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    I'm on an even keel with my psych meds, for the first time since...well...since I went to New York and became a barefoot schizophrenic homeless fucking weirdo and streaked in front of Trump Tower and almost died like twice. *unintentionally-effeminate slightly-autistic Arsenio Hall-inspired fist pump*
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    I wanna leave there 😭
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    My experience from playing Far Cry 5 is becoming far more relevant than I had ever imagined.
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    Alexander Vindman: Coming forward ended my career. I still believe doing what’s right matters. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/08/01/alexander-vindman-retiring-oped/
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    "Almost died" is probably overselling it, but basically stuff like nearly walking into traffic, nearly falling off bridges, being un-cautious with fentanyl, walking around Manhattan barefoot with cuts and scrapes on my feet, sleeping in parks in random (possibly dangerous I have no idea) neighborhoods, a few rather precarious social encounters... "Tempting fate" is probably more accurate.
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    People going to peaceful parks to do badly performed exercise while blasting shit dance music Grinds my gears
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    Any news on when this feature might be coming to regular watmm?
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    It was all about cost. I did a case study on it. Seems corporate behaviour does matter. Modern designs may be far safer, but the risk is still there. Would prefer more research into increasing efficiencies in renewable, but in the mean time, looks like Biden will support construction of modern nuclear (it’s in his climate plan somewhere). Much better than Trumps idiotic plan of supporting coal.
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    Peak humanity, earth should have exploded in 2002.
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    Science vs. America
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    Thanks saen now it’s my summer song ! (he played it during the lockdown)
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    Awesome dude ! Cannot wait to grab a copy
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    i think Greta is great. I was doing a gloomy satire. i was not in any way politically active when i was 16. there was no cause that propelled me other than typical 16 yr old shit. fukushima was a wake up for some. it seemed inevitable though.. the location, insufficient contingency plan (thank fuck for those smart ass engineers on site who managed the crisis with macguiver-like solutions at the cost of their lives), and low sea wall and arguably some bad decisions about where to put the back up generators. i'm no engineer and hindsight is 2020 but damn it seems obvious after watching a few documentaries that...
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    Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Just completed my new EP. Ps: almost unintentionaly leaked it myself on SC haha
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    Can we please guillotine the American finance and media elite? They suckle
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    This is for me the crowning achievement of Tom and one of IDM's best moments. I never tire of it, it's excellently mixed, a balance of detail vs silence, and continuous progression that never feels out of place. How inspired he must have been during the composition. I'm partial to this visualization video myself, it's quite demoscene-ey and really visualizes the silent space around the music.
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    *acrobatics ^ (I've long felt like I'm getting something different out of Vibert than everybody else is. I can't really explain it beyond that. I guess it's a good thing he offers a little bit of something for everybody.) (Truth is, I generally loathe electronic music. I'm a rock guy. I've made an exception since discovering Vibert in '97. He makes the funnest, most creative, most human electronic music, IMO.) (I think I may have gone off on a tangent there, maybe?) (Fuck me!)
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    Fuck this is really good! Btw as much as normaly prefer to use bandcamp when poss if anyone is after the digital it is a bargin on bleep! They have priced it like a 3 track ep when it's clearly an album in 3 parts.. but not complaining! ☺ https://bleep.com/artist/148293-shackleton-zimpel
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    that translates to, sit on my bent dick...
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    Welcome back! That sounds fucking rough, glad to hear you’re in a somewhat better place now.
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    @caze you know France is not even 100% decarbonised right now? It’s also not a guarantee that their decision was the correct one. They still have issues with storage of nuclear waste, spent fuel etc. Fukushima was a real wake up call, and even the French are looking to roll back the amount of electricity generated through nuclear. The IPCC projections come with qualifiers on their level of certainty. They are 100% predictions. @bendish @ignatius I’m always torn with Greta. It’s very obvious she’s a figure that’s being used to tell a story. But the story is an important one, and her point about “16 year olds shouldn’t have to...
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    Not really all that well. The trade off for all those virtual pedals is that you have 3 physical knobs that can be used for three virtual ones and, as near as I can tell, you can't custom assign the physical knobs to the virtual ones.
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    It has little to do with sound quality, but the sounds themselves are f-ing interesting
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    On the monomachine, the 16 sequencer button array can be used to play pitches, in fact it matches exactly the pitch range of this riff i.e., C3 - Eb4 (or whatever octave it's at). So it would be the 8 odd buttons ascending and the 8 even buttons descending, played in an 'interlocking' manner. In an MPC 4x4 button grid, it'd be the steps in the odd columns ascending vs the steps in the even columns descending. It also makes a really interesting shape on an actual keyboard/piano - it's not easy or probably impossible to play the entire ascending(descending) scale with the left(right) hand because the two get in...
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    this is a very work-centric view of education whose implementation would result in the centralization of knowledge in the hands of the few deemed worthy to be one of these elite academics. what are the elite academics for if not education of people other than themselves (or else their knowledge will die with them), and what is the place for education if not educational institutions? education isn't for jobs and has nothing to do with jobs or work a job which doesn't require education is merely a job which has succumbed to deep division of labor, or the exploitation of a type of worker through thrusting dull manual labor upon...
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    more: https://bleep.com/release/200340-pub-summer
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    go plastic has to be one of the best idm albums out there
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    fuk ya ~71kbps bitrate great job Mixcloud
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    Good timing to resurrect this thread. I pulled out all of my old guitar pedals to sell some on ebay and accidentally ran signal through this Behringer EQ pedal without having it plugged in: So I'm not gonna sell that one. I'm definitely gonna experiment with feeding it various voltages below 9V to see if the distortion can be controlled, but damn, what a crazy sound.
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    Is this for normies?
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    Nice little summation of the singularity by John Carmack
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    elseq 1–5 has over the past two years now just really blown me away in terms of its sheer scope and execution. In my mind, it is the most prolific and masterful material they have yet released. It has become far and away my favourite album from them and I have listened to it in it's entireity (in one sitting) more than 10 times now. And on so many occasions I will just listen to it in parts, 1 part at a time over the span of 5 days. It's expertly timed and paced. It captures every range of human emotion. It certainly has standout moments for me, but as...
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