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    Speedcrank is such a mindblowing track, true pusher technical madness right here !
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    (i still haven't listened to the last one and now you've got another out? when it rains it pours) adding to the list to listen (this first tracks is fuckin' nice so far tho). too much good music out here these days. keep it up everyone.
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    He’s managed to endanger the lives of others and piss off David lynch at the same time
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    Fuck Ulrich Schnauss, scan that interview plz.
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    new album coming out April 3rd. CD and vinyl. sounds good and dancey. saw some promo words about it earlier but whatevs, give the track a listen. Providence was really good, this sounds like it might be a bit more fun and uptempo, still got the same sorta palette to the sounds. looking forward to hearing the whole thing. it's on Bleep and other places too. also he's touring a live A/V show starting next month in the UK/Euro places
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    Good stuff as ever from Mr Shinra: https://soundcloud.com/analogicalforce/af029-james-shinra-reverie-ep-2020 https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af029-reverie-ep Out Feb. 29.
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    https://bedouinrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-snake-that-eats-itself Setting the bar VERY high for 2020. Dude makes bangers like very few others. Do yourself a favor and at least listen to “Blood Sugar” right now.
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    Last Ep was nice ! Remember smoking weed with him backstage before a live set at Nuits Sonores fest in Lyon 10 years ago lol nice memories. edit : it was 11 years ago, I’m old
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    https://rognvald.bandcamp.com/album/the-new-selecta-vol-3 Out tomorrow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRqtXQu1sjo
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    it's still crazy to think that after 4 years of essentially the worst president in modern American history, the dems still didn't figure this out. my thought is that there are a lot of voters that would like to go back to having a "normal" president after the extremities of trump - normal being a well spoken, white, middle aged guy. not creepy uncle joe, not super old "socialist" bernie, not gay mayor pete, and not female warren. was there not a Kennedy they could have dragged out of political obscurity to prop up as a candidate? or maybe I'm wrong, maybe they should've gone in the other direction and...
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    Releases in April 2020 Single: Pre-order: https://bleep.com/release/176249-nathan-fake-blizzards On Blizzards, his first LP since 2017’s Providence, Nathan Fake skirts the borders of IDM, techno and rave revivalism. There is a notable amount of shared ground between Blizzards and recent records such as Daniel Avery’s Song For Alpha, Jacques Greene’s Dawn Chorus and Lapalux’s Amnioverse. As is the case on those albums, Fake employs a kind of hazy reimagining of early rave and 90s club sonics here to create a halcyon club trip at once utopian and wistful. Tracks often employ rolling breaks and bright, reverb-drenched keys to hit great emotional heights - see how ‘Pentiamonds’ and ‘Eris & Dysnomia’ spiral into...
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    Paper on how they programmed the A.I. in F.E.A.R., considered to be one of the best A.I. in FPS gaming to date. http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~jorkin/gdc2006_orkin_jeff_fear.pdf
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    not 100% sure this is legit but i'm gonna post it anyway
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    Cool and therefore interesting: an archive of old book illustrations. This site will give you a random illustration from the collection: https://perchance.org/old-book-illustration Here's some background info and a link to the complete collection: http://www.openculture.com/2020/02/old-book-illustrations-download.html
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    what is dumb is how obviously bad each nominee is in comparison to Bernie to the point where Bernie should be dominating, and yet he really isn't. Then again nearly half the country likes Trump so I guess there is a continuum.
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    all of the democratic nominees are scummy or cringe. bernie is the only one that gives me hope
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    Both have that reptilian look don't they :3. I wonder how many hours they practiced those smiles to emulate hoomans
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    Squarepusher has always been known for his gender non-binary polyamorous pansexual melodies. But I think it fully took over with Just A Souvenir. Something a little hokey got into him around then.
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    sanders-warren ticket would still make the most sense, i'd like to think if he can lock down the nomination theyd get over that incident (since it doesnt seem to have impacted how the cards are falling) and join forces. the other centrist candidates still in the running would be a definite no as his potential vp.. maybe he could pick someone who already dropped out like booker or castro.. but im not sure how much they overlap in policy.
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    ^ @ a local garage sale not that long ago iChatted w. the elderly lady hosting the occasion, & when our sml talk touched on the recent bushfires here, she responded 2 my use of the phrase "climate change" by getting on up outta the wicker chair she was lodged in, & bellowing, "CLIMATE CHANGE MY ARSE !"
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    found a deal on a 2018 15" macbook pro. 2.9, 6 core, 32gb ram, 1 tb storage and Mojave installed. credit card now burnt but a deal is a deal. mac future secured. hackintosh probably avoided. between this laptop and my 2010 cheesegrater mac pro i'll not have to think about computers for a long time hopefully. can now use my 2011 as a realtime DSP box or something. and to write my young adult furry eroticism novels.
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    i really liked this.. nicely atmospheric and interesting all the way through.. it was cool reading the little mini stories about the samples in the bandcamp text too
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    just saw this Faced With Climate Disaster, Australian Prime Minister Plans to Open Coal Mine https://truthout.org/articles/faced-with-climate-disaster-australian-prime-minister-plans-to-open-coal-mine/
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    it's a fever dream! lots of moody business. track 10 is a nice closer. a lift.
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    Enjoyed this one a lot! The beginning & end were standouts on first listen. Will have to give it a few more plays
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    This album is great. My brain still doesn't know how to interpret the Vortrack rhythm. Kick triplets? Not quite. Obique 4 on the floor? Nope. Where's the 1? No idea anymore. A groove emerges briefly towards the end, but perhaps it's only my imagination. Very interesting choice for the single, when everything else is so infectiously catchy. Top melodies, top drum programming, top 8 bit bassing. One of his most consistent albums by far.
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    Back in 2011, I helped friends work on a book, and ended co-authoring and publishing a graphic novel titled Pinkerton, about two guys who each get dumped and decide to embark on a song-by-song journey to get rid of their (I quote) "'negative romantic conditioning". It’s a funny read, and it did quite well (it’s on its seventh printing). But to this day I still can’t name a single Weezer song.
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    The pastor waving around a banana while giving hate speeches didn't make me take him more seriously
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    Kitty reactions are of the first order priority.
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    Hopefully I'm going to be visiting Uganda some day
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    warp, just repress drukqs for shitsake. And Untilted too please.
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    Weird Walk is great Tqzine.Blogspot.com for a true walk through the weird underground music world The Bristol Germ is one to look out for, interviews and music from the avon area Chewnzine is made by a friend of mine, mixing diy bands/promoters with recipes and foody related banter
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    here imo youre wrong. i think he has a huge, mainly white,middle class base that may decry his racist shit in public (or not), but secretly lack empathy and dont really give a shit. or they (at least think) his conservative policies will get them ahead economically. or they have conservative social views and just want him to pack the courts even more. unfortunately there are plenty of (shitty) reasons people are sticking with him, and i think the polls underreport his numbers. because in a poll someone might disagree with some of his policies but in the private ballot booth will still pull the trigger for him
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    Nah, these are the same people who completely shit on John McCain. This is the same base that Swift-Boating worked wonders on. They only like veterans who are overtly nationalist and right-wing and will not even blink before totally bashing not just veterans but combat veterans who are liberal. They literally worship a draft-dodging rich kid. Ironically the gay thing would likely be a moot point in 2020, the the alt right loves tokenism and Milo is a good example of someone who was tolerated among right-wingers. The million dollar question is what Dems might sway "anti-Trump" conservatives who will otherwise skip the election or shrug and vote for Trump....
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    What's irresponsible is not realizing that getting Trump out of office is infinitely more important than just Bernie being president, and people should have realized that a long time ago.
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    It's quite unpleasant to listen to so far, which I think is the point, so good job!
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    If this came out in 2004 the band would be called The Perennials or The Lingonberries or something
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