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    I work for the NHS in England in Birmingham and was redeployed as a Health Care Assistant (normally I'm a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist - I only started in early January!) during the peak of deaths in my area. I'm now off work recovering with what is probably post-traumatic stress. It was absolute chaos and really horrible. I've learnt a life time of lesson in like 5 weeks and should probably write a book about my experience or something. Crazy. I'm really terrified about a second wave, I'm pretty much going to refuse redeployment if that happens again. From my experience on the ''front line'' I personally think...
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    Thank you very much everyone. Luckily I'm very self aware and aware of mental health. I've actually already got a contact with an awe inspiringly good CBT psychotherapist I've worked with in the past who has been guiding me really well (for free too as she's so lovely) and I know what to do now to work through this but essentially I'm really at risk of PTSD if I don't process what I've actually been through. I think my mood has dropped too and being really crap with self-care etc so I'm going to address all that really seriously now. It's actually quite therapeutic just for me to type here...
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    Ordering Pizza In 2020 CALLER: Is this Dee-Lo's Pizza? GOOGLE: No sir, it's Google Pizza. CALLER: I must have dialled a wrong number. Sorry. GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Dee-Lo’s Pizza last month. CALLER: OK sure. I would like to order a pizza. GOOGLE: Do you want your usual, sir? CALLER: My usual? You know me? GOOGLE: According to our caller ID data sheet, the last 12 times you called Dee-Lo's you ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and meatballs on a thick crust. CALLER: OK! That’s what I want ... GOOGLE: May I suggest that this time you order a pizza with ricotta, arugula, sun-dried...
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    https://memoryglands.bandcamp.com/album/youre-in-chatmms-house-now While we're waiting, here are some codes: https://salaamhelicoid.bandcamp.com/yum Future Egypt 2pwr-eyjr u9x3-hrpa xyc5-vs7b qkjf-6dpx fngl-yl3p ldkh-7jdn ejyj-56we bf28-byl3 5dly-cfqs rjpy-xp6d dbfn-j28h Face I deserve pl5f-hun8 8s6m-55vn 7656-wqne xnrt-c85u jam2-x27p f785-jcqn mwnb-kcge fpam-gxru 5ff9-uvwq b5du-59dt a7ja-78xb 8mbr-vnmw 2rvw-ge9s STTC eq8z-xnz3 grnu-je94 2xdv-kbgm dej8-6xf6 p8b2-yvek 6fke-vpt8 kw39-gr3n zjvz-3llj n9bk-hm5y mtxu-vgbr gkqa-634l 3n8r-kxje Circlejerk 3lmd-vlpw we8e-6a3s s6nb-y7dl sndm-bjxe sdq9-xka3 k7dh-34q4 u5hp-cqga x8er-wtr7 qz7w-c2hv f35c-xcm8 5x6q-ecy2 gqyf-3w2h 3ruv-cxwv dvl8-hpc8
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    https://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/collections/a-all-preorder/products/roque-brown-baby-ltd-handstamped-12 https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/122846-psi-au001-roque-brown-baby-[ltd-hand-stamped-12
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    What's really interesting for me now is that upon reflection is so clear how royally fucked over I was. A newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist thrown into a frontline role and thrown like a rag doll from Covid+ ward to covid+ ward doing everything you can possibly imagine..yes, that too and yes that as well. But I was just like in crisis mode I couldn't see past it. I should have been withdrawn. Most of my colleagues were doing their normal jobs in some capcity or another whilst the newly qualified was sent off into the fray. The whole redeployment situation was incredibly poorly managed. I appreciate it's unprecedented...
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    That channel breaks my heart. I did a paper on the subject. The housing first approach (kind of bottom-up, unconditional housing initiative) is successful and needs more attention. All the social initiatives are likely less expensive than the real costs of homelessness and addiction. UBI too. And fuck hostile architecture.
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    Look, it's a fucking pandemic and we're all on edge. We should all be a little more forgiving. But honestly guys, I'm not sure I can recover from this one. You know how you start a Facebook Live to show your family what kind of fly shit you're up to? Like juggling soaps, braiding loose dog hairs, or just generally strutting around in your robe like you're the king of Atlantic City? Well today, I was setting up my lighting and tri-pod to do the Facebook Live and I absolutely forgot that I had twisted like 70 rubberbands around my balls as tight as they could go and I was...
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    He will be sorely missed; a trailblazer of unbelievable proportion. Here's a great picture of him with Juan Atkins:
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    you had a watmm episode
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    great idea for a thread, what could possibly go wrong ?
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    4utechre: Tbh it’s the same jam I just left it running 4utechre: Have fun enjoy the outside fffreddy_: I figured you'd have taken the stream down by now to make changes 4utechre: Not too much obviously 4utechre: Yeah I was gonna take a break today 4utechre: Could just leave it as a perma installation gokuroku420: would be cool gokuroku420: have several different ones running fffreddy_: You think you might incorporate some Jitter stuff into your future albums/live sets? 4utechre: No plans to use any of this yet I only started messing with jitter a few weeks ago and this OpenGL stuff last week 4utechre: But am having loads of fun...
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    Jesus. The most sincere bit of advice I can give is that if you're suffering from drug problems or mental health issues then get it firmly implanted in your mind that communicating it on a messageboard, or twitter or any social media platform really is the worst thing you can do. What's the benefit? People who don't know you and have no context mock you because they have no skin in the game. You get to read the shit you posted and cringe about it later, creating a kind of echo chamber in your own mind. I wish people would compartmentalise more, messageboards are a place you drop your thoughts...
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    Haha. Oh my god to be fair the clapping during the peak weeks totally set me off in tears as I felt appreciated. I've gone through this massively traumatic experience and feel totally unrewarded for my tireless efforts actually. I think I'm processing a lot of resentment as I was just treated like a fuck puppet the whole time and barely thanked. I did from the patients at times tho so that's wonderful 🙂 The clapping was nice and very emotional for many of us in the first weeks. The whole health service was being totally hammered by this fucking thing. Grrrr
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    It's 4 AM, so this is going to be a bit of a ramble and then I'm off. This has nothing to do with capitalism. This has everything to do with shitty policy making that reduces regulations on the private sector and increase wealth inequality (some wealth inequality is always inevitable, even in a "pure" communist system, as some will just be better labourers and produce more at home), this has everything to do with a culture that says "greed is good" (you think people watched wolf of wall street as a cautionary tale? dollars to fucking donuts they saw that as what they could be if only they had...
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    Oh and my new release is ready for preorder! https://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/collections/a-all-preorder/products/roque-brown-baby-ltd-handstamped-12 https://www.redeyerecords.co.uk/vinyl/122846-psi-au001-roque-brown-baby-[ltd-hand-stamped-12
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    Happy to see this on youtube! (Thanks Balla) Hope you are all doing well. I’m working from home... as I normally do, to be fair. I’m going to do what I can to get it out digitally. If all else fails, there’s two huge fat 3-years-in-the-making albums not too far ahead which won’t be limited in any way. Right now I only have a few hours of spare time after putting my son to sleep, but I’m getting there.
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    lol trophies do my f head in
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    I was about to delete all my apps when this last woman and I matched (the one I won't shut up about). We decided to abandon the social distancing thing we'd been attempting for the first while last Friday, and oh man that was the best decision I ever made. She had Fri-Tues booked off as a holiday from before the "lock down," and we spent most of that time in her bed. Ridiculous, in the best way. Tues and Wed I went back to my cabin to cool off, but was invited back last night, and again tonight (heading over in an hour). We're both weary about burning out...
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    Ah, finally! A thread where I can really let loose. Here’s a basic list which will expand throughout the years to come. people that whistle being referred to by name constantly by people that I’ve just met, especially when we haven’t even introduced when people eat the core of an apple rather than discarding it people that react inappropriately basic information not being punctual (people showing up early is even worse than being late) When people go into song preview mode; while hanging out with someone and they constantly want to play you different music and don’t even let the fucking track finish when somebody refers to a place and...
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    from over at the 4utechre thread: 4utechre: this twitch thing is a red herring don't be fooled ovalvoal: So when can we hear that recent new approach, then? 😜 4utechre: idk warp saying last qtr 2020, but it depends on logistics which idk corona 4utechre: but its in progress
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    Yeah, I'm banning you for 30 days.
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    Bwah hah hah hah ‘We want you back’ - Boris Johnson urges EU workers to return to UK to help the economy https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/boris-johnson-wants-eu-workers-to-return-ahead-of-brexit-1-6684193 We have a new koan, "What is the sound of a million middle fingers being raised in unison?"
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    F this thread. @Zeffolia I'm sorry to have to close this thread, you are welcome to start another one along the same lines. If members start insulting each other and the level of discourse falls down to the 4chan level as per this one, it might get closed though. For others: please remember people have a right to an opinion, and they have the right to voice that opinion, as long as it doesn't transgress the rules (which are not super prescriptive). If you disagree with the opinion, please do so in a respectful manner - if it angers you so much that you can't, take 13 minutes and listen...
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    So... a bit late but finally I bought an Octatrack last month and I’ve been spending appx 1-2 hours a day. Well, I'm still learning every time I turn on this thing. Love it and I thought that, I could upload what I'm doing. Just Octatrack (well... with samples) and Volca FM.
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    this happened a few years ago and a bunch of cops got sniped in texas. but capitalism is still reigning. a bunch more unarmed black men were shot. capitalism still a thing. pandemic.. still.. capitalism. maybe the pandemic w/riots right in the middle will have more of a lasting effect come election time. as it stands now.. trump and friends are still swinging for the fences w/rolling back anything remotely progressive. killing bear cubs in dens, reducing water quality standards, rolling back all kinds of epa shit, attacking free speech, reproductive rights and on and on and on.. constitutional rule of law is on the chopping block. but whatevs. will...
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    this guy. those baggy clothes. the unassuming air of grace and confidence in that sexy stride. the way he he holds his own fingers. the perfectly trimmed flourishes of facial hair accentuating his superior bone structure. those eyes squinting, hiding secrets within them.
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    I only remove the tape from the camera when I masturbate
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    This was by far the most elegant and cost effective solution. Thank you. For some reason it keeps going on its side.
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