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    I suggest you research Richard Stallman's software philosophy, and the Free Software Foundation which he created. He is a well-known programmer who created GNU (half of Linux, or as it should be called according to him, GNU+Linux), the GNU General Public License (GPL), GCC(the Gnu Compiler Collection), GNU Emacs (text editor), and the Free Software Foundation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Stallman The Free Software Foundation is an engineering and political organization designed specifically to combat your concerns. Their philosophy is that you should not use proprietary software and instead only use free software. Free software is software which is "free as in freedom, not free as in beer". This means you might have to...
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    Probably shouldn't even put this out there but the Ted Kaczynski's manifesto pretty much nailed it on technology. So many innovations begin as something of convenience that should serve us but it seems to inevitably result in the reverse: we serve the technology. He was a dumbass for blowing up innocent people like computer store clerks but I have not been able to shake a lot of things he was talking about well before the mobile/web revolution even got started.
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    they detect your phones via things called bluetooth beacons and in grocery stores and malls they can track your every movement via that alone. any website that allows itself to integrate facebook, google, etc. cookies means facebook and google can track you even if you don't have an account, just from accidentally going onto one of those websites. websites that give infinite scrolling track your every movement down to finger hesitation during scrolling to gauge interest in an ad. they then associate all of this info with you forever in their databases, and they will continue to use this ever rising pile of information on you to train machine learning...
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    Tracklist 1. Prof. Armedio Merimondo announcement 2. Caramel Chameleon - Blobla 3. Da'wei - McKracken 4. Grienkho - Bedroom Operator 5. Kreggo - Stialp 111 6. Pearl River Sound - Essential Emotion 7. Danli - Rirde 8. Useless Idea - Sub Harmony 606 9. Xoop - Skidmarks https://properline.bandcamp.com/album/cheers-from-italy-250mg
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    I don’t know if there’s a thread about this already, but lately I’ve been feeling helplessly suffocated by how it seems almost everything in daily life has been modified to take advantage of you or study you or market stuff to you with the use of profiling and algorithms. Every device or application that you buy or use somehow finds a way to either listen in on you or collect your personal information in ways that are anything but apparent. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account, I hardly use any other social media app, I’ve restricted all of my apps on my phone to the best of my knowledge from accessing...
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    Cheers Richie, glad someone appreciates the work! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us last night too. PSA Mission 051 - Live Tonight 10PM GMT On Source FM : https://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen A whole universe of spacey electronic music with some top exclusives and promos this month. The standards have never been higher, thanks to all the artists sending material in, keep it coming, it'll be a struggle squeezing it all in this month. PSA 50 uploaded to the archive now on Mixcloud / penrynspaceagency.com . Any social media reposting, liking, etc, keeps the mission alive, cheers to the hardcore for pressing the buttons. 🙂 Hopefully we'll be doing another...
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    Lol. China is more capitalist than most of Europe.. and I'd dare say US. It's very very far from any real communism or socialism. I'm not saying that the communists don't exploit the masses, they have had historically huge human rights problems but calling China communist at this point is a joke. If you want to see at least some level of real life communism then Cuba is a decent example I think. It also has all the classical problems of basically 100% state controlled economy.
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    Well, I wonder why MIKE & Rich would be released by Planet µ...
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    I wonder if Warp or Mu will do a definitive Analord release someday, with bonus tracks. My mate's wife made a far superior binder than the vinyl crap binder Rephlex mailed out.
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    01) Deepchord :: Untitled [Modern Love]02) Rrose :: The Surgeon General (No Child Left Behind) [Eaux]03) Blawan :: Trampelpfad [Ternesc]04) Simo Cell :: I Love the Monkey Head [Brothers From Different Mothers]05) Radial :: Stora [Mord]06) Skee Mask :: TH808 [Ilian Tape]07) Skee Mask :: 808AB [Ilian Tape]08) Andrea :: Future Atmo [Ilian Tape]09) SCB :: Acid Bath [Hotflush]10) Giant Swan :: The Rest Of His Voice [Mannequin]11) Simo Cell :: How Do You Turn This On [Livity Sound]12) Rrose :: Emboli [Khemia]13) Luigi Tozzi :: Dune [Hypnus]14) Max Durante :: Italian Decay [Sonic Groove]15) Cadans :: Dominion [Clone]16) Benjamin Damage :: 010X [50Weapons]17) Randomer :: Smokin [L.I.E.S.]18) Forest Drive...
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    https://crackdenrecords323.bandcamp.com/album/dreamscape https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLULvKnH27nvbQBBkSgAE1MrchpZWnOnT0
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    hey guys, Here's a mix i did a feew weeks ago, think you might like it. 2,5 hours of IDM with AFX, Autechre, Wisp, Microlith, Analogical Force records etc.
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    1909 sounds huge @Andon Hristov Seldt lush sounds overall.
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    Hi snack master, I listened to a your album and liked "Amen, Brothers" and "FM Jungle Breaks", from me it sounds like an evolution of classic d'n'b, it reminded me of rob & goldie, specifically their "the shadow" EP. Keep on with that good shit man! Regards,
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    ordered. woot! sooo good. both sides. mmmm. yeah psyched to finally have that proper digital full length instead of the 6min edit that was out previously.
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    I'm part of this new V/A :) This a new review from Igloo Magazine: https://igloomag.com/reviews/cheers-from-italy-250mg-proper-line?fbclid=IwAR3im_GoOyI5A6GQA66n4ImWhCeNvvrwjanRM2p7VRXxM-ybbMHQMWrsIfg Thanks!!!
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    Miles Davis had no choice but to cancel that tour, he died in 1991.
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    I don’t think it’s not about spying. I think that ultimately is the upshot of the whole issue, anyway. The more information we have out there the easier it is for it to be used against us. I’m also concerned about all of the potential issues that we haven’t even imagined yet. I think people feel more comfortable thinking that it’s just business or capitalism or whatever, but I’m scared when I see how much big business gets away with already in the US and I just don’t put anything past those creepy motherfuckers.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialist_market_economy 996 is capitalism not communism, china is not socialist or communist they are state capitalist
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    he creates great moments of entertainment for us all whether he means to or not. i think life would be more dull without him.
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    There's nothing you can do about it short of cutting yourself off from all human interaction and living as a hermit in the Altai Moutains, so I find it better just to ignore it. Nobody's sucked my soul out yet and I don't see it happening, so it doesn't really matter.
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    I don't know about the Manchester show specifically, but for London I could see 909 (obvs) Cirklon Yamaha Reface DX 2 Euroracks and below the laptop, something unidentified but what I strongly suspect to be a custom Faderfox controller
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    Ah yes! This is amazing to review and revisit, damn good job @MaartenVC
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    Astrology is mostly right. Fuck 99% women and their dumb criteria of choices. Your brain is gonna stab you. Life is or achieving a forced state of faked vibratory happines while in the pursuit of a nonsensical goal, or dying of cancer, suicide, etc. Real altruism is too demanding and scarce. Social relationships stink. Risky things do not deliver equally well after. Your egoistic nature is hurting your parents. Timming sucks. The earth and its dimensions sucks. Music is the only thing that is objetively right and rewarding. What it makes it different if I accept some harsh reality of life or not, would it make me go to higher...
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    Dunno if there's a thread for this kind of thing already. My wife made me an aphex twin mug.
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    My mug has a panorama of the New York skyline with my balls hanging down into the top of the frame (known as a ballscape/ nutscape) on it, taken from my hotel room window I got it printed on a mug because it some company was doing it for free and it was the best photo I'd taken at the time. Who wants to see?
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    not new anymore but still
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    It's cool! Mayde I will make a PS action that does this effect for you.
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    When I was digging for the WATMM best album of the year lists for the past decade I came across this list by @MaartenVC that actually covers the whole decade https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1C4EuNqCyg6AmScJXHWXEdDvah4IRPcojjyX49gyTqZ0/edit#gid=29851072 Lots of stuff I had completely forgotten..
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    I hear ya, but the thing that's great about Lynches work is not that you have to read into them but that you can. He and Kubrick's films have so many layers and depths that you could talk about them forever and never get to the bottom of them. You cold watch them over and over again and see a different movie every time. You can go and read about how other people view the plot, characters and themes, and if will open up room after room of thoughts and feelings and emotions. If that isn't great film-making I don't know what is.
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    Wonderful creatures. We shouldn't eat them. Squid on the other hand, are cunts.
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    Cant take that shitty digital film with IE
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