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    Ae just dropped a 45 minute hip-hop mix on RA and a (short) interview in support of it: https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=687
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    i haven't listened to every 2015 set yet but i also think .. you don't really have to. it's nice having the opportunity to put a set on whenever you're in the mood and get a slightly different listen. but forcing yourself to familiarise yourself with all the different sets is honestly *too much*. bring on *too many* Onesix soundboards :):)
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    Fucking love pickled cabbage - my personal fave is how the Turkish do theirs: http://english.turkishcookbook.com/2014/02/pickled-red-cabbage.html
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    I think if you're convinced the world is about to end then you should get off of the internet for a while and avoid keeping up with 24 hour news. I think that in the western world the recent surge of right wing personalities has grown a little (aided by the likes of online influencers) but I don't think it will last as long as you think. To me it feels more like a death rattle of that old regressive way of thinking, one last attempt to hold on. Constantly reading the miserable nonsense you get online is going to taint how you think day to day. It's better to...
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    I fully concede that I'm a noob. I have no clue what's happening half the time on this forum. And I don't think I ever will, but I don't mind it at all. It's part of the fun. lol. I can't tell how serious you are. Maybe due to a lack of perceptiveness or maybe the fact that words on a page fail to convey if something is sarcastic or srs. Especially when you throw the word autist around. I have trouble taking that seriously. Or at least entirely seriously. And I figure 'metal' can be a stand-in for any genre people on here would want to talk about. I...
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    Fucking buuuump This is one of the sickest tracks i ever heard wtfffffff
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    S'all good. Everyone reacts to new Aphex Twin in their own special way.
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    It's funny, they go on and on about how simple the technical solutions to the problem are, but if that were really the case they should have no problem with the backstop, as it would never need to be used.
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    I’m referring to Ireland’s issues probably being the most sensitive and dangerous aspect of this. Throwing the backstop out as Raab suggests is going to be hotspot number one way beyond any economics issues for the rest of the UK.
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    AE x WATMM Tribute Album Imminent
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    Some great samples in there. edit: the video, not the lab.
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    Kickstart the release of some old forgotten BOC albums. That'll do the trick. 😉
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    I have a surface 3 at work, it's rather buggy, craps out more often than I'd want in a dedicated music work station and the touch screen runs amok when it gets hot ( endless ghost presses on the touch screen). I don't know if they've gotten better, but my recommendation is to stay far away from them for now.
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    Wrote something longer but rhmilo pretty much sums it up. To add a bit: I did a LOT of research before getting my current comp, and part of it was dedicated to the Surface Pro. Other than that youtube channel, it's hard to find any real hands on experience w/ it as a music making machine (which should probably tell you something). Ultimately, after a lot a of consideration, I think the things that would recommend it (touch screen, ultra-portability) are undermined by it being underpowered, finicky, and untested. If ya got an extra 2k lying around and already have another dedicated music computer sure why not but. . actually,...
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    Might have something to do with the fact that it’s really, really expensive. Not a lot of people have the disposable income to splurge on a EUR 2k+ gadget that at best performs similarly to a laptop half the price. That has a fairly small screen. There’s your critique 😉
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    I know Nicola Sturgeon isn't universally popular across Scotland, but its a bit harsh booing her like that.
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    ^ Syro? (Sept 2014)
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    He was voted in by the Tory members on the back of his Brexit stance - so of course he has put a pro-brexit team in place and ramped up the no-deal prep. People would be calling him a bullshitter if he had stuck so pro-eu members in place and waved a white flag at brussels. Agreed he seems to be "walking the walk" so far - even if it is a silly walk, whilst playing charades. The PM job since the referendum is a poisoned chalice though - you are going to piss off a huge number of people regardless of your persuasion and what you do, so just...
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    Playing Super Mario Odyssey. I haven't enjoyed a Mario game since Super NES, so I was skeptical. But it's super fun so far.
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    Did you say step aside my friend? Also https://goo.gl/maps/b1YmcPn8xvgqWdTH6 I actually played the Chip 'n Putt there once, very underwhelming experience tbh
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    np: Autechre Resident Advisor Hip Hop mix friendly reminder incase anyone also missed this one, similar vibes https://soundcloud.com/dkmntl/dekmantelpodcastautechre
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    This ain't yo daddy's IDM, this is IDM for skinnydipping with the in-laws. You best come correct
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    New gimp subforum where usagi gets to sodomize noobs and play king of the assburgers
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    it's amazing isn't it?? 💖 have you checked out the rest of the album? there's also EP7 and Arovane did a track with similar feels: fuck it let's have Rakimou by Plaid as well, one of the oft-forgotten highlights of IDM
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    woot. glad they're up to ya know.. stuff. 😉 this seems like a solid pre-promo thing for incoming onesex sets.
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    it's hard to compose great music when you're in a wheelchair suffering 24/7, please show a little compassion for the man.
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    It’s not as good as the album. More like outtakes. Still some excellent moments. People on here will say they like it better but they’re wrong and as a cohesive piece the main album is where it’s at.
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    Love this. http://ambientmusicguide.com/interviews/mind-colours-the-story-of-beaumont-hannant/ Doesn't go into the GPR screwing over artists either like every article ever written about GPR artists.
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    the new Yamaha MODX and Montage series of synths have 8 operators and all the algorithms from the FS1R. You are missing the formant stuff but there are other features the FS1R lacks that really make up for it. Definitely check those out. Richard Devine even made presets. Decently priced and actually easy to edit with the knobs and touch screen.
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    WATMM first, then civilization, then xltronic.com/mb
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    I thought someone made a drone (as in loooooong notes) cover version of St Michaels Mount LOL I was there last summer and it was a beautiful place. Ive also been to mont saint michel so i can wear my afx fan badge with pride! Highlight of that cornwall trip though was spending five minutes at Redruth school. Two builders wondered why the hell i wanted to snap a photo of the place. ”Don’t miss the container there” they said. The photo turned out great and slightly depressing
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    Damn we gonna drop him like he's completely hot? Man I do love Mr. Christopher so hard but this one is dealing me a fit. "Simple Homecoming Loop" is among the most arresting 2:24 he's ever done. Then comes hootin' and hollerin' and pluckin'. I appreciate boundary explorations but I also feel like a hard-of-hearing grandpa sitting from his recliner and yelling "what's all that racket out there?!" in response to the din of a family gathering. I bought it but I think it will take some time to completely slag it off. Combat boot bangers these aren't.
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    Don't think I've read the last 10 pages. Don't think I will. Bye.
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    holy lol, It's gonna be nothing if not entertaining: For non-englishism speakers, 'spaffing' is slang for spunking. So that's a reference to ejaculating in connection with a statement on child abuse. Follwed by the very easily taken the wrong way statement of being 'proud' of the UK's child abuse record. lolz abound
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    When I had cancer in 1992 (where were you in '92 dosing on chemo and radiation, how bout you) I was given a Wish by the Make-A-Wish Foundation for whatever Wish I wanted our family of 8 was poor, living in Kansas and never been anywhere for a vacation more than a day trip so I choose a Family trip to Walt Disney World It was All Paid for Nice Time off from Everything No Worries for a Week Meals were Free Van rental We were given $1200 cash which was just nuts to us and since the Give Kids the World village was full we were booked into The...
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    Oversteps came out, my ex was eating and, absenttly, she said: "the therapy must have been successful"
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    so i listened to this and it's pretty cool and so i checked out more from these guys (autechre) and what happened it's just like random beats? no human, just computer sounds. i don't understand it because i love warmth and melodies. did something happen to them?
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    i just feel like if you re going to do a vinyl only release in 2019 you should full analog and not even use the internet as a means of promotion. it just feels half assed and lazy. taking orders via bandcamp, a platform literally built on digital download distribution.. but to disable the option the buy digitals. so half assed. get off the internet ya hippies!
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    shop?! 5 min in paint is enough for this shit:
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