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    a year ago, pacman shared the 3d template for the collapse cover image logo, so we could use our own photos to make custom logos using blender. i've made a web app that uses his file, and now you can use your phone camera to generate the logo on the fly. try it here with your phone: https://collapse.glitch.me use safari if you have an iphone, or chrome if an android phone. if you want to save the image you're looking at, just touch the camera view. i can't save it directly to your photo roll because of browser security, so a new tab will open containing the snapshot, then you...
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    Would be wicked if this buzz around Rephlex climaxed on Rephlex Section update....Just saying
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    Why would you wish that on the people of North Korea? They have enough problems of their own to deal with...
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    Well, he wasn't invited in the first place.
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    Dope. I used to browse this site religiously when I was about 16 or so. It was honestly very educational for me and I discovered a lot of great music from it. Feels quite weird to fast-forward 20 years and see my own music included as an example of an entire genre. Young me would be really proud of myself right about now ☺️
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    If you know that yagya’s rigning was produced on dynaudio bm6a + headphones then you can be sure that the bm15a are good enough for anything. We’re usually fooled by anal gearslutz reviews but basically any speaker at that price point is good enough. The rest is taste
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    This was posted in an existing thread on the Aphex sub but worth a thread here. Full of great anecdotes and insight into the label's origins and heydey. https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/3509
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    Thank you @Joyrex, your kind words made my day. I am getting the sense that perhaps I should explore pedal steel ambient some more, gonna put some serious thought into it. I appreciate all the feedback here!
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    I think the real story here is that Adventure Quest is still around.
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    Climate change takes time, squee. 😉
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    I'm tired of that line of shit. That is exactly what establishment Dems want and, wait, isn't that what they were saying about HRC, that there's no way she could lose to Trump? How did that work out? Voting for someone who's not really your first choice, but just there to keep the status quo and keep the party line going is the worst waste of a vote ever.
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    This is classssssss. I was recently at a gig with Heartbreaker and BJ cole, where they played the Eno Album Apollo with landing video. Was same vibe as this. If that gig ever comes to your city I'd highly recommend it.
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    To be fair, I can't take all the credit. Ignatius, Lada Laika, and Lewps are major contributors to the Dank movement as well. Plus Prdct's dankness has a unique surreal quality that stands out among the rest.
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    It was camera/mic access setting, thanks! Very cool work
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    Hmm, not sure I'll be able to watch it without quelling the rage of not being able to get a ticket.
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    Cottage3E and Cottage4 Af 1 are the only ones I can think of. And of course Love7. Medievil Rave Mk2 [pre-plague mix] because of Midievil Raves? Doesn't really sound like anything on Analords though so maybe not. How many times must one buy the 'Lords? Didn't Rich say after the new Rephex launch and bonus tracks that he was done with the series? Have to wait and see...
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    Trust me, get this one. This is a compilation of all their old eps and has so much gold on it https://www.discogs.com/Belle-And-Sebastian-Push-Barman-To-Open-Old-Wounds/master/2697
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    this is a really good album, loved 'Closed space' track
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    Yes! Thank you very much! I was hoping soneone would make this work for my iphone!
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    This guy is a fucking turd. I can’t imagine a shittier fuckwad of a human. I hope he slips in the shower and breaks his neck.
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    I really wanted to make a DIY template of the promo artwork for this EP as soon as I saw the first pic from London, so I created one in Blender for people to use. I tried to make it as easy as possible if you don't have experience with a 3d program. Basically all you have to do is download Blender and open my file, then click on the folder icon in the texture tab (it should open automatically on that window) and upload your own square image. Hit f12 to render and save the picture. I'm sure people here could make some pretty funny stuff. Here's the link...
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    Amazing ambient album. If you like Global Communication, Namlook or just 90's ambient then you may like this. https://danarmstrong.bandcamp.com/releases
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    lol, that's like saying you like pizza but hate pepperoni. it's part of the deal.
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    Space Force, the new space action-comedy directed by Michael Pence, out in theaters August 29th: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/08/20/space-force-launch-aug-29-vice-president-mike-pence-says/2061062001/
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    Exactly - and I use them for sound design, tv mixes, commercials, and so on.
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    https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/3509 no new tunes but sink ya fangs into this!!
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    The very first and last time Mr. Rogers sung "Won't You Be My Neighbor"
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    I like the vibe of this track, a good late-summer track. Good melodies. I had to look up what a ZOIA was... what an interesting idea- at first glance seems like Jeskola Buzz in hardware form.
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    I, too, am ashamed of WATMM sometimes.
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    The pot probably keeps him level. Assaults less people when he's high.
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    Just bought the second batch of ae live albums. 6.42gb which I am now uploading to Google Play, whereafter I shall review the tags, make sure they are catalogued correctly. Then I will download them to my Honor phone (128gb memory) for offline listening. At this stage I will plug in my auxillary cable to my ford fiesta (2007) and listen to them sequentially on my 25 minute commute to the Psychiatric Hospital in which I currently work.
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    I've got updated template files in the public Google Drive folder with the new and better shading that I used for the Brooklyn poster clones. There's also an instruction jpeg to help walk you through how to get them to work. I've tried to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. Blender 2.8 includes a new rendering engine, so these should take seconds to render. I've also included the watmm collapse template that I used for the homepage, I thought people could make some pretty cool/funny stuff with it. The same instructions apply for that file as well. Here's the link again: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UugaI7P0xn6iLV73qAOyIKUHkxDf_174 And more previews:
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