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    The 'Good Karma' burger from Honest Burgers: Beef, Karma Cola candied bacon, double American cheese, shoestring fries, Karma bacon gravy, red onion and pickles.
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    still listening to both the regular and the bonus disc every week. really good stuff
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    musk at an AI conference the other day said we have not found aliens yet. "trust me i would know." timestamp link. i guess, if sightings are real, then the us government doesn't know what they are, either. this is consistent with what other governments have said. they are aware of a phenomenon of sightings, but don't know what it is.
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    The TC/Behringer doesn't use the MN3009 chips and to my ears doesn't sound anything like the Juno chorus. I have a Feedback 106 (which does use MN3009) in my modular which pretty much nails the sound.
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    Hello, I was Idi Amin on this board a long time ago. I have decided to come back to share DJ mixes Most recent, I think you'll enjoy: http://www.mixcloud.com/26thPsalmBranch/taupe-beats-dispiration-mix-4-15-18/ 1 "777" by Raam 2 "Sand" by AtomTM 3 "Wet Summer (Kornél Kovács remix)" by Seb Wildblood 4 "La Vida Es Bella" by Yarni & Javi feat. AIAMA 5 "Helix House Beat 2" by Helix 6 "Dreama That Girl" by Gerry Read 7 "The Come Up" by Locked Groove 8 "Haipa" by Slowglide 9 "She Moves Through Fire" by Imre Kiss 10 "Takeover" by Flava D & Holy Goof feat. Dread MC 11 "Like it Is" by Jonas Palzer 12 "Farewell...
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    https://special-request.bandcamp.com/ The summer of Special Request continues. This time, Paul uncovers lost tracks from his archive. This is gonna be good.
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    https://kirkdegiorgiopresentsasone.bandcamp.com/campaign/reflections Crowdfunding campaign for a remastered repress vinyl edition is soon coming to a close.
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    I listen to Invincible then put on my fave songs from Aenima
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    ^ I can vouch for this. Nearly everyone claims R+7 to be their favourite. In my eyes G.o.D is definitely the best thing he's put out since being signed to Warp
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    Using your freedom to exploit workers in other countries for slave wages is American as fuck.
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    this site is confusing but cool.
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    i am praying for his son
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    one of the most underrated electronic acts. I'll come in here late when im drunk and post why. the utterer is one of the best IDM tracks ever
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    Up to episode 8 of The Dark Crystal series on Netflix. Fantastic stuff. Hope there's a second season, but will hate the likely long wait for it considering how time-consuming this must be to make.
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    Latest Burning Man set released: Van Halen - 1984 Boards of Canada - Alpha and Omega Tycho - Japan (Instrumental) Muddy Monk & Jimmy Whoo - Divine Bakradze - Quiet Loop Karol XVII & MB Valence - Aqua Tycho - Easy Tigerskin - This Place Is Empty Without You Octavian - Lightning (Ross from Friends Remix) Bonobo - Linked Kiasmos - Drawn Tycho - Into The Woods Letherette - After Dawn Four Tet - Evening Side (Oneohtrix Point Never Edit) You Man - Birdcage Icarus - October Photay - Illusion Of Seclusion <<< SUNRISE >>> Westerman - Roads Tourist - Elixir Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix) Maribou State -...
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    That last one dank af
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    Nice! Bought myself an Ultimate II+ card for the c64 recently ( https://ultimate64.com/U2P_Cartridge_Black ), which can do a lot of shit for nostalgia overload including playing back sid files.
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    Oren Ambarchi remains one of my faves: As does stabilo (speakergainteardrop) https://stabilo-loadbang.bandcamp.com/track/drawing-drone-three (as an example - he has a massive discog) Also, how the fuck do you embed a bandcamp track on here? The bandcamp link thingy is useless.
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    wow, sorry everyone, I recovered the media then my laptop shit the bed on me... threw my hands up at that point in frustration. I have a temporary machine I have to migrate everything to and will upload that when I can, def not sitting on it just been busy w/ summer stuff and work... whats the preferred platform for the audio? soundcloud mixcloud? I really wish I caught the entire Soundmurderer set, the bit I did was fantastic. I was shocked by the number of people who left when he was up destroying the place.
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    Joining this convo way too late, my daughter arrived around the same time this album was announced and dropped. Upon initial listening, I don't think this is the best tool album ever, I do think its one I feel blessed to have. 7empest might be the second best tool song ever.
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    it's absurd. really and truly. this is the cosmic comedy. the people in the universe who subscribed to the earth channel are lol'ing real hard. *alleged billionaire
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    yeah.. really good. best fennesz in ages! sometimes it's nice to have some stuff like this
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    Had to cut a musician from a project because his rhythm guitar playing was too sloppy. This after a lot of back and forth transferring files from his studio to mine. Guy must have put in a lot of hours because he did several versions before even sending one to me, and then I got him to resend them a couple times due to what I thought was the files being out of sync with the start of the instrumental I sent him. Turns out his playing was just off to the point where I assumed the files were out of sync. Anyway... I think his feelings got hurt, but...
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    Future classic for me personally based on the stream. I know it's "limited palette" and a bit simple but goddamn is it effective for me.
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    that sucks. poor guy. now that we have something.. anything.. i'm much more able to be empathetic. now when he addresses the tapes snafu he'll be totally cleared. keep going dave
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    Now that's a proper TV theme song.
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    there you go lads: https://pastebin.com/tc3bQFzJ (i only found a shitty unformatted .txt version of it on my machine, maybe i'll make a pdf with nice layout etc. once I have some spare time!)
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    LOL alright, chill out sweetheart
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    i tried watching mindhunters season 1 but was too familiar with the BTK killer story to find it interesting. also, i didn't get the point of them going after the guy who killed his brother (with the wife) or whatever- ed kemper and the guy with the shoe fetish storylines. i thought someone those would tie together with the BTK pieces but no. atlanta child killer was basically an egotistical liar who hated black kids and police incompetence. not really sure what there is to "get into about that". he mainly got away with a lot of killings because everyone thought it was a white guy doing the murders and...
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    MIke Judge is one of those people I could listen to all day but has been rather low-key career wise. I think I've mined YT for every interview with him. It's ironic how the more insightful people are often the more modest and reserve and the ones with next to nothing to say seem to talk the most.
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