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    I dunno, the series has had like 25 years. I still haven't gotten around to playing Civ VI though. Tough to choose between IV and V. I think V might edge it, but that's just cause of the introduction of the hex grid. Fun times though!
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    Not studio exactly, but things are finally really progressing on the DIY front. Last week: Main board, i/o board and power board done, control board done exceot for a couple diodes, one capacitor, and the controls and screen. Today: half of the spacers I've got on order showed up over the weekend, so I was able to temporarily mount the front panel so I could get the pots, encoders and switches aligned well. All I need to do is install the OLED, power switch and headphone jack tomorrow and then assuming it all works I can install the firmware, test and calibrate all the controls and the MIDI i/o, and...
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    we are animals trying the best we can:)
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    Civilization was not a mistake.
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    *reads thread title* "hmm I wonder who made this thread" *checks who made this thread* *posting in a Zeffolia thread*
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    just think of how sad, lonely, and pathetic their lives must be to find such comfort in lunacy like that. if only they were all into IDM instead they could hang out here and spend thousands of dollars on AFX merch and rare BOC vinyls instead of guns and silly pseudo-military wear. poor folks just went down the wrong path.
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    Happy 420:) Sliabh Bhuí Sliabh Bhuí Happy 420:)
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    https://upsammy.bandcamp.com/album/zoom "Zoom" will come out on June 8th via the Amsterdam label, which has previously released one upsammy track: 2019's "Uit Het Rijk Der Kristallen." The artwork is a photo of a piece of ice taken by upsammy (real name Thessa Torsing) herself. It came from a glacier in Switzerland. "People can be consumed by really big or 'fantastical' things in life, but don't see the small things that have great emotional, artistic or even spiritual value...," Torsing says. "I've always had a lot of curiosity for my surroundings, trying to grasp, understand and be amazed by what is around me."
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    I dictate the law according to the Ancient Scrolls of the Burning Sparrow. Transcribed in blood, our rulings will be questioned only in death. He who dares transgress our almighty doctrine will be fed screaming to the Wolves of Divine Mutilation, who lurk in the impenetrable Forest of Labyrinthine Sorrow.
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    moved into a house in a beautiful place out in the coutry yesterday ? this is just a rough sketch of how I want to set up things, but it's already so so lovely here
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    I think the other artists (I'm looking at you Autechre) spoil us fans with so many releases, official and otherwise, so frequently that we become slightly entitled when viewing BOC, forgetting they work on a different timescale with their musical projects than most others do.
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    new covid-19 fetishes on the rise including fear porn israeli being called out
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    Solo @ 3:10 but context is important. It's a complete mess, and they had the audacity to put it in the middle of the first track on their first/only record. I love it.
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    Zeff why do you choose an IDM forum to post this shit? You're not blowing anyones minds here.
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    The worst features of every nationality, ethnic, political and religious group
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    That puddle of mudd video almost made me crap my pants, haven't laughed that hard in a while ?
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    Noo, you can't just strap a toast to a cat and have infinite energy generator. They would have to fall indefinitely, like falling in earth's orbit, and the cat would need a space suit with heating and oxygen. Where do you strap the toast then? On the outside of the cat's space suit? Exposed to elements of empty space the toast will lose its integrity and not work properly. Inside of the cat's space suit? Its rotational properties will not work because the toast will have no reference of its position. The cat's space suit also needs roll-correction liquid rocket nozzles. It wont work, man.
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    Not only is civilization turning us into something less than sheep - most of us, if set loose in the wild, would not survive - but it's forcing us to turn our very souls into material objects for consumption by others, for the benefit of the even fewer other
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    Delsin is rebooting the legendary Eevo Lute Muzique with archival dips from Florence and Wladimir M.; my personal introduction to Eevo Lute was via New Electronica, whose releases (le.g. the Applied Rhythmic Technology Objets D'art compilations, As One albums) are essential material for any and all electronic music connoisseurs. Highly recommended.
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    silliness abounds on the BOC subf my god they're just taking their time. they'll release some tunes when they want to. chill tf out
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    Even if it was their music, so? It wasn't an official release, just something done for the WARP30 celebrations. I'm thinking the Hexagon Sun has finally set - and you know what - that's okay. Mike and Marcus may have said all they want to say (musically). Just enjoy the music they did release, and move on. Be pleasantly surprised if they end up do releasing something after all.
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    Haha yeah, it's both disappointing that the site doesn't work AND quite a good news if they got overwhelmed by the number of people interested in this release. My pre order got dispatched today, can't wait for it to arrive ?
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    Update: I hacked my local 5G mast to make it cure coronavirus. You're welcome.
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    It was: http://www.ditext.com/diamond/mistake.html This is a good read. I now doubt that civilisation was not a mistake. In the article however the focus is mostly on the bad effects agriculture had on humanity. I think there might be green sorts of automated agriculture in the future that solve a lot of these problems, and a lot of them have already been solved. Civilisation can turn out not to be a mistake in the end (and as your article states already has in a lot of fields), if it manages to minimise global class inequality, which will not happen in near future, since our current systems are dependent on it. But...
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    the point of human beings civilizing was so that we could learn to build iphones and other crap like that. devices with screens everywhere, so we can lay back and watch hours upon hours of golden era TV, followed by furious marathon wank sessions. then one day the screens will wake up, and they will enslave us because we totally didn't see that coming. we thought they were our friends and secret lovers. but they will eventually wipe us out, thus leading to the end of human civilization.
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    Well, zinc makes you cum a lot, and my cum obviously cures covid-19, so there's some type of scientifical accuracy here, I reckon.
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    reminded me of panel 3 of this:
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    If you think not being able to buy the gear back then sucked, imagine the people who sold stuff like Jupiter 8's for a few hundred... In brighter news, just noticed Klark pulled this off. https://www.klarkteknik.com/Categories/Klarkteknik/Signal-Processors/Effects/3RD-DIMENSION-BBD-320/p/P0DTH#googtrans(en|en) No idea how many BBD chips are in there but it's supposed to be a faithful recreation of the Dimension D so there should be two. Not a super versatile effect but the stereo connections are there and at €160 it's almost a no-brainer. This makes me hopeful for a revival of the more extreme effects of yesteryear.
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    Nuclear Neo-Pagan Apocalyptic Satanic Deathcult Onslaught Part 1: (March Of The Leper Monks Towards A Bloodsoaked Megalith)
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    Civilization is ok, as long as it doesn't shit into its own bowl. Which unfortunately seems to be the case ATM. If you want to survive in wilderness, learn it. There are many ways to do it.
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    It's impressive how we went from rocks and sticks & shit to modern electronics tho
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    "The Celt nobles shave their cheeks, but they let the moustache grow until it covers the mouth. Consequently, when they are eating, their moustaches become entangled in the food, and when they are drinking, the beverage passes, as it were, through a kind of a strainer". - Diodorus Siculus (V.28.3)
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    so i've been browsing a lot of asmr videos on youtube and i gotta say, most of these girls don't have a clue what they're doing... lot's of background noise, low signal to noise ratio, compression, lot's of bass and lack of pop filters, and instead of whispering they produce tones with their voices, it doesn't work for me like this, never thought i would have a specific trigger pattern... also, i can't find videos where they talk behind your neck, most of them keep moving from ear to ear instead of staying between mics producing the effect of being on your back, few do this and it's frustrating cause...
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    "I prevented a drone strike with an AR-15" is a sentence you will never hear any of these schmucks say.
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    damn dude i dont think you need that sign, message coming through loud and clear
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    As much as I want Plaid to do something that's more filled with textures and stuff like the amazing Spokes or the albums before that one, this is one of their albums that fucking NAILS the minimalist touches they've been going for since Scintilli. Digging Remedy is a bit of a step down, while good, but I feel the tracks are a bit shorter to really grow and it feels less cohesive as an album. Polymer I love more than Reachy Prints but Polymer I don't replay as much. Polymer did work with a more cohesive, darker project that had songs that suited their lengths more and is a step...
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