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    er, what? dude.. there's no reason to bring that word out. you can cuss someone out for shitty driving w/o being racist about it. the n-word is forbidden. that's how i feel anyways.. i mean.. you can get real pissed off at someone.. have words.. tell them to fuck off.. but if you then drop a n-bomb on them you flipped a switch. lit a fuse.. whatever. it's fucked up. no need for a white person to go there because it means something else entirely.. that guy int he truck knows what it means and he knows she knows what it means and exactly what he's saying to her. and...
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    I've been meaning to make a topic to let all you British folks know that Plaid is featured on this month's issue (December 2019) of Computer Music magazine! I saw they retweeted the news on Twitter and scrambled to an ol British Newsstand website I used to buy the sadly defunct SpongeBob Magazine years back, Newsstand.co.uk. Very useful site if you're not living in the U.K and interested in seeing Plaid talk for a bit and show how they make Los with specific software, among a couple other features. The magazine also shows a link to an awesome video with making Los too if you can't buy the magazine. My...
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    https://sq.lnk.to/APHA020DDS 6th December 2019 edit:
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    Thank you Joyrex. Really appreciate you taking the time to listen. Nice one. Thanks for checking it out. Appreciated.
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    This is great stuff! if this is your debut, can't wait to see what you come up with next!
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    Well I thought this was excellent. I'm listening on my phone right now tho so can't comment on mixing in more detail but I really enjoyed this. I loved the long brooding intro and I love how it kept building and building in tension until the arps and more melodic parts started to come through. I love all the brooding pads: very kind of dark BOC style but then your video kind of evokes that vibe too so I can see how my brain thinks that way too. Congrats! Be proud of yourself and keep making ace dark tunes.
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    Digging this. I'd agree with the previous poster that i'd probably prefer it without the drums but that's just personal taste. Good job though !
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    I guess family pack means kids too? That's how they got kids in the first place.
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    this is a brutal piece of cinema. hadn't watched it since i was about 10 and back then it was too much to handle. not much has changed. lots of haunting images that get progressively worse as the story unfolds.
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    https://soundcloud.com/ev-ia/xiel Let me know what you think...
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    Would any of you fine gents be able to suggest me some mixers? I've been through 2 so far - first was a Mackie DFX-12 which was nice but no usb, second was a Behringer UFX1604 which had the ability to record stems via USB However, my biggest gripe with it was that it would record the stems 'raw' and not listin to the 'live' physical fader mix, nor could it record the AUX sends Is this impossible or just comes at a higher price tag? Also would like more inputs than 16. Any ideas?! The finer and cheaper the better! Many thanks
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    Hey all. Bit of a niche topic perhaps, even for here, but Ive been sliding down some rabbit holes and was wondering if anyone might have unearthed anything else from this mini-genre. Obviously there's a shit ton of tunes from this era with odd time signatures, but what about tunes which are ambient or (mostly) beatless? Stuff like AE - Yulquen 5/8 time (20 beats per loop) Pete Namlook - 1st Impression - 6/8 time - perhaps my favourite Namlook. AE - Piob (mix 2) 6/8 time SBVL - Pedals . Not sure what's going on with this one, there's 18 beats to the phrase, and if you start counting...
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    Hey, I bought a copy of feed me weird things recently and sometime during the records life, someone has used side C as an ashtray or something so Ernest Borgnine and Future Gibbon are unplayable. I only need the C/D disc as the sleeve and side A/B are in great shape... if anyone has it, get in touch! -m
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    You can hear an exclusive full stream of 'Star Trek: The Acid Generation' on my website. Preorders are live & the release date is this Friday 30th August 2019 http://chrismossacid.kaen.org/
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    finally we can do the chris benoit story the way it's supposed to be told
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    Not convinced it needs remastering, to be honest, still sounds great. Some '90s stuff is pretty quiet - one reasons those first two Underworld remasters were so essential - but FSOL stuff is nice and punchy and dynamic still.
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    Very good point. Totally agree on this. And Phill Niblock is never mentioned enough, one of the finest drone producers of all times, still publishing top quality records at 86. He's even older than Riley and the other famous minimalist composers.
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    that's some good piano programming... is the piano all programmed in this track or is some of it played? I like it with the beats, lots of detail... sounds good! the drum programming is good but could be improved i think by making the elements work more like bd, hh and sn patterns on drum kits. does that make sense? sometimes i think its too much a stream of 1/16th notes...
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    LOL, he actually said that? I'm not surprised (and it shows in the game). That's a really good way to describe the game - "Like a good sci-fi series you play sometimes" I have spoken. I do this at home with my robovac already. I have spoken. This explains why it came out in such a short period of time (for a mainline Pokemon game). Hopefully post-patches will address these issues. I have spoken.
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    https://ototoy.jp/_/default/p/459703 Some new details on this website. They are selling digitals so it's not vinyl only. Vortrack is 5 minutes and 28 seconds and Vortrack (Fracture Remix) is 8 minutes and 2 seconds . ...and why does it say that the release date is tomorrow? Isn't it the 6th of December? Maybe more details are going to be shared tomorrow.
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    Any 24bit aphex release is much welcomed
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    great shop. used to love the catalog they did. it was like a big kays catalog lingerie section for music nerds.
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    I am actually thinking it would be a nice challenge to take the most dumbest and unmusical sample and base a track around it... and I don't mean just put the thing in a granular IDM thing which makes a completely unrecognizable thing out of it.
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    nice! (also, trentemoller on the cover. not un-interesting as well...)
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    They haven't been doing the education
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    A truly great movie. One of the best war movies of all time imo. @marf: look for "Idi i smotri"
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    Maybe you're the first clone and your dreams are just jumbled up memories of long past.
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    Watching Silicon Valley Really love it.
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    I kinda did Volca Keys acid a few years back, turned out alright. I do miss the Keys actually, it's got a really unique gritty sound. oh shit if the final production model is white I'm getting one for sure.. even though I've got a friend's 606 on indefinite loan.
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    lol. it's part of my retirement investment. my beanie babies, action figures, limited edition nike air jordans and my 68 copies of untilted on vinyl are the nut meat of my retirement plan. i expect to cash them in for tens of dollars and or straight up even trade them for 46 boxes of 3 pack depends undergarments designed for active seniors.
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    Years ago I woke up one night because it was raining heavily, or so I believed. Upon waking, I was however surprised to see a ballsack dangling between the soles of two naked feet. It belonged to my flatmate who was kneeling at the foot of my bed, taking an extensive piss on my mattress. Still half asleep and unsure if I was dreaming, I watched, paralysed, as he finished and proceeded to leave without a word. I can still hear myself hurling a mortified, hurt "What the fuck, dude?!?" after him, but he didn't so much as turn around. Dazed and confused and clearly in way over my head,...
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    As far as comedy goes, I hope The Onion's 'Trump Boys' gags never stop: https://www.theonion.com/tag/trump-boys
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    I’ve been a member here for 8 years but I don’t think I have ever truly known what a snare rush is. Cool so it’s that fast snare roll thing
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    I joined a dating site after much cajoling off my family.Rejected some very odd would be suitors for reasons I'd rather not go into in a first post.Eventually I spoke to a nice bloke. Well he seemed okay until I met him outside a local pub.His trousers had a suspect shiny patch at the , uh , frontal area and after he bought himself a pint he asked if all my hair was real . When I assured him it was he said that I couldn't come back to his flat with him as my hair would block up his sink...I made my excuses and left. I saw him later,buying...
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    Love this thread. Hakobune is probably my favorite drone artist, although you might say he borders on drone / ambient. This track is so beautiful: https://hakobune.bandcamp.com/track/merges-of-hysterical-exhilaration Some more Hakobune: https://hakobune.bandcamp.com/track/maps https://hakobune.bandcamp.com/track/garden-of-ghosts This is prob. bordering on not drone but I don't care, it's great: He used to collaborate a lot with Nobuto Suda, who also released some great drone / ambient: https://somehowrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/in-search-of-may-apples
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    I can only see SoundCloud, psn, Xbox, steam and Nintendo in my profile bit, unless I'm looking in the wrong place. I only watmm on mobile. I have 247 utterly shit 80s pop 7" records I want to flog for 99p each, and one aphex field day lp for £600. Lol
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    cheers hope you enjoy the 12''
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    Vol.IV (20th January) 1.LFHT12 (The Wizard of Meudon) 2.LFHT13 (Dirt) 3.LFHT14 (Pump It) - Vol.V (24th January) 4.LFHT15 (U Got Trouble) 5.LFHT16 (Viollet-le-Duc Acid) 6.LFHT17 (いい加減にして) 7.LFHT18 (Viollet-le-Duc Acid Part 2) - Vol.IV (27th January) 8.LFHT19 (Out of UR Mind) 9.LFHT20 (IIIV) 10.LFHT21 (3rd Place in the SH-101 Bass line Championships) 11.LFHT22 (5/4 Sludge) 12.LFHT23 (TV Acid) 13 LFHT24 (Reverb String) -------------- The Lo-Fi House Hexalogy EP's Vol.I - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-ep Vol.II - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-ii Vol.III - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-iii Vol.IV - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-iv-2 Vol.V - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-v Vol.VI - https://chrismossacid.bandcamp.com/album/lo-fi-house-vol-vi - All tracks by Chris Moss Acid Recorded all in one take: TB-303//SH-101//TR707//MPC1000//Boss SE70 Recorded from January 3rd - January 17th 2018 -- keep up...
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