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    well, for starters you should check out the anime thread... anyway here's some of my favorite movies, i'm not posting any series... dunno if you're looking for them... some of these are pretty obvious and you might have already watched them...
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    "hey, can't you do that at home?"
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    tory solutions for tory problems
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    every single f tiem i get pulled up, brushed down & scanned 4 the terrorism bomb dust ting after completing the rush rush push push lemming squash x-ray bag check in squeeze-fru. security nvr find nuffin' but they not happy bout oil paint in tubes no sir; security: "what's this stuff mate ?", me_irl: "oil paint." security: "can't take this on board the aircraft mate." me_irl: "yes i can." security: "no ya carnt, yr gunna have 2 go 2 airpr0t security & fill out forms 4 that stuff mate." etc.
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    https://www.plogue.com/products/chipsynth-md.html This thing is beyond incredible and can sound lush as fuck if set accordingly. In minutes I've dialed super complex bell-ish pads à la Egyptrixx (I'm over the moon really, I've been wanting to nail such sounds for years now). It of course does the Sega MegaDrive / Genesis bread and butter super convincingly, but it can really do so much more. Basically, the FM engine itself can be quite pristine, and depending on the (virtual) DAC you pick (to my surprise there's been tons of revisions of the console) and similar options you can dirt it up in a tasteful, grungy, characterful way. I can already tell I'm...
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    I think you're missing the point. It has nothing to do with catching a killer. Nothing to do with their method. The show is about society actually recognising that 'sequence killers' exist. That's it.
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    fuck yeah! tysk is a master machine tamer!
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    Does this thread title appear in a Butters voice for anyone else whenever they see it?
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    It's nice to see too that Richard has eased his stance on recordings/streams of live performances - previously he felt that they were special, one-time events and shouldn't be recorded, letting the fans who paid to attend enjoy the exclusivity.
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    Hopefully some kind soul will record the stream (and save it after YouTube inevitably pulls it). I wonder if this is going to be used to announce anything...
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    wow you got rid of digitone
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    Jedi Outcast (9/24) and Jedi Academy getting a surprise release on Switch: https://www.starwars.com/news/jedi-knight-ii-jedi-outcast-and-jedi-knight-jedi-academy-coming-to-nintendo-switch
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    Corbyn was still giving speeches saying the opposite of what everyone else in the party is saying, who then had to come out and correct him afterwards. They seem to have got him muzzled now, though their stance on when they want an election still isn't fully nailed down. I was surprised they managed to get the anti no deal bill passed, the only odd thing about it was that the government managed to get a weird amendment tacked on to it (because they sent no tellers to count the Nos for the vote, the amendment passed by default, maybe they thought it would prevent the bill from passing at...
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    Sounds nice enough, but I want a new proper SP album already! It's been so long (for his standards)
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    I like this one a lot. The production is fantastic - really like all their guitar/keyboard tones. Great tune too. I'm sold - will be listening to this album, and likely checking out the rest if there are more. Thanks!
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    ^ yeah, agree things are looking more hopeful...
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    Brexit has become a meme, similar to waiting for Half Life 3 or a new BOC album. Except its not funny 😞
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    Looking forward to this! ScanOne's - E.OneSeven EP from last year was so fucking good.
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    I found a way! I downloaded this app called hackers keyboard which is basically a keyboard which replaces my sony's swiftkey keyboard and i can delete the boxes just the way you said. I guess it's a problem with this swiftkey keyboard software which is the phone's default keyboard... Thanks for your time man!
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    Hahaha wow 🤦‍♂️ the human brain is amazing! it deonst mtater waht odrer the lerttes in a wrod ar as lnog as the frsit and last lteters are crocret!
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    Ruismaker noir is an iOS version of DFAM. it’s amazing. Highly recommended. http://ruismaker.com/noir/ ive done an a - b and it’s freaking close, but a lot more features.
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    I got a DAFM a while ago and it sounds great, although the firmware still needs a few more tweaks (last version I got the pitch bend range was only a half step but there's a promised update that will make it user-adjustable over at least +//- 1 octave). YM2612 sounds so good. On paper it's almost the same chip as an FB-01 or a DX-100 but in practice it really does its own thing.
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    Richard just read your post - his eyes widened and he put his hand to his mouth, nervously biting his nails. When I asked what was wrong, that of course he has an album ready to go, his eyes darted towards me and nervously and vigorously shook his head in the affirmative. I later had to mop up some wee that dribbled off his gaming chair onto the velour carpet, forever staining it (it's fuschia, and the urine reacted with the dyes in the fabric).
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    I've known her for years and am so glad she's finally get so much love and hype. The level of detail and intricacy in her Fire-Toolz stuff is incredible.
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    no. @dub3000 wrote me a custom javascript plug-in for Reaper that solved the issue. that bug was a showstopper for sure, so much thanks to dub! here is what remains to be done: re: the color references, the nord parts are in numerous midi sections across 20 or so tracks in the reaper project. i color coded them so i could tell what was controlling what at any given time. yellow = nord slot a / orange = nord slot b / red = nord slot c / purple = nord slot d
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    i'm guessing 2020 will be a new release. remix of old town road
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    I saw Ty Segall being mentioned, he's good. Way too productive like King Gizzard, but pretty good and consistent. I hear you regarding "recent" bands, I'm always looking for some new, nice, guitar-infused stuff... yet it seems hard to find something pleasing to my ears. Anyway, in the last decade, I've genuinely enjoyed that record by Pinkshinyultrablast : - But the band / record I've been listening too compulsively / repeatedly for the last few years (ever since I've heard them really) is True Widow (here's a playlist with their last LP, which is pretty amazing BTW) : ... which sounds like the perfect blend between shoegaze and stoner rock...
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    Neither, but both share a heavy Tool influence.
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    This is such a weird take. It's like 5% of the whole season.
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    Here's this week's jam cut down to size. Not very krautrock this time, I call it vaporwave instead. https://streak.club/p/35688/sun-1-sep-by-thawkins
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    god did not create the universe as a hobby. jesus did not give his life as a hobby. your responsibility as a christian edm producer is to praise the lord by means of music so you better be serious about dropping that bass, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand ✝️
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    I don't even think it's just that - even some of the instruments/synths/sounds appear to be the same (to my untrained ears)...
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    AE from the 70's: Anybody an old fart like me and remember these?
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    Nice Mix man, got me grooving round the kitchen with my toast
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    new FACT mix of all new material. pure amazingness. "This fall, Barker is releasing his debut solo full-length, Utility, and to celebrate has put together a special FACT mix of snippets from his recent live performances. Using his live setup of an Elektron Digitone, Elektron Octatrack, Nord Drum plus some modular gear and outboard FX, Barker glides through many of the themes on the album, exploring harmony, rhythm and texture."
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    Rename thread "I moved out of a flat and now the world's my oyster" or just "cunt"
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    Airports are a great place to watmm. I like listening to Music For Real Airports while at a real airport.
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    What exactly is making you feel powerful and like Patrick Bateman? The fact that you are eating McDonald's and gawking at other people? Sounds more like you are a fool. Are you thinking about murdering people for fun? If so, stay far away from me.
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    umm this is not good. unfortunate because i was really looking forward to it (as i'm a big wu-tang fan) but it's got terrible acting and the guy playing RZA just doesn't have the acting chops necessary (or charisma) to warrant being the primary focus. also- would've been cool to have a story instead of constant cuts to beats being made
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