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    Picture the scene. Middle-Class suburbia. Sunday lunchtime. Andrew is just finishing washing the Prius. There will be time for a bit of waxing too. Laura has sent the kids off to her mother and is now busying herself with the new Latté Machine they bought from Amazon Prime because it was free delivery. Andrew has the app on his iPhone so they can shop all day if they want. After lunch, they decide to take a trip to their local Gap clothing store in the shopping mall only 10 km away. The mall plays this really inoffensive muzak that lulls shoppers into a sort of embryonic bliss that makes them more susceptible to impulse purchases. Andrew knows all this because he majored in Psychology from Stanford. Muzak came to prominence in the late 70s and early 80s. Andrew is actually a fan and once enjoyed George Winston's albums on the Windham Hill label. He scrolls through his iTunes playlist for something new and finds just the thing for a Sunday drive. "What's that inoffensive, bland drivel that makes me want to slip into a coma?" asks his wife of five years. Andrew smiles and turns to her. "Ah, it's the new Tycho album."
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    LOL (completely realising we're living in post-LOL WATMM with "likes", "thanks" and "haha" icons underneath posts)
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    lol fair enough. I like ridiculous shows like that though. I stopped did stop watching at season 3 . I need some way to boost my confidence.
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    that horse was an uber that bran sent for arya.
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    Lookee here - Joined Date is back! And yes, I know there still isn't a space between the colon and the values of the other items... Fixed that too!
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    Bandcamp player embed test: FUCK YEAH!
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    This is the gap some people need to fill in their lives. Your choice if you want to be a part of it or not but it doesn't necessarily mean they're shitty friends. Friends aren't necessarily there to fulfill whatever your relationship needs are - what I mean is everyone needs something different out of friends, I don't think it's fair for you to expect for them to be some sort of complete package that meets all your expectations? Not saying that's the case. I guess what I'm saying is people bring whatever they bring to the table, and it's up to you to decide if that fits in your life or not. But they aren't necessarily shitty for being unavailable in some way (emotionally, or for whatever you're looking for in a friend). Edit: I also think it is unrealistic to expect others to give what you give. Personally I am happy that I slot into any friends' life to make their life more complete however I can - whether that's seeing them once every 5 years, only being around when they need to talk to someone, etc.
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    My psychiatrist told me I was crazy. I said I want a second opinion. He said, 'okay, you're ugly too.'
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    https://recycledplastics.bandcamp.com/album/shallow-earth According to Brian: "Shallow Earth is Sun Cast's drunken party-animal sibling, eyes watery with too many bong hits, beaming smiles at every stranger he sees, "Pretty Vacant" and blissfully ignorant of a tomorrow morning that will never ever arrive. Slurred words, blurry edges, not keeping track of time, pushing that bass way too hard and riding the pitch wheel wobble. At the end of the night, he passes out in the grass after spray-painting the lyrics to Electric Six's "Synthesizer" on the side of your parents' house. Shallow Earth is deliberately topical, feel-good electronic music, a palate/palette cleanser, ready for Springtime and sunshine, or CRT displays, video games and cassette decks for when the rain decides to fall. Somewhere within it, are the through-lines that have continued to be the voice of Milieu recordings for years - tropical climes, technicolor melody overload, bent New Wave flangers, greasy Freescha-overdosing funk and some kind of implied past life fantasy, that seeps out of the speakers like a drug. " First single here: https://milieumusic.bandcamp.com/album/amber-petrolr Sign me up.
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    ^^^ i think that all the hippie dippy stuff that comes along with the "epic festival experience" is just packaging. it's marketing either on purpose or through genuine belief by the person putting it out there. it's a conformist thing.. it's a scene.. it's a set of bullshit a person adopts to fit in. I've a friend who plays a lot of festivals.. knows a lot of people. he seems to exist in this place where he can simultaneously make connections with people but also step back and look at the big picture of that world and laugh at it. so much so that he makes azine making fun of it. a few years ago he told me about this pyramid scheme within the festival world that was basically just 'gift culture'. it was pretty insane. essentially deeply entitled people wanting to carry on living as leeches and just going to festivals as if they were important.. as if they were 'doing work' by being popular, hip, attractive etc. it was all wrapped up in this festival culture and weird worship rituals and all kinds of bullshit essentially. like a lazy cult with no real beliefs. these are the people who at some point make a shit load of money with little effort or inherit or marry into wealth.. who then later in life get into audiophile home listen environments and pay $350 for a standard IEC cable for power connections.. and get the crystals they put on the speakers, and $200 USB cables and little bridges that support the $100 per ft speaker cables so the cables don't touch the floor. i'm you think i'm being judgmental it's because i am. all this shit is what morphs into something like gwenyth paltrow's steam the vagina coffee enema crowd. i know i'm painting the scene w/one brush and i'm fine w/that.
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    Afx discord nerds, now that sounds creepy. Jess is actually a sweet and creative person. Yall need some fuckin weed in your life
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    I def feel way more comfortable being naked if rale is playing. Good choice
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    No, no more negative points - it's either no points or only positive points.
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    Which of these new voting buttons decreases the karma counter? Is there still a downvote / negative Karma count attached to the sadface voting button? @Joyrex
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    Took this in a bourgeois shoe shop in Liverpool that I was doing a DJ set in today. Cool mirrored walls on the staircase. Had to.
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    Oh that's smart. I hear you Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis and Robert Palmer. Most boss sampling of the year.
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    I think your rep might be locked in at +1! I can't "like" your posts for some reason. I'm not sure why but some users I can't add reacts to. =/
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    thanks BCM, you're the guy. will check out your stuff later in a day too
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    yep I'm too old for this discord shit, bring back chatmm pls
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    Someone has uploaded scans of the CDr artwork to BOC's 1996 self-released LP, BOC Maxima:
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    Twitch listening party Friday, everyone's invited! Will post here/FB/Bandcamp/Twitter with the exact time and a link tomorrow. This record is a lot of fun, can't wait to share it.
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    Author of said article ticks at least two of these boxes. I think it might be self flagellation for association with a known CANCELLED artist
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    last one could have been a good episode, but almost everything was wrong except the brutal dragon-rape-gore carnage that was so sick, horrifying and borderline tasteless that it left a real impression. danerys' snap to insanity should have been more pronounced and developed within the episode. with a good enough effort from the actress they could have began the carnage with a very long static shot of her face that would relay the whole thing without words. i think she could have pulled it. and that could have been it, no other words would be needed for the rest of episode except cercei's. the way the dragon simply destroyed all of the defenses was simply lame. last time she barely made it alive and lost a dragon, but this time she just mowed everything without any issue or change in tactics whatsoever. the pre-battle tension suffered from diminishing return, we got exactly the same thing in ep3 and it was much better conceived. the dany led carnage became some sort of a background on which much more unimportant things were taking place. another pointless show of joe snow's heroism, a useless fight between the meathead bros (the big one looked cool though), another stupid quick time event sequence with arya - press square to avoid being crushed by rubble, press circle to dash from dragon fire. bleh. completely pointless fight of jimmy lanister with the pirate. the only decent thing was the way cercei died, uneventful and "just like that". i think it was a much more interesting way to off her instead of settings some elaborate overdramatized scene for it. and with all of that said, the aforementioned display of brutal carnage still made it stand out and break some of gots mechanical predictability of recent seasons.
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    In thinking about this more, maybe the CDr above isn't faked - I recall that the cassette version was what came out first, and then afterwards the CDr version. And, in thinking back, the old Cosmic Crofter's EHX BOC fansite initially had the cassette version listed, then the CDr - and that was in 1998, well after MHTRTC came out. I might have to go dig up my CDr - I honestly don't recall clearly what the back had now!
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    awesome. you are now required to post in japanese, moving forward. this will be a boon to your education, and will justify your posting aesthetic. i look forward to seeing your japanese posts.
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    I'd like to hear them break out the ol' Fender Strat, maybe throw some tasty slide licks in there.
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    If anyone's wondering how to do the Bandcamp embed: Get the Wordpress embed code and grab the album parameter: [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3974210800 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small] Next, copy just the album number and click the Bandcamp icon in the editor toolbar (next to the Spoiler tag) and when prompted, paste in the album number. It's not as seamless as just pasting the URL, but it's a start. Now, to get those SoundCloud player sizes under control...
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    REALLY digging these sounds. Catching some late 90s Orbital/Plaid/Mu-ziq vibes (which is always good in my book), but you really have put your own spin on this sound. Especially loving more hyperactive tracks on this like Heliocentric. Looking forward to digging further in your Bandamp.
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    Amateur incoming... I've tried my hand in animation this week. Just seeing if I can make anything move: Learning how to make a character walk:
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    my neck, my back, lick my pussy aaaaand my crack.
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    Feeling cute, might by a new interface later idk...
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    post quality is reduced to 65% until my display name is changed to "eugene" (no capital E) without additional charges.
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    one time i was so hungry and i got so mad i snapped and punched a hole through the earth and got a bowl of orange chicken from china
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