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    Cartoonist and illustrator Winston Rowntree has created a guide to life:
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    I'll wait for Behringer to clone this
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    Some fucker paid for a track and I have been receiving emails for 2 years now saying I need to claim 72p, which I can't do. Whoever that was, you're a cunt.
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    i bought a 1972 synthi A
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    ask Mohammad Mossedegh about it. the Shah of iran ring any bells? we helped overthrow mossedegh and put the shah in place because he'd play ball w/the oil situation. this DIRECTLY led to the fundamentalist revolution. had mossedegh been left in power Iran would look very very different... but you know.. oil. it's all well documented history. you're pretending we haven't overthrown deomcratically elected leaders and put in cronies and military thugs to rule nations. grow up. my point is that a BIG factor in who the usa backs for a leader in a developing country or elsewhere is "will he play ball?" also WTF.. the borders of the region...
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    @darreichungsformIt might come from a surrender to lust so intense that one wants to separate from one's own identity. By taking in that which another person has separated from their body, something that therefore is entirely without identity and without life, they can in a way lose their own identity, and their own humanity. It's like worshiping someone's body so much that you voluntarily become nothing in order to glorify the flesh. And not only is it a symbolic act, but it actually does put the body in a position where it can very easily die from infection. Maybe they need to have that level of sacrifice in order for...
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    Imagine Topdown Dialectic jamming with Moritz Von Oswald and you might get close to what ‘this album has to offer. Hypnotic experimental dub techno on display. Love this one. https://amenthia.bandcamp.com/album/metamorph
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    watmm could do a better job than Trump
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    1. Adalyn Lieber - (Demo Version Not Mastered) 2. Veronica Stargater 3. Rosalinda Lovelace 4. Joebrush Roddenberry 5. Kurt Chowing 6. Aleyster Cerf - (Demo Version Not Mastered) 7. Eliphas Kahn 8. Margaret Vatsky 9. Vinton Steiner 10. Irene Leadbeter 11. E3M1 - (Demo Version Not Mastered) 12. Isaac Dick 13. Ayrton Stallman 14. Why Who Digital + CD https://evesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-cemetery-of-unknown-songs
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    They missed a great potential headline: "Man on Meth Single Handedly Beats Off Fifteen Cops While Masturbating"
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    Tweeker fights off 15 cops while masturbating: https://www.wehodaily.com/news/man-high-on-meth-fights-off-15-police-officers-while-masturbating/
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    I built my own clone six years ago.
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    Interesting that you consider these less complex! To someone who hasn't created these tracks they appear very intricate. But haven't listened too often as of yet but working on changing that. You definitely struck a chord. Hope you will release many more albums in the future that are equally coherent. Because incoherence and tracks not fitting each other is what mostly makes me not listen to albums, even if the individual tracks are good. This is not a problem here
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    I agree. It's funny but also pretty disgusting. I just looked at my turd and it was not a pleasant sight. Maybe that's why we deal with it in a humorous ways I wonder what the appeal of shit eating is. Is it the humiliation aspect that people who are actually sexually interested in this that makes it interesting for said people? The imagined sense of power as in not being the one who eats the shit? Or is it the complete acceptance of another persons body products that symbolizes acceptance and unconditional devotion? My thought & observation: When my brain chemistry is altered the quality of my posts decrease...
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    🍔 ... 🍔 ... 🍔 ... 🍔 ... 🍔 ... 🍔 ...
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    I thought it looked like ice cream the first time I watched it. Growing up with rotten.com gives you a sense of reality.
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    Manju holds the keys to the WATMM leaderboard
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    For the past few months I've been having vivid dreams where I'm walking through a server room and when I get to the end of it a man gives me a thumbs up and I jolt awake. This was all well and good until last night. I had the dream yet again, except this time upon exiting my state of slumber, ManjuShri was stood at the foot of my bed. We instantly lock eyes and ManjuShri with a cold fixed expression remarks, "nothing personal kid" and throws a gargantuan sack of severed hands with their thumbs extended out into my chest killing me instantly. "Farnsworth reaction" he uttered as he...
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    Just watched two girls one cup in it's entirety because I'd never watched the whole thing. I feel nauseous now.
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    "Huge difference between thinking about something and doing it. Choose appropriately".... damn.
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    This should be the quintessential bedtime story for all future generations.
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    yeah, these are dope. might have to pick 'em up!
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    There is a lot of clandestine members on here which is rather intriguing. And almost everyone who has posted on this thread has a 200,000 posts. Flol. So what is this all about? Seems as though they just can't be tempted from their sepulchral silence. Wise move Unknown WatmMofo. Hah ha! They just sit there pour a nice drink, eat a few cashew nuts, and think 'just shut the fuck up and give us the information you IDM Dork Wanker' I'm getting closer to this state of mind. In fact very soon, I envision a transformation from IDM Dork Wanker to Clandestine Hermit of Sepulchral Silence. All I have to...
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    yeah man, this sounds good.
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    i'm just gonna hang out here a while i guess. there's a short story in 'Oblivion' by david foster wallace about a guy who poops out miniature sculptures on the toilet w/o any other kind of process involved. it's written like a human interest type investigative journalism piece w/all kinds of deep hyper self conscious DFW type stuff. so, if you want to bask in some poop type topics for a minute there's your start.
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    Trump definitely blinked, considering what he said he would do, and what he actually did. This is not unprecedented. Again, it’s not just the removal of Iraqi exports to the US. OPEC, the C stands for cartel, and they do act as one. Their ability to sway oil markets and resultant power is huge. Substitute OPEC exports to the US with cheaper OPEC exports to Russia and China, and whoever else. With markets acting as they do, American oil producers aren’t going to be happy with international prices, and they will be forced to make up that difference elsewhere (domestic consumers). The current president of Iraq is simply more pragmatic,...
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    see you in Portland 👀
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    This one is and always has been my favorite jazz song of all time
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    I was looking for this, like an earworm in my head. Took me ages to figure out what it even was. Dust covered is class.
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    Nervelevers sounds like it could have been another song of Damogen Furies. Not complaining I loved that album. I think its a bit funny that so much of the press around this album is his "return to analogue" because admittedly everything I've heard sounds quite digital to me, reversed samples and all. My best guess is that he finally took his guitar to midi and eventide harmonizer out of the closet, upgraded reaktor to the latest version, and glanced briefly at his QY700 collecting dust.
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    classic EP and other remixes... http://soundcloud.com/kirzekeyday/dust-covered-missqulater
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