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    Most of the online dating stories are pretty boring, to be honest. However, the last one I ever went on was kind of interesting. She asked me to meet her at a venue since it was an early show and we would go for a drink afterward. I ended up hanging out with her friends at the venue's bar for like two hours. She seemed more preoccupied with talking to them than to me. That's kind of weird, but whatever. They all came together, so I get it. So we head to another bar after that and I can't get a word in. At one point I noticed I had...
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    This was probably intended as a prompt for you to respond with "speaking of asshole... so do you do anal?" If the text was just a couple weeks ago, it's totally legit to still reply.
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    When I was 16 some friends of mine tried to set me up with this lass, on the promise that "she's well fit mate ennit, and she was well into this pic of you I have" (this was basically the equivalent of online dating in the early 2000s welsh marches). She was also 16, from one of the local children's homes, which were basically rural dumping grounds for urban kids who'd been taken from their parents. I had a few friends who were in "the system" already, most of whom were nice but often very rough round the edges from the abuse they were given before they were taken by...
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    lol I'm sure that'll stop all the backwoods floridian cretans from their incestuous thoughts. "well, I was about to go home, get drunk, and bang my daughter, but I saw this billboard, so I decided that'd be a bad idea."
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    Yep, if anyone's interested just send me your WAVs and I'll burn each set to a CD-R with limited edition sharpie art and a hand numbered plasti-sleeve, each imprinted with a quote from one of the 'chre bros. PM me for details and pricing.
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    he's practically a work of fiction. designed in a writer's mind. his arms are the thing that get me.. the way he just lumbers and hangs like some kind of upright slug with arms and hair.
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    I wish this one had a release - First time I'd heard anything like them and misheard their name as Blown, so wasn't for another few years I accidentally came across them again when listening to track previews on the Warp site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/johnpeel/sessions/2000s/2000/May23plone
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    Heads up! new album from Blut Aus North - hallucinogen is out sounds great imo https://blutausnord.bandcamp.com/album/hallucinogen
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    Melodic openers / 1st quarter of the set contenders : https://soundcloud.com/nilhartman/trentedeux https://soundcloud.com/nilhartman/sans-titre-6 Later in a set : https://soundcloud.com/nilhartman/240219-tidalacid2-live One can dream, eh
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    One of my Artist Pannels. May post more if you guys want to see them.
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    Although not much info yet, but little heads up for upcoming 2LP called Serenity by RX-101. Sometimes around October or so. Straight from the horses mouth: "Acetate of RX-101's next 2LP, "Serenity"... For those who were lucky enough to have heard Erik's old Soundcloud dump (long since removed) some of these tracks have been among the most eagerly anticipated for release, while other tracks on this record never made it to Soundcloud and will be heard for the first time here on "Serenity"... " Cool sound snippet of Acetate (008 - B#001 from the tapes) on the FB:
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    dub techno heads alert. this should be a wonderfully deep release: https://xlr8r.com/news/sa-pa-signs-to-mana-for-new-album/ https://sa-pa.bandcamp.com/album/in-a-landscape he previously released an album on giegling sub label 'forum'. its mystifying and deep, i always return to it. "Rain, spit, ice, neon, mercury, arcing electricity, plants, steam, soil, and dust; this is dream music from Sa Pa. Following up on his 2015 debut 風物詩 [Fuubutsushi], In A Landscape provides rich content for fantasy and the fertile imagination, establishing a rich terrain of visual, poetic, and abstract sound that draws on techno and dub ambient. Somewhere between pastoral impressionism and cyber-noir, its surface evokes the tensions of a fluctuating, fizzing atmosphere, pictures emerging and dissolving in the...
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    I think as it's good, electronic-based music (music that would be considered in the electronic music genre) that would be fine, but hey - surprise us (once we provide the place to upload tracks for submission).
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    He is so shit it nearly negates everything he's done. That collection of pre Endtroducing stuff is good though, boom bap.
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    Listened to Private Press the other day...still really good. The later stuff....nah.
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    Thanks to dj shadow for reminding us that we live in a society.
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    The alternative to an elbow capitalism is a capitalism that's tamed by social politics.
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    oh wow, cheers for the heads-up.
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    Leaving for vacation on Sunday will try to hold off on listening until that to have something to do while traveling. Ambient perks my interest tho.
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    No, I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. Sorry if I can't articulate it well enough, I have problems with that sometimes. I'm saying that people should vote for the candidate that best represents themselves and their views. Tally up the votes, and the candidate with the most votes wins, which should be the one that represents the most amount of people. Everyone who didn't vote for the winner has to compromise, but that's OK because theoretically the winner will represent the largest subsection of voters. I'm completely fine with the fact that I have to compromise if my choice doesn't get elected, that just means that my views don't...
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    Just the Aphex Peel Session, i can live without the rest, but my OCD needs to compete my Warp Peel Session collection, lol
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    It's okay, the songs are more on the ambient side but it makes them sound a bit samey. Apart from Veldt of course... Will have to dive into this more but on first listen I think its good but its not invetnion level good
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    i think this track i wrote years ago would fit very well in an Aphex Twin (richard d james) DJ set
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    Overriding the Inspector General is some partisan bullshit. I have no doubt there are now factions within the Federal Govt actively working to sabotage their own Commander in Chief. Especially Intel, they live to cover their tracks and act covertly. I can imagine closed door, off the record meetings in the halls of D.C. planning this man's political demise, if not plans for a worst case scenario if he needs to be "taken care of". They did it to JFK. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/politics/read-what-the-inspector-general-said-about-the-urgent-whistleblower-concern-blocked-from-congress
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    Oh wow. Next time there's an awkward pause in a date convo I'll have to pull out the "so do you do anal" line. Oughtta win me some points. That's unfortunate about the rotting gums thing. I guess there's really not much a person can do at that point, in which case good call on not pointing it out.
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    I wanted Squarepusher to be the Warp30 Daddy. I think we all wanted Squarepusher to be the Warp30 Daddy. It still might happen I guess..... Maybe I should stop daydreaming about this, the daydreaming started this time last year so I'm feeling the fatigue and a little bit deflated.
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    The majority of Alaskans today are so fucking ignorant and dysfunctional. More than 2 million acres of the state scorched from wildfires this past summer and they have the audacity to patronize kids calling for government action on climate change. And they voted for a Trump wannabe who promised them that fat stipend we get every October just for being residents, but ended up cutting funding for vital state services left and right in order to live up to that promise (to which he still hasn't) Likely the same type of people who I see drive like crackheads any given day. For priding themselves in "rugged individualism" they sure have...
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    One time a girl said she had to cut the date short because she had to pick up meat from the butcher’s shop before they closed. I figured it was a weirdly elaborate way to say she wasn’t into it, but she sent me a picture of a giant pile of ribs later that night and we went out a few more times. Go figure.
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    It's... interesting - probably the first time release art for a release by Richard wasn't specifically made for the release (since this is part of the WARP30 series) - can't think of another release like that...
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    24-bit Slo Bird Whistle Oh Buddy:)
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    It was possible to slave TidalCycles to Live, but it was not so user friendly as it could be - it was necessary to manually tweak the delay to make it sync up properly. It has been some months since I tried, maybe it has improved.
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    they prob so pressed against each other they can only jump up & down
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    Picked up From Hell because of this thread.
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    33 years...9 of them with her... But about 20 with aphex
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