiral :( naturally im a mega fan! :D
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    Like 202 Acid a lot!
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    “... out August 2 via Drag City” https://pitchfork.com/news/ty-segall-announces-new-album-first-taste-shares-video-for-new-song-watch/ I’m actually just discovering this dude now. He’s pretty rad. I saw him live at a secret show last night and he played the whole new album. Of all of the recordings I’ve heard from him, none quite matched the power and intensity of his live show. His band is phenomenal. 2 bases, 2 drum kits, 2 guitars, 2 bouzoukis (one acoustic and one electric) and more. HUGE sound. If you get a chance to see him live, jump on it!
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    Ty plays the 2nd kit for half of the songs. The other musicians switch instruments but many of the songs have 2 bass parts. The 2 bouzoukis are pretty rad. The acoustic one is basically doing the job of a clean 12 string guitar (really nice tone) and Ty plays the electric one with blistering solos. To my ears, the new material was probably more in the “classic rock” vein. I dug it.
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    1. Signs 2. Arc 3. Arc (Benjamin Damage Remix) 4. Signs (John Beltran’s 80s Reset Remix 5. Signs (John Beltran's Easy Summer Mix) https://boomkat.com/products/signs-a672d2ca-b8b6-4804-86b2-cfd6bc31abcb?fbclid=IwAR0KVOXFfSJ1Nl_Y0NhshJ7nsm5cf-CbbGgqYkFFk32Ih0GUI9Bx2UV1p7k
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    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, ambient architect Brian Eno will release a remastered version of his album Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks alongside a new album of original compositions. For All Mankind takes its name from the 1983 documentary by Al Reinert, for which the original Apollo album was intended to accompany. Check out the stunning visuals for a new track, ‘Like I Was A Spectator’, now. The new album features 11 new instrumental compositions, and sees Eno working alongside both his brother Roger and Daniel Lanois for the first time since the recording of Apollo. Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks – Extended Edition, which...
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    Good lookin out! Didn’t care much for that first EP. would rather have them all on one thing.
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    The trilogy ends: https://wemerecords.com/shop/ceephax-acid-crew-acid-cask-3-mindwharf-transparent-vinyl-pre-order/ And a cassette comp of the 3 volumes: https://wemerecords.com/shop/ceephax-acid-crew-acid-cask-cassette-compilation-pre-order/
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    What exactly am I looking at here?
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    from rubin farr's post: condorman? above me is nightbreed for sure
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    Not yet confirmed but probably October sometime. Thank you for the interest so far
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    no idea, but surely some sort of unfunny french action comedy... how about this one
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    In the wake of this big 30 celebration, read Warp lables unlimited book and it did actually expand my understanding quite a bit about what Warp really is. As much as I and quite a few others like to think their core is to only act as an outlet for stuff to feed hungry IDM neckbeard herds, there has been a wider spectrum of styles since from the beginning. Can't be so much surprised about them signing bands like Maxïmo Park/ Broadcast/Born Ruffians or other poppish stuff when they have been putting out some first works of goddamn Pulp. Also, didn't know that HipHop was kinda big thing to them,...
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    a bit of Halibut Acid for dinner everyone
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    Weekly schedule fell by the wayside, but I'm happy with this little acid track I made today.
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