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    I'm still rooting for a Xanopticon/Datach'i collaboration
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    UPDATE Sunday September 1 - new track up You Got The Vibe. It's a blues rave track or something like that. UPDATE Wednesday August 7th, 2019! Been working on dem choonz--- waddup watmm!!! HOPE YOU ALL HAVE BEEN CHILLIN! Just uploaded the opening track, How It's Going Now. Weird to think that this album is taking like 2.5 years, but it's been a ride well worth it. Here's some of the album so far, a solid update- first 6 tracks up--- thank you for listening! I hope you've all been well 🙂 ALSO if anyone can recommend any labels this might fit on, please let me know. Just in case...
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    MNLTH109 was suposed to be a bonus release for those who bought the whole set or 2 cassettes. The preview was a bunch of snippets (12min) but I don't think Ridge was on there. It was still on his soundcloud (private link) about two weeks ago but now it's taken down.
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    He's still making new material and playing shows. I asked him about the cessation of releasing music and it sounded to me as though he just lost interest in putting material out in a traditional context. I mentioned to him that people on forums like this are waiting for a new release and he told me he may consider putting something out on Hymen again soonish... This was last year btw 😄
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    Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still doing my show. Stopped posting here to avoid gumming up the works. If you're curious, new shows get posted here: As always, thanks for listening!
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    Took a sick day and finally watched The Terror. Ended far better than the book. Good shit.
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    Might be the best compliment I ever got. Thanks.
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    and a total album released now instead
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    Yeah - can't wait to vote straight ticket Dem next year (but not literally press the straight ticket button as the machines fucked that up) It's looking good - a lot of congressional Republicans are not seeking re-election. The 2018 elections were really encouraging - biggest gains in decades, some of the closest margins in decades. Soc Dems won some local Houston elections. The first Latinas were elected to congress. The Texas House remained very, very tentatively bipartisan leaning on the state level under Bonnen despite being GOP lead again. Lot of Empower Texan shrills lost their elections as well - that far-right lobbyist group had essentially forced moderate and...
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    Hang on there - As far as I am aware, we have not been asked to delete any thread, and certainly not for the reasons indicated. If the person has an EKT or EKT Plus subscription, they can delete their own posts/threads, so don't go making accusations about cover ups, etc. If anyone can get me more detail/context on this I can look into it and see what is reality vs. assumption.
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    I did a 30+ minute noise/drone excursion inspired by my recent visit to Supernormal Festival. It crawls between various states of full on feedback / crunch and minimal drone squelch. I quite enjoyed creating this. One day I will make a proper album of this stuff.
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    Congrats, Unfoldance! Dis gon b good!
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    SL3-113-1587 (July-September 1973) --- This photograph is an illustration of the humorous side of the Skylab 3 crew. This dummy was left behind in the Skylab space station by the Skylab 3 crew to be found by the Skylab 4 crew. The dummy is dressed in a flight suit and propped upon the bicycle ergometer. The name tag indicated that it represents William R. Pogue, Skylab pilot. The dummy for Gerald P. Carr, Skylab 4 commander, was placed in the Lower Body Negative Pressure Device. The dummy representing Edward G. Gibson was left in the waste compartment. Astronauts Alan L. Bean, Owen K. Garriott and Jack R. Lousma were the...
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    And here's the first still...
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    The FACT mix showcases its stuff on a live setup, clearly more beat-driven (and it's successful). I'm really curious to see if on record he as stayed on the firm stance of the Debiasing EP.
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    https://www.etsy.com/listing/641201428/baby-pig?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_a-art_and_collectibles-sculpture-art_objects&utm_custom1=ea086145-46ff-4b98-9fcb-f8b9c784b915&utm_content=go_1844702580_70388665435_346428929228_pla-354182275568_c__641201428&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-b7qBRDPARIsADVbUbX_QNZUJHcfmkh2Bsw2fGfZzVAuOkPcltU4fH10lD-p_isGBEsMm8UaAu10EALw_wcB this is what the internet marketing algorithm believes I'm into. I was searching for miniature poodles for fuck's sake. Poodles!
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    Just FYI Barr's father, Donald Barr was the headmaster that gave Epstien his first teaching job. Donald Barr also worked for Reagan. In addition to his academic career he wrote a couple of sci-fi books including one with a future plot about human political elites trafficking youthful alien sex slaves.
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    Holy shit really? 😄 I Can't explain how much that would mean to us :0 Who tf does this kind of stuff. You're one awesome individual Phudoshin
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    I’m not against vocalists. Some of my best friends are vocalists. That said... (feat. Tune-Yards) (feat. Tune-Yards) *untangles from armpit hair and runs*
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    People/the media keep calling it a gaffe. But they don't want to admit that it was a straight up freudian slip by a politician stuck in the 1970s/1980s mindset.
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    In return, here's something currently happening in London that could definitely be interesting for the WATMMer... https://sweetharmony.saatchigallery.com/ Should be fun, no?
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    I wonder what will happen when the summer holidays are over and the second wave of Warp30 hits the shores of watmm? Please Mr Beckett pull the necessary strings and get The Rome Track released. I think I might have a minor meltdown if it doesn't see the light of day by the 31st December. And that's just not cricket.
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    One of my favorite tracks of all time: For extra grimness, consider that this is from Cambodia and was recorded a few years before Pol Pot came to power. Artist and everyone else involved with this record was brutally murdered shortly after this came out. Great track, though.
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    Also the prequel books (co-written by Kevin Anderson & Herbert’s douchebag son who also lives in my neighborhood and called the cops on my unleashed dog while we were playing fetch on a fenced in school field on a Saturday in July) are all complete trash and should be avoided at all costs.
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    New jam. Check it out!!! Listen to The Bro - I’ll rave in my grave (demo master 1) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud
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    correct. it wasn't gwc either i guess lol (love u grant) anyway im assuming monolith wrote joyrex to ask if that thread could be deleted because it looked bad. and joyrex did it. lol
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