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    Listen to Dekmantel Podcast 255 - Plaid by dekmantel on #SoundCloud Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Alright , seeing as how I feel like you guys and I really are at ease with each other now... This one didn't actually get to the dating thing but we were swapping nice messages , a little flirty banter , you know. His name was Alec and he had an epic beard and he seemed charming . He sent me a picture of his dog . Lovely. Then another pic of the dog . Okay . Then another... Turns out he was looking for a 'pedigree chum ' for his pooch. Not only that he told me his ex wife had been on more than stroking terms with the...
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    One night I took a girl home, had a great old evening - except when I woke up I could smell shit, so I followed my nose and she had opened up a drawer and had a great big shit in it. So I didn't want to destroy the poor girl, so I took a photo and when I jumped back into bed I just kinda really gently approached it and used the photo as a way of showing her. Needless to say, she was fucking mortified, poor lass. Anyway, I fucked off and left her to it, and when I got home she had spring cleaned the whole flat,...
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    I joined a dating site after much cajoling off my family.Rejected some very odd would be suitors for reasons I'd rather not go into in a first post.Eventually I spoke to a nice bloke. Well he seemed okay until I met him outside a local pub.His trousers had a suspect shiny patch at the , uh , frontal area and after he bought himself a pint he asked if all my hair was real . When I assured him it was he said that I couldn't come back to his flat with him as my hair would block up his sink...I made my excuses and left. I saw him later,buying...
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    I would think that the former often leads to the latter...
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    No they're not. They just require a different type of listening. Why do you blame your impatience on the track? Where on your self-indulgence-scale would be Sederunt principes by Pérotin? Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart? Movements for Orchestra by Webern? String Quartet II by Feldman? Sorry if I'm attacking too hard on this, but I can't stand this "self indulgence" criterium against art. I often read it in reviews of Malick-movies, and just don't understand it. I think it's ridiculous. There is the term l'art pour l'art. In art there is a place for just being what it is. It's false to criticise it with "self indulgence": to turn something...
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    “It’s 2019, who doesn’t eat ass?” Actual quote from a random girl at my bar a few months ago
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    I don't know, I think the point of the NTS stuff was a big exploded version of an album. If you listen to all 4 parts as a whole, it is sequenced with the ups and downs of a regular album. If it was an 80 minute album, all end would be a 10 minute closer but as an 8 hour album, it is a 1 hour closer. Its all relative. I for one love that they are exploring longer length tracks. It may make you grow impatient but for others, it feels very right. Again, all relative. Im all for them not repeating themselves and exploring different outlets and...
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    Hey, everyone's gotta help save the environment in their own way - Mine's by not using loo roll
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    If there was any release in desperate need of remastering, it's SAW 85-92...
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    i consider my self so old in terms of the internet that im pre social media... hence i chill in lush places like this instead. guessing a lot of the older heads on the forum are in this group.
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    I really like that.
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    awestruckness intensifies. damn, i love that movie. (i actually feel it's on par with the comics)
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    You're certainly right that every statement about art is per se subjective -- which also means that it's perfectly alright to classify any musical work by Webern, any movie by Malick, any novel by Pynchon or Alan Moore as self-indulgent (even though in literature it's mostly synonym with "overly verbose"). What this usually implies is that the ratio between effort and effect (as experienced by the listener/spectator/reader), the narrative economy if you will, is experienced as missing the mark. I think it's a fair point to make, at least against art that in some way endeavors to entertain. It is no accident that "l'art pour l'art" is so often used...
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    yee its a dj mix. Surprised there's no tracklist for this one. Looks like some tracks have been identified by commenters so far
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    trump's tax case to go the supreme court. must be some really shady shit in there. also, what even are ethics rules anyways? http://www.startribune.com/trump-plugs-son-s-book-while-accusing-bidens-of-self-dealing/564379622/
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    An old friend of a friend once produced a plastic bag filled with chicken after I offhandedly mentioned I was hungry while we were at a bar. You’re god damn right I ate some of that pocket chicken. Sometimes you just have to live life on the edge.
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    Sounds as lush as one would imagine an album about fictional landscapes by Andrew Pekler might sound. Bought.
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    Every art is self-indulgent.
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    greetings, fellow intelligent dancers! here is a video on how to achieve a Snare Rush in 13 different ways in fl studio become the inner Richard D James you have always wanted to be using my easy fast work flow approach! spread knowledge, y0!
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    Really nice to see OAC still going
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    well, y'know, you non-americans weren't really kicking in your fair share, so us americans had to do all the work. ? I mean why are there only some countries meeting their commitment? we're doing the work and losing billions in trade! we're spending too much and you're sending all your pipeline dollars to Russia! but when you look at it - you look at both sides. I think there's blame on both sides.
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    my birthday is on the 19th and there is only one acceptable gift to give me (jk)
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    Def hope the full tracklist will be posted. Heard plenty interesting stuff in there. ?
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    It's pretty badass, right?! It flows and has the detail and synth work that surprised me, because it's way different than their last few records. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Don’t be fooled by the “Hulu Original” tag, because this is actually pretty good (and apparently it was only bought by Hulu after production wrapped and it started getting buzz on the festival circuit). Follow-up to Under The Shadow by director Babak Anvari, very understated and unsettling psychological horror. Solid performances and some very memorable imagery sells some occasional weak script moments. Hulu in the US, Netflix most everywhere else IIRC.
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    I seldom hear a Duran Duran song I don't like. Those heavily processed drums that are way ahead of the beat are crazy sloppy -interesting they let that pass- but great tune regardless. I think they sort of struggled to nail down the production with a lot of their early work. Had it figured out by Ordinary World though.
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    Try out the Random and Arpeggiator and Velocity MIDI effects. At least half of my favorite riffs come from happy accidents with the arpeggiator on Hold and playing a chord with Random arp mode.
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    I'd love to visit Avebury! I did a release of ambient/industrial stuff that is all sourced from the Children of The Stones mini-series. It is out now, finally. I created it in 2012.... It was announced in the newsletter, but not on the actual label site yet. http://ballastnvp.blogspot.com/
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    I'm about 35 pages into this. So far, I'm feeling that this writer is doing a great job. Granted, I'm a huge fan of all things Lou (even Lulu). Whatever the case, he's a fascinating person. Looking forward to ripping through this one. It's been a while since I've picked up a really good book!
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    Why do I have an easier time separating the art from the artist when it comes to Michael Jackson?
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    take some fucking medication kanye
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    column thirteen is one of the most beautiful things they've ever done. It's like sitting in warm summer rain and watching as the wind gently manipulates the flowers, tree branches and moves through the fields in waves. It always gives me the good shivers, calming and makes me feel effortlessly connected with my surroundings. And that's without any drugs, man ?
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    Oversteps came out, my ex was eating and, absenttly, she said: "the therapy must have been successful"
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    Cheers all you lovely people for listening & commenting on SC!
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