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    All the topics at the top of the forum are all started by joyrex, and it upsets me greatly
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    As a doctor, take your fucking vaccinations.
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    Cheers for posting this, there is a Bleep promo mix for these that you can stream here: https://soundcloud.com/uchelfa ...or download for FREE here: https://mantleofgets.bandcamp.com/album/bleep-mix-118-mantle-of-gets Further socials and Bleep/Ochre store here: https://mantleofgets.ochre.store https://fb.me/mantleofgets https://instagram.com/mantleofgets New music and merch soon Peas
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    science is as political and ideological as anything. look at eugenics experiments, atomic bomb experiments, and the lack of scientific research into various areas where it's clearly needed, like education and optimal governmental structures. it's a tool that can be pointed anywhere, and both who is doing that pointing and where they're pointing it are completely political and ideological
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    My penis can enlarge and stiffen itself. No touching needed. It's pretty amazing, possibly some sort of super power or mutation? I'll try to grab and post some vids next time it happens. Definitely not making this up you guys.
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    Easter egg: There's a song by John Carpenter in the soundtrack and Joao Carpinteiro means John Carpenter in Portuguese...
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    I'll stick with my bleach and sunlight thank you very much. Mods please ban this obvious deep state agent
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    lol no, science is a feeling
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    from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
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    health professionals may have low standards to judge the effectiveness of a treatment, that doesn't mean they're right in doing so my point is more an epistemological one btw. i'm not discussing what's being done on the ground
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    Got most of the Rollz-5 built but ran out of the nice machined SIP sockets that I'm using to hold all the user-selected components for easy swapping. Sadly the power switch I got is the wrong size (miniature toggle that didn't state miniature anywhere) ☹️ I've got more SIP sockets on the way but I'm feeling like a moron trying to find a simple SPDT ON-ON toggle switch with the correct 4.7mm pin spacing. It's getting annoying with a ton of stock being sold out. I don't really want to drop $6 + s&h for a simple toggle. I figure I can just put a jumper across the connection for...
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    again, my point is a medicine has to have a greater measurable effect than what placebo can do to be considered effective yes, placebo has a real effect, that doesn't mean the substance used to generate this effect has any healing properties. i could pull a thousand new medicines out of my ass and pretend they can heal people, the certain outcome will be an improvement of many people's health, thanks to the placebo effect among others (spontanous healing being huge for example)
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    My wife and I solicit a medical practice that balances homeopathic and modern medicine quite well. They don't push pills as a first course but they also fully acknowledge when a round of antibiotics or a CT scan is the best solution. There is something to be said for a healthy life leads to a healthy body, but if something is legitimately broken then modern medical science is often the right way to go. I guess the trick is to know >when< to push the pills away and when to embrace them. As far as vaccines go, I have no problem with them, nor does my doctor. A healthy individual...
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    Maybe this has been Trump's plan to get Mexico to build the wall.
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    Be patient mate, uploading an 8K picture of my boypussy to imgur on dial up internet was never gonna be a fast operation.
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    You Should Have Left Extraction Uncut Gems Don't Let Go Parasite
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    The ending of one of the songs from 56:50 - 57:05 is so beautiful.
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    https://bandcamp.com/extralife Had a real nice haul yesterday.
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    Thanks. Yeah, we've slowed our schedule to a few releases a year over the past while, but we might be getting back to putting out things a bit more regularly again. I gave up on running gigs in Belfast. We had a good run with it all, but it's too tricky to get a good turnout unless you book someone huge that costs silly money.
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    Thanks!! Means a lot mate 👍 Really? Cool! Glad to hear you like it! 🙂
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    The name "All Gas No Brakes" is so fitting it's amazing. Saw his videos awhile ago. Raw shit, good entertainment, but in small doses. It can easily lead me toward a sort of existential crisis...
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    Maybe some of Loscil's work? Or is that still too droney?
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    If it wasn't on fox news how is he supposed to know
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    Pandemixes 3: https://bjarki.bandcamp.com/album/pandemixes-3
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    i've moved, so all my stuff including gear has been packed up for a bit. currently getting settled & hooking everything up again so will be working on it again soon. when i left off it was about 80% done.
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    I've heard about death metal, black metal, etc, but plastic metal? That's new to me...
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    warning, watching this youtube channel may give you coronary heart disease
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    Me too. ? I’d also recommend Melted Self for those who haven’t bought yet.
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