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    I don’t know if there’s a thread about this already, but lately I’ve been feeling helplessly suffocated by how it seems almost everything in daily life has been modified to take advantage of you or study you or market stuff to you with the use of profiling and algorithms. Every device or application that you buy or use somehow finds a way to either listen in on you or collect your personal information in ways that are anything but apparent. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account, I hardly use any other social media app, I’ve restricted all of my apps on my phone to the best of my knowledge from accessing...
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    https://store.mute.com/browse/mute/products/alessandro-cortini-volume-massimo This man is so good at his craft - it’s not even fair. Heavenly dark feedback-ridden drones with layered instrumentation over top. My favorite stuff of his already and a contender for AOTY. I mean, check it:
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    I was going through some old tapes the other day and found a tonne of mental breakcore / jungle / drum n bass. Most of it terribly mixed but I may post some up. I don't know how I made those beats back then ha ha.
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    I think we may have a potential "Most IDM 2019" - an octopus was filmed while dreaming changing colours: Add to the fact I didn't know octopi slept!
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    took this mid blink and look like Tommy Wiseau and Courtney Love (bad era) had a love child.
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    stands like a centaur w/o its hind legs. his twitter shit is off the rails of course. threatening a whistleblower is illegal and in itself an impeachable act under normal circumstances but wtf is normal these days.. who the hell knows.
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    New Abul Mogard live set from the weekend, bit of Above All Dreams in there but otherwise new material. Hopefully means new album at some point. I've just had it on loop in the background this evening, sounds great.
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    I mess with the genre every now and then. Overall I find it a pain in the ass to make, but fun to listen to 😄
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    They're bringing Brain Age back for the Switch!
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    ye was thinking that going. floating points would be incredible too shame mira festival is on the same date
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    The magic autist?! Im ashamed of watmm! 😉 love the music
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    The Pink Anvil album called Halloween party samples old horror films. It’s BOCish at times.
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    hardcore kinda pre-figured jungle, if you listen to enough of these mixes over the years directly or indirectly through your younger brothers & their mates in statutory Subaru pulling outside the house, the signatures shift/maintain - breaks, high bpm half-step, mc's but less "shouts to Dave from Dewsbury", more focus on production, wobble b-lines, re-e-winds n cut-paste mixing, gerbils here n there, pianos - check. Never really my groove, but it is its own unique world of madness & listening to old mixes is always a craic
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    I do consider myself more Republican than Democrat but i haven't been supportive of trump because I think he isn't a qualified presidential candidate... He's constantly making a fool of himself so I personally have no problem with the impeachment procedure really
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    Yeah did that. All my Analords are out of the plastic and in paper sleeves instead
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    Those sleeves will ruin your discs ! Take them out asap ! (https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/fogging.486089/)
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    New Noumen (Out this Dec on CPU) Most probably mentioned (search and quick scroll didn't find), but also the earlier album.
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    I bet octopuses dream about using their ink to write the next Great American Novel and one day after the nuclear war, they will. Their reign over Earth will far outlast humans and lead to prolonged intergalactic cultural exchanges leading to breakthrough discoveries in interdimensional orgasmic spiritual orbits, extraterrestrial immigration and transhumanism, as well as nebular plagueflesh, wormhole parasites and radiant mangle waves. Just drink an IPA and chill because nothing matters.
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    one of the few stephen king adaptations that i enjoy despite the sometimes messy direction, production design and fx
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    5 bucks a month to play in the highest class races? Fuck that. Nintendo overestimates Mario Kart's popularity.
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    Somehow I agree but I wonder why I did not mind Tipper doing TipHop under his same artistname while I mind with Clark. I wounder if its about quality. This release just doesn't hold quality to what he did in the past as its just loops produced for a stage play. He does not use his trademark style on the soundtracks so it does not really fit and feels like he developed a certain style for years and then dropped it completely as if he was somehow annoyed by the scene and wanted to do something completely different after moving to berlin. I am ok with it but it also...
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    There is a Reaktor-esque module builder in the works which looks promising, and has a lite-version, early access beta available now - "Geco", made by Hora, a VCV developer Comes with a library of DSP and logic objects, with custom code imports possible too. https://gumroad.com/horamusic
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    Brothomstates - Qtio EP Gescom - ISS:SA Machine Drum - Now You Know Phoenecia - Brownout Wagon Christ - Tally Ho!
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