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    I'm finally able to announce that Schematic is releasing a cassette release of my last album. Drops on 2/21. There's also this video that was made for the release:
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    really. "god" modifies "tier." "tier" defines level. he is utmost level corrupt. demonstrated by reckless abuse of power at expense of national security, in order to rig elections. yes, the framers were very concerned about the power vested in the president. it just takes the wrong dude and things can go sideways. the specific reasons impeachment was put in the constitution are: in case a president is abusing power especially if they're abusing power to rig elections and the remedy they designed, impeachment, seems to have not anicipated a corrupt party shielding such a president from removal.
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    I think this refers to the 'experimental' drum & bass album he has recorded with Sly & Robbie. I could not be more exited for that. Due out on Subrosa, late April. Set your watch, this shit will be fucking FIRE.
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    It comes and goes depending on what goes on in your life. I don't play as much as I used to, but I still do casual gaming (GTA/Red Dead 2 Online etc). I realized that I just couldn't be bothered to put in the time to be really good at FPS games anymore. I used to play them competitively nearly 20 years ago. The upside is that I write a lot more music.
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    serious as a dancer, rhythm is a cancer
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    https://seagrave.bandcamp.com/album/zns From the bandcamp site: SDEM releases have emerged on CPU, Opal Tapes and his own MEDS platform. Mostly archival, his Seagrave album ‘ZNS’ (or ‘Zones’) describes much less a careful log of experiments conducted over a 15 year period, as an assemblage of electronic maps, a charting of ulterior paths half-followed, impersonal ‘zones’ traversed, mechanical entanglements undertaken and hallucinogenic spaces weathered. With its cartographic charm, ZNS also confirms that persistent dialogue between visual culture and a rugged approach to drum computers that was, of course, given its boldest expression with graffiti innovation back in the halcyon days of electro and hip-hop. Despite citing the Griselda label as a tonal...
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    Oh boy it's absolutely killer ! Proper euphoric ambient rave bangers, highly recommended.
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    Yes or no: are you aware of the long history of the US government intervening against the will and interests of South and Central American nations and peoples?
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    I think playing "separate the policies from the person" is unworkable in this case the person in question is an authoritarian who wants no checks at all on his power, and has stated clearly, several times, that he is above the law he is also a firehose of noise and disinformation, and is normalizing (for some folks) the idea that the truth is whatever he says it is
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    what parent would make a 1000 mile trek w/young children on the hopes of finding a better place to live? oh.. i don't know.. maybe a family that had no other option.. stay and be murdered and have your children forced into a violent gang or flee? what's the best option there?? again.. per my previous post.. some of the cause of this is at obama's feet. re: white supremacy.. it's obvious to me that trump and stephen miller (who makes trumps immigration policy) are white supremacists. trump has always been racist. was successfully sued and fined for discriminating against black people in his fucking buildings. the language is plain...
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    I am pretty new here so thought I would show you what I'm using this evening. There's a few more synths and basic percussion instruments in the cupboard - I like to chop and change things as I go. I don't use VSTs or any virtual shit, so I have 96 inputs and 96 outputs all wired up - no more patch bays!
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    If you wanted to own this album on physical media, then you're in luck! This album is getting a cassette release through Schematic on 2/21. Glad to finally be able to announce this. The designer Raphael Arar and I worked on the design for the tape and it looks pretty cool, imho. The tape also comes with a couple bonus tracks. Here is a video that was made by the talented Maria Mendes to help celebrate the occasion.
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    Behringer snobism for most idm 2020.
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    There are some second-hand Lego shops around me that sell bulk bricks by weight. I'm thinking of buying a bunch of technic / regular bricks because I'm building a Rube Goldberg contraption and just making it up on the fly as I build.
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    That’s a new one to me, very very very nice
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    At one point I thought the same, but there's something extremely calming about following the instructions and seeing what is possible with LEGO. It brings you new knowledge and inspiration to build things that you didn't realise was possible.
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    Once put on some noise cancelling headphones, hit play on Merzbow - Venerology and could STILL hear it clear as day. Noise cancel fail.
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    No way does Richard love burgers as much as BCM...
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    Amazing custom builds from Brick Fiesta in Houston
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    https://bedouinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-snake-that-eats-itself Setting the bar VERY high for 2020. Dude makes bangers like very few others. Do yourself a favor and at least listen to “Blood Sugar” right now.
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    looks like a paper airplane...or possibly a giant mouse pointer hovering over a pan am logo...
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    aencre sliding through with the goods.
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    Thank you aencre, I've been a fan of your work for years. But why haven't you been able to draw, if it's something you can share?
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    posted this in a thread recently when Joyrex was using that same methodology. it’s a silly argument and i hope you’re smart enough to realize that. no one here has said that. your argument here doesn’t make any sense to me. B stuff allows for more control options? ...huh? more than what? all B synths are across the board ‘more passionate’ because “more control options”? this is wildly vague and doesn’t make any sense that I can tell.
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    Dude - a Schematic release?? Congrats. Will pick this up for sure.
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    Exactly how does passion present its self in the development of electrical circuits? I've never had one of my designs refused because it 'lacked passion'. To give you an analogy, the man who designs the ECU for Fords (a mass market product) is likely just as passionate about his job as the guy who does it for Ferrari (the bespoke sector). But more over, the company who are committing to building tens of thousands of these units are doing so at a greater risk as their out lay is greater and their confidence in design and manufacturing quality must be higher. I am stunned that any company is committed to...
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    No shit, it's a business! How entitled do you need to be to think that a manufacturer should be doing it 'for the art'. Christ almighty. How many good manufacturers have we lost because the didn't know how to run a business? I hope these companies continue to make money by offering me commodities that want to purchase.
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    Feeling an unusual sense of fatigue. Like I'm tempted to go to sleep earlier than normal, but I'm not yawning at all. It's like a weak, numbed kind of fatigue. Yet I have no desire to do anything else right now. EDIT: And I slept damn near 12 hours. Guess I really was tired lol Yep. iTunes is ass. I don't miss it. Not keen on Apple in general anyway, but iTunes has always been a pain in the ass for me as well.
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    And no masturbation? Come on now, guys.
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    Good luck! I’ve hunted for that one since early 2000’s, same boat I don’t want to pay Discogs price.
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    not exactly sure how they're going to regulate that because i have a feeling same sex couples are already having sex
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    i fucking hate the track titles, but then again... I have always hated four tets track titles
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    When this shit comes: Everybody is going to be pointing fingers at Bjork.
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    This German got leaks. Time to Paperclip him to get his secrets.
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