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    Christ, watmm and physicals. Sad sometimes how there's are forums and subforums dedicated, you know, to music discussion, only for thread content to be more like the comments section of an unboxing video. The 'chre made 2 killer mixes from their early warp tapes for the NTS radio sets, then had the nerve to upload the WAVs. For free. Also during the NTS radio marathon, SP burst through drywall to announce that yes, he's still the fucking daddy. Some bloke was kind enough streamrip the whole thing and - clutch your pearls Ae NTS Vinyls - I actually love re-listening to this set in all its 128kbps glory. Will definitely...
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    How fucking lucky we are as fans... first the Printworks release, now the 2nd Peel session finally seeing official release... almost seems like it's all building up to something, eh?
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    ive been sleeping on zuli. that track trigger finger is (one of the many) highlights of the set for me
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    Bleep has Boards of Canada shirts back in stock: https://bleep.com/merch/203
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    Taken from today's LittleBig mailout: After personally not feeling the Kiri release, I am excited for this.
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    Looks like another physical release for some of Jodey's tunes: https://clone.nl/item57899.html
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    Peel played a track that started with a firing squad over the end of pancake lizaed when it was played on air. Used to nark me right off but I kinda miss it now too.
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    Some additional recommendations: https://m.thomann.de/intl/focal_shape_twin.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=228&search=1568762040 https://m.thomann.de/intl/focal_shape_65.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=110&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/hedd_type_07.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=116&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/adam_a7x.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=133&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/yamaha_hs_8_w_bundle.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=130&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/neumann_kh_80_dsp_white.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=143&search=1568834383 https://m.thomann.de/intl/yamaha_hs_7_w_bundle.htm?i11l=en_GB%3AHR.HRK%3AEUR&o=167&search=1568834383
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    also received today! i'm not at home though so will have to wait till friday to listen to it.
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    for some reason i felt very empty when xyz just ended without john peels voice coming in 'excellent, very nice' that track.. ill continue to listen to both versions (the rip and the new official version) because the rip is so special
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    yep, pure tribalism without any thought toward the greater good of the country. it doesn't matter if "they" are right or wrong, only matters that you're with "them" and against "us." and remember, americans fell for the greatest con man act in modern history. donnie convinced millions of people he knows how to be a great leader and run a country. he of course has no clue how to be president, but he knows how to do what he's always done - convince gullible people he's right and everyone else is wrong. doesn't matter what it is - you either choose what he's selling you or you're screwed, similar to...
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    I think it's a bit premature to declare Totem's Flare, or any release thus far, as his 'creative peak'. Just you wait!
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    Please it make available on https://aphextwin.warp.net/tracks so I can keep it together
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    I have been looking at some used ones from Reverb.com and it's not as grim really. There's even a used pair of One18 for 3k euro, which I can almost feel I can justify. On the other hand without room treatment all this does not matter. Comedy option, there's also a pair of NS-10s with an amp for like 500. In general with the capitalistic overconsumption etc I am more eager to buy something used than getting them new. I hope I don't get burned a 2nd time though...
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    Slo bird ❤️ Wonder if Pancake Lizard will contain the firing squad sample?
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    Has that electronic construction robots feel, should be on Discovery Channel.
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    It was a card which you redeemed for delivery online. Good idea! (quite) Mine has yet to arrive though. *looks at watch impatiently*
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    DFN will always be my favorite for subjective personal reasons and memories but I have to say of his post-Syro DJ sets, hell any of his DJ sets really, this is one of my favorites. I always get really pumped to explore a plethora of artists and producers, both old school and contemporary, after hearing these sets. This shook me out of my rather passive tendency to listen to indie rock and MOR electronic via the radio or Spotify and back to digging through bangin' techno, house, and IDM. I love how he manages to put out these very diverse DJ sets that seamlessly mix older obscure gems with contemporary...
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    Thanks for breaking up the box into individual 12”s, warp! Classy move 👍 However, with shipping to the US, that shit is expensive. Not classy at all 👎 I still bought the Aphex Twin vinyl. You guys have me over a goddamn barrel.
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    maybe this means separate SP & AE releases 🙂
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    It is not the perogative of the filmmaker to rewrite history, specially to this extent. It is a weakness of his and it's basically a joke, I let it slide for Django unchained and Inglorious Basterds, but can't for this.
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    Adding acoustic treatment can feel like having a whole new monitoring system. A few standing traps / panel can make a world of difference. My panels are DIY but used the very same wool GIK used (and I wish I could buy a few pre-made ones off them too, but shipping is expensive for such packages). Now, some simple tricks can significantly improve your room response : for instance, don't close your doors (whenever possible). Monitor stands are also inexpensive and mandatory, having the monitors at the right heigh and width compared to your sitting spot is key. A bed / couch can also be an effective bass trap. Aside...
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    TidalCycles is really great. But it demands a certain way of working and has limitations that I sadly have decided I can't abide right now - specifically, it demands that you pretty much use it as your only sequencer, or at least that you use it as the master clock, and you just kind of leave it running all the time and expect to start/stop it on beat. Also it's kind of tricky to build macro/song structures in it. If you are cool with that, it's a beast. And even if you kind of aren't cool with that, there are satellite projects emerging to bring its excellent syntax to other...
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    why do i have to create an account and sign in tho
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    Lewandowski's such a vile sniveling little shiteater. he's got that IMMENSELY punchable fucking face and attitude. i could say more but i won't. :)
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    Firstly, we need to remember that acoustics and sound quality depends on speaker size and quality + room size and quality. For your room dimensions and the money id recommend the small Neumanns, kh120, again, i know. The new ones, kh80 are too small imo, they could be too bass light for your taste, as was for mine. The 120 have great eq options built to them, for room adjustments. I have similarly sized room and i needed to attenuate bass by 5 db and the high end by 1 db. In my smaller room i had to attenuate the bass by 7 db. They have enough bass for almost...
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    watching everyone Rave to lush acid having Fun i'm not trying to beg ok i'm begging Please come back to ireland:)
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    One of my Artist Pannels. May post more if you guys want to see them.
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    this is without a doubt the worst netflix original i've seen- mainly because the acting is unbelievably terrible, the script is stupid- the plot is basically a lost/lord of the flies ripoff- but it's oddly entertaining. only because you're in disbelief at how bad this is. it would be difficult to convince anyone that the cast and crew are were involved in the entertainment industry before they began on this project. also: anyone excited by the new rehash of NBC shows soon to come on peacock?
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    I'm still trying to get the storage issues for the forum in general sorted out - plus I've got a potentially big thing in the works if it comes to fruition that might delay this... but trust me, this is like Autechre AAA or Caustic Window Kickstarter levels. If it doesn't pan out then WATMM Volume 2 will be the priority. Stay tuned!
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    My wedding went great, only v minimal regrets that I couldn't be there on sat. Looking forward to tucking into the vid of the stream while on honeymoon 😄 😄
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    Stellar playlist and design work! I’ll have to give those playlists a spin later today. Thanks!
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    after i saw them live for the moon shaped ass tour, it was striking how boring the new material was. night and day compared to the old stuff, it really stuck out like a sore thumb. its not terrible, its just boring, and i'm old and probably don't really care about radiohead that much anymore.
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    This is really weird, quickly made out of an old project and mixed on headphones mostly. I like parts of it, but it needs remixing and compositional changes. https://streak.club/p/35811/sun-15-sep-by-thawkins
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    That tune in that video is "One Note Samba" by Jean Jacques Perrey (JJP) with whom Luke made the album Moog Acid
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    Went to the record store on a whim yesterday and found a copy of the 2003 reissue of Loveless by mbv, great condition too. Picked up the Stereolab ETK 3xLP reissue as well. Almost got Cobra Phases with it but then it all would have snowballed and I would have just spent all my money there. Glad I made it out alive.
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    another thing i hate about pundits accusing castro of being mean is that, if he can't handle castro's attack, how will he handle trump? and even worse- how will he handle trump's base? the problem with biden is he's always out of his element when things don't go his way. he doesn't have to have all the answers then- but he should at least be able to defuse the situation either through wit, humor, facts etc. he has to shake the 'creepy joe biden' without the goofy "c'mon guys- we're better than this" desperation plea. and worst of all, he has to stop appearing like riding the coat-tails of obama's...
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    I love Deet of the Grottan clan so much. So lovely. So cute. I'm kinda obsessed. Ha, the big babies eyes trick, it works 🙂 - She loves to be friend with all creatures and is 100% positive. So if anyone is ready for something absurdely beautiful and also absolute evil, The Dark Crystal on Netflix. I've finished Ep3 so far. I'm from the generation who watched the movie in their childhood. Looks like this is a perfect successor.
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    Did a rmx of 100 Gecs - money machine. Downloads enabled
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    i also have a moog sub 37 but not pictured cos doesn't fit on desk so it's packed up. the sub 37 has ADSR on the amp + another ADSR on the filter. alot more modulation options.. sequencer. etc.etc.etc. but sometimes i'll still prefer using the korg monologue cos it does what i'm wanting to do anyway and is a billion times quicker to use. the moog is good but the user interface when navigating the menus is truly shitty and not-user friendly. compare that to the Korg MS20000 for example where navigating the menus makes perfect sense and is easy to use. korg monologue (and minilogue) are good like...
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    My hopes for this thing were clearly way too high. Artwork is lovely tho, might end up getting Aphex and OPN sessions but seriously, it looks like a missed opportunity, especially when the best wxaxrxp sesh (aka. Squarepusher) isn't in there.
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    haha this was the “more to come”
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