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    what the fuck this is amazing
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    Thanks ! Hopefully there is enough there to enjoy , or uncover over a few listens . Ya the tracks on this were originally meant to be spliced between those other,more complex tracks I've posted here recently but as I progressed and the body of work became larger I realised maybe they were better off being their own thing . Time will tell ! Thanks !
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    god damn! be up a face melt!
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    I am looking forward to having some time this week to tinker around with my generative Pure Data patch. The last few years have been crazy both analog and digital stuff, so it's quite difficult to be excited for anything really. It seems like the next exciting thing is more like some new philosophy or workflow innovation, not really some concrete piece of gear. Kind of like the way Live brought a new way to jam/record, Elektron with the insanely cool workflows, Eurorack with a standardised modular ecosystem.
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    Yeah the anti-rocket tech available now is incredible. The Ukraine Airliner crash could very well be a coincidence but that said... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_Air_Flight_655#Shootdown_of_Flight_655
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    It might not be solely the fault of the US that the region is in a state of utter disrepair, but their foreign policy in the region has been extremely disruptive. The US is a net importer of oil. Iraq makes up about 5% of total imports. Saudi Arabia about 9%. If Iraq’s production slows down, and if Saudi Arabia is affected by the conflict at all, that’s another pressure point on US supply of imports. Expect oil prices to rise.
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    Listened to the whole thing yesterday evening. Was impressed. Love the choppiness and precision/anti-precision (precise anti-precision) and how everything is constantly morphing and shape-shifting and how rich and full of detail everything is. Also dig the Hip Hop influence
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    As long as they keep the papyrus font I'm all good.
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    30 seconds in and already there's synths slipping and buckling over. Very nice. The rest is pretty cool too. Really liking this. 👍
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    Been giving Futurama a rewatch. Bender’s Game was better than I remembered (though Wild Green Yonder is still largely ass). Well into the first Comedy Central season and it’s been great.
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    Good news, guys. Ivanka Trump is set to do a presentation at CES.
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    Going back and re-watching old episodes of After Dark. One of the greatest concepts ever developed for television and I'd love to see a remake of it in the United States (and elsewhere, but as an American, I particularly want a U.S. version).
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    IDM sounds best converted to binary and then read out sensually by Sir David Attenborough
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    UPDATE: check the lastest post for some cool highlights!! So obv inspired by spans Planet Mu Listening Club thread. I've been going trough :zoviet*france:'s a duck in a tree podcast and it has been rlly quite magical, alot of rlly rlly good stuff I would have never heard any other way. So I'd like to share it w u guys! So since it's an ongoing weekly podcast I was thinking of doing two podcasts a week from the very start until we catch up n then keep going w the weekly shcedule. First I'd like to know if anyone is interested at all? I'd probably post em on wednesday and...
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    one week left until Namm 2020. Curious about it mainly because I guess we're at the end of the analog revival (thanks to Behringer) what are you looking forward to ? Hyped to ear more demo of the UDO super 6 , hope Elektron finally release the successor of the machinedrum.
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    You never were at a good sushi place. Sushi can be exciting as fuck and delicious and very diverse. Also expensive
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    A welcome reissue of the two PY compilations in a double set: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/179838-various-they-make-no-say-popcorn
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    i have a square and i need to get it out of here. is there anyone who can help?
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    It becomes confusing when a thread has been made celebrating a creation of one of the banned members. We have gone full circle so that’ll do.
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    never heard of this!
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    No ferry necessary - I just need to drive up! Let's make it happen. PM me closer to the date. I'll try to book a show for around that time.
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    YES. that one slaps, also, Fat Ass Joint is smoooooth
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    Agreed. That’s def in my top tracks of his, that and Popsicle lol
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    Also, track 13 on this compilation https://archive.org/details/Wild080-Various-Thenecessityof
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    I did the drum programming for this EP that came out about ten years ago: https://mentald-struction.bandcamp.com/album/mutation-ep
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    What a godawful shitty mess.
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    With a couple exceptions, these were all new Mitch Hedberg jokes for me.
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    not as much as ww3 is going to
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    Mass production is increasingly reliant on cheaper materials everywhere. Probably to make it more cost effective, even if that means reduced quality. A good example: an electric fan built in 1948 vs one built in 2003 (prepares for Farmsworth reactions)
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    Ever since then i have tried to be less charming, charismatic and sexy.
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    watch the ride sudden roundabout, prikface Spicy talk! from the team that brought you the geekoutery over youtube maxmsp wank
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    2019: Rich doing bunch of live sets + puts out a few new tracks, Sean & Rob releasing hours worth of live sets + giving 2hr mixtape for free, Tom J raising some serious hype with vic acid.net and warp30 set.....Sandison bros re-releasing Ep from 1996. IDM
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    New Aphex, oh my days...might implode. Guess he is a bit broke after his divorce then.
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