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    Alright , seeing as how I feel like you guys and I really are at ease with each other now... This one didn't actually get to the dating thing but we were swapping nice messages , a little flirty banter , you know. His name was Alec and he had an epic beard and he seemed charming . He sent me a picture of his dog . Lovely. Then another pic of the dog . Okay . Then another... Turns out he was looking for a 'pedigree chum ' for his pooch. Not only that he told me his ex wife had been on more than stroking terms with the...
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    I would think that the former often leads to the latter...
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    No they're not. They just require a different type of listening. Why do you blame your impatience on the track? Where on your self-indulgence-scale would be Sederunt principes by Pérotin? Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart? Movements for Orchestra by Webern? String Quartet II by Feldman? Sorry if I'm attacking too hard on this, but I can't stand this "self indulgence" criterium against art. I often read it in reviews of Malick-movies, and just don't understand it. I think it's ridiculous. There is the term l'art pour l'art. In art there is a place for just being what it is. It's false to criticise it with "self indulgence": to turn something...
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    I don't know, I think the point of the NTS stuff was a big exploded version of an album. If you listen to all 4 parts as a whole, it is sequenced with the ups and downs of a regular album. If it was an 80 minute album, all end would be a 10 minute closer but as an 8 hour album, it is a 1 hour closer. Its all relative. I for one love that they are exploring longer length tracks. It may make you grow impatient but for others, it feels very right. Again, all relative. Im all for them not repeating themselves and exploring different outlets and...
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    Hey, everyone's gotta help save the environment in their own way - Mine's by not using loo roll
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    If there was any release in desperate need of remastering, it's SAW 85-92...
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    I really like that.
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    awestruckness intensifies. damn, i love that movie. (i actually feel it's on par with the comics)
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    An old friend of a friend once produced a plastic bag filled with chicken after I offhandedly mentioned I was hungry while we were at a bar. You’re god damn right I ate some of that pocket chicken. Sometimes you just have to live life on the edge.
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    Sounds as lush as one would imagine an album about fictional landscapes by Andrew Pekler might sound. Bought.
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    Every art is self-indulgent.
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    These are shipping now from the store. Vinyl looks nice. I've loved the music from the show so far so this was an instant buy. https://birthmoviesdeath.com/2019/11/04/a-look-inside-trent-reznor-and-atticus-ross-watchmen-soundtrack https://store.nin.com/products/watchmen-soundtrack
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    big ups the reminder from the ex-terrestrial thread.. just getting around to listening to this. shiieeeet the title track is an amazing roller. Reminds me of the best of 90s photek, but with lots of details bouncing around in the mix. Afterburn is another highlight of first listen
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    My controversial followup is that I don't own any IDM t-shirts. Unless Slayer counts as IDM. Slayer most IDM 2020?
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    Or Saturday , as I like to refer to it.
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    You say they require "a different type of listening". Attentive listening? Non-attentive? While driving? Falling asleep? While working? In a dark room? On speakers? Headphones? In a club? Taking a walk in the park? From what kind of listening standpoint should I offer criticism? Let's step back a bit. When I said that some of Autechre's newest material -- that is, elseq and NTS -- can be self indulgent, I mean that some of it is long for the sake of wanting to have a lot of material, or to make a track seem more epic in scope, when I consider the content of their previous 10+ minute long tracks....
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    Everybody just stick to their own culture okay? We don't want any cross pollination. That would be fucked up and weird. Whites just be whites, blacks be blacks, and whoever else do whatever it is you do. This is totally not a racist line of thinking. It's a well known fact people imitate the things they fear and despise. It's why I started making IDM music - to take it away from the Aphex Twins, and teh 'chre.
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    The other big album release on Naff this year.
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    my birthday is on the 19th and there is only one acceptable gift to give me (jk)
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    are they pretty much doing the titanic thing there?
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    i had a great discussion with Oxygenfad last week and it made for what i feel a good discussion, thought you folks might be interested in checking out his past episodes https://bassfug.libsyn.com
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    You don’t need to advertise WATMM on WATMM, I already gave you 5 whole dollars this year.
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    Ah, okay - not an Instagram user myself (hate anything associated with Facebook myself personally)
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    made this mid 90's, gabber + jungle comes close to breakcore innit?
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    What's up with the (6) in the track title and how come you don't have 77 of those plus things under your av and could this not have waited until 7th of july next year? I hope the bpm is a multiple of 7 at least. Couldn't even stretch the fade-out 1 more second?? Oh crap I shouldn't have pushed play now it's at 8 play count! Nice song though. 🙂
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    It's not for the Ed Sheeran crowd.
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    Seems like a cool dude to me tbh
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    I had been banned for basically saying that the word n*gger is bad, but I didn't replace the "i"with a "*", so in the eyes of the mods I was using racist language. That's such an American mentality, basically the equivalent to the beep sounds in American media when somebody uses a bad word.
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    I predict Kanye is going to start directing movies, most likely movies targeted toward the MAGA crowd. The 1st movie will be about Trump. Kanye will direct and also star, playing Trump, and Kim will also star and play Melonya. Trump himself will make a confusing cameo.
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    exclusive only available in heaven. please kill yourself to experience it.
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    Dilla > That's Nick Speed with the UR shirt at 2:30. He released a great instrumental hip hop record on UR which nobody has uploaded. But he did another great record on Mahogani Music >
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    I'm about 35 pages into this. So far, I'm feeling that this writer is doing a great job. Granted, I'm a huge fan of all things Lou (even Lulu). Whatever the case, he's a fascinating person. Looking forward to ripping through this one. It's been a while since I've picked up a really good book!
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    Also. He’s rapping about chik fil a. tastes/sounds like hate. #jesus. Also. Why the fuck is Kanye being propped on watmm? People here like good music, no?
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    Why do I have an easier time separating the art from the artist when it comes to Michael Jackson?
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    Are we not gonna talk about the Aphex logo in the corner of his notepad? Collaboration rumors confirmed.
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    column thirteen is one of the most beautiful things they've ever done. It's like sitting in warm summer rain and watching as the wind gently manipulates the flowers, tree branches and moves through the fields in waves. It always gives me the good shivers, calming and makes me feel effortlessly connected with my surroundings. And that's without any drugs, man 😛
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    Oversteps came out, my ex was eating and, absenttly, she said: "the therapy must have been successful"
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    Ye is on another level of artistry with this album. I'm no christian, but the album in conjunction with the sunday service performances is quite the cinematic experience that you rarely get from a religious standpoint. Also, as a lifelong fan of Kanye's music, it's amazing to see his journey up to this point with the ups and downs, etc.
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